Brazil-Argentine UFO Sect
Suspected Of Mass Murder
From Scott Corrales
Source: (4-10-1)

Buenos Aires - While a member of the "Lineamiento Universal Superior" (L.U.S. -- Superior Universal Alignment) cult is being accused of crimes against children, the cult's leader, Valentina de Andrade, is also under suspicion. She is believed to be living in Argentina, according to investigators in this country's capital.
In the city of Altamira, State of Para, 13 children were raped, with their genitalia mutilated for what appear to be ritual satanic purposes, and then stabbed to death. Physician Anisio Ferreira de Souza, an alleged member of the L.U.S. sect, is among the accused and is currently in jail. He is also under suspicion of having created an organization dedicated to murdering minors to steal their vital organs, and of having committed crimes in the states of Parana, Goias and Espiritu Santo.
Judge Luis Ernane Ferreira Malto, of 3rd Crimilan Court in Altamira, mandated preventive custody for other parties suspected of being involved--among them another physician, a former corporal in the military police, and Valentina de Andrade herself. "As of today, they shall be hunted throughout the country and even abroad," stated the judge when issuing the preventive custody decree.
In 1992, Brazilian justice investigated Valentina and her group due to the disappearance of a child in the island of Guaratuba, in the southern state of Parana, where another children had become a victim to ritual crime. Valentina and her followers avoided prosecution when suspicions were proven to be inconsistent. From that moment on, the sect ceased all public operations and its leader left Brazil for the city of Londrina in Parana. Taking up residence in Buenos Aires, she was followed only by a few faithful adepts, having been deserted by hundreds of followers who had become aware of the psychological manipulation and economic exploitation to which they had been subjected under the Brazilian's leadership.
While former members who denounced these abuses testified to the non-existence of ritual crime or the kidnapping of children by Valentina de Andrade, they did accuse her of having commited "coercive persuasion" after forcing a couple to turn over their baby daughter to a childless couple, and forcing other couples to leave their children with grandparents or other guardians in order to "leave the planet" aboard her spaceship. These children were believed to be "negative energies" by Valentina, who advised that they be left behind. Meanwhile, she portrayed herself as a lofty cosmic entity of "light, love and truth" who had become incarnate on Earth to perform a mission.
Valentina's preching started in 1981 after having received allegedly extraterrestrial messages through her former husband, Argentinean national Roberto Olivera, her accomplice in the sect until 1987. Shortly after, Valentina embarked upon her mission to spread the information she had supposedly received from the cosmic beings. This task is apparently pursued only by a few former members of her group, after having separated themselves from Valentina. A confidential source says the woman's "abuses betrayed the mission, using her extraterrestrial-imparted knowledge for her benefit and not for the common good, for which reason the teachings must be purified from her distortions and rescued from the ridicule she created by her ravings."
While Brazilian authorities sought Valentina de Andrade in the country, hoping to finde her in Sao Paulo, sources knowledgeable on UFOs in Argentina claim that L.U.S.'s leader is spending her 70 years of age in Buenos Aires under fair economic conditions, without working and relying on the earnings of her followers. She changes residences frequently and has not denied herself a trip to Las Vegas among other ostentatious ways of fulfilling her "mission on Earth".
Translation (C) 2001. S. Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology Special Thanks to Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo

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