Update On Los Angeles
KFI 'Fireball' Story
By Michael Goodspeed
On June 5th, 2004, at approximately 2 AM, Los Angeles radio station KFI 640 AM aired a report by fill-in traffic reporter Walt Jackson which described eyewitness accounts of "burning fireballs" and a "possible crashed airplane." Jackson also reported that investigators had scoured the scene for the wreckage of a plane, but had concluded that the "fireball" was a likely meteor.
I first learned of this report from an independent witness who heard it live on June 5th.
Less than a day later, I received an audio file of the actual report from the reader of one of my articles. I immediately sent it to numerous websites which posted it, including,,, and
I emailed KFI News Director Chris Little, and asked him if he could verify that this report aired on his station, even pasting in the email from the person who initially contacted me. But I did NOT tell him that I had in my possession the audio of the broadcast. He told me that his station did not report it...and that that listener may have confused the alleged news broadcast with the George Noory show.
From there, my communications with Chris Little became increasingly contentious. I became too emotional, and lost my cool.
I informed Mr. Little that the audio had been posted on several websites, and asked him if he wished "to stand by his assertion that the report never aired." This put him on the defensive, which in turn put ME on the defensive, and the decorum and quality of our email exchanges gradually diminished.
Mr. Little stated that the so-called "fireball" had been investigated by the CHP, and they concluded that it was a LIKELY meteor. Mr. Little did not say whether or not any physical trace had been found of the meteor.
Because I was not SPECIFIC in citing my concern about a possible meteor sighting and/or impact, Mr. Little apparently concluded, not unreasonably, that I was a UFO enthusiast who was looking for a "conspiracy." He offered a couple of sarcastic quips about "glowing spaceships" and "kooky stuff," and like many independent investigators, journalists, and talk show hosts who have covered the "out there" issues for years, I took offense with these comments. I became quite sanctimonious with Mr. Little, and chastised him for not initially doing the legwork to learn if the June 5th broadcast did indeed air on his station.
In his defense, he stated that the report did not ORIGINATE with his NEWS STAFF, but rather a fill-in traffic reporter named Walt Jackson...which made it more difficult for him to verify the existence of the report.
My email exchanges with Chris Little have been posted on numerous websites, and I feel that the personal acrimony between he and I - which, in spite of Mr. Little's initial error in his first message to me, I take full responsibility for - detracts enormously from the real story here, which is yet another in a long string of significant meteor sightings which have been unfortunately ignored by the mainstream media.
If the CHP investigated the Los Angeles fireball, which was reportedly described by eyewitnesses as resembling a "small plane crash," this was worthy of significant coverage in the national media. NASA recently reported a surprise "heavy meteor shower" for the month of June, and as I've written in numerous accounts over the past week, we seem to be experiencing some unusually intense meteoric activity.
I must also take responsibility for the tone of "conspiracy" in many of my articles which have spoken of the virtual media "blackout" on this issue. While the American news media has been unquestionably negligent in its coverage of this month's meteor sightings and/or impacts, the explanation may be more prosaic than "conspiracy."
We live in a country where the greatest "news" stories of the moment are celebrity criminal trials, movie box-office takes, and the latest beheadings and bombings in the "war on terror." Something as "mundane" as repeated meteor impacts is not considered worthy of coverage by the tabloid newscore. While I do not rule out the possibility that the "powers that be," whomever they are, are concerned about media coverage of uncontrollable celestial threats, my personal debacle with KFI is convincing me more and more that a true conspiracy is not at work here.
Let me emphasize once again that the real story here is the METEOR which apparently blazed over Los Angeles, CA, on the morning of June 5th. I have written an email to the Los Angeles Times through their website (, informing them of this story and inquiring why they have not reported it. I have not received a response.



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