Malaysian Villagers Claim
UFO Sighting

ABC News Online - Australia

(AFP) -- An unidentified flying object was sighted hovering over a quiet village in northern Kedah state near the Thai border, the second such sighting there in two years, a report said on Tuesday.
A nine-year-old boy saw a slow moving disc-like object about the size of a car emitting a greenish light spinning in the air over Banggol Cicar village near the town of Baling for about four minutes before it disappeared, the New Straits Times said.
Mohamad Amirul Syafiq said at first he thought it was a plane about to crash.
"I then called my friends to look at the object which was hovering just over the top of a coconut tree behind my house," he was quoted as saying.
Mohamad Faiz Alias, 12, said he thought Mohamad Amirul was joking.
"But we saw clearly the object in the air, emitting a bright light," Mohamad Faiz said.
Kamaruddin Othman, 12, said he realised the object was not a plane because it was silent.
His father, Othman Ahmad, 54, said he also caught sight of the UFO before it disappeared.
Two years ago, a villager said he saw a UFO hovering in the air while on his way to the mosque for pre-dawn prayers, the paper said.
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