UFO Caught On Film At Roswell
Archaeological Dig?
© 2002 Frank Warren

In all the excitement surrounding the upcoming presentation of, "The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence" which premiers this Friday , November 22nd, 2002 at 8:00 pm E/P on the "Sci-Fi Channel" something very interesting has been discovered:
While perusing the web pages dedicated to the show at:
<> I took the time to look at the pictures posted there which seem to have been taken during the dig recently. To my surprise I noticed an "anomaly" in the picture that shows two workers digging, along with the truck from the University of New Mexico. At the top of the picture near the horizon towards the center appears to be a "cigar shaped" object.
The irony in all of this brought a grin to my face, but I had to take a closer look. Was this just debris on the lens of the camera, or something floating very close to it? Upon further inspection it appeared to me that the object was giving off a slight reflection. That is, it is dark on one side and seems to be reflecting the sun on the other, which could indicate a "metallic object." Moreover the "angles of the shadows" that are seen from the truck tires are in direct correlation to the reflection/shadow of the object. It also appears that the object is indeed "in the distance" near the horizon in the picture.
Here's the original picture, you be the judge:
Here's the picture with the object enhanced and framed:
Here's the picture with the object enhanced without the frame:
Here's the object by itself:

From William Burke
"Roswell Rod"...That's what it looks like to me; the enlargements
don't add any information, really. Roswell Rods. It figures.
From Rick Berry
I am writing you this note in reaction to your story about the image on the roswell dig picture.
I noticed the same thing on the 11th of November. I immediately went to work on this and spent
a couple of hours looking at this from every angle! I have at least 10 images of this item pulled
from every imaginable filter that I had available. I was very excited to see that you saw this and that your pics turned out so close to mine. I am sure others have questions as well.
I came up with questions. However, I sent my questions to This looks A LOT more like what Jose Escamilla is dealing with - you have to take a look if you are not familiar with his work. I think you will be extremely interested.
Keep up the fantastic work. I follow you closely,
Thanks, Rick
(Note - Yes, we agree the item does fit the parameters of Jose's 'Rods' discovery. -ed)


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