UFO Secrets
By Charles R. Smith

Steve Douglass, a "military radio" hobbyist in Amarillo, Texas, monitored a curious exchange on the morning of Jan. 7. An unidentified aircraft calling itself "Lockheed Test 2334" told FAA controllers in Albuquerque, N.M., that it was "going supersonic somewhere above Flight Level 60 [60,000 feet]"
According to Douglass, the FAA controllers questioned the aircraft. "Say what aircraft type," requested the controller.
"We are a classified type and can't reveal our true altitude," responded the pilot.
A few minutes later the same pilot requested permission to descend to 30,000 feet and a flight path to "Las Vegas with final destination somewhere in the Nellis Range."
"Trip home a bit slower, eh?" asked the FAA controller. To which the mystery aircraft did not respond.
The exchange monitored by Douglass is similar to earlier military radio transmissions monitored in the late 1990s. An unidentified aircraft code-named "Stove Pipe" once requested permission to cross the California coast en route to Nellis.
The aircraft refused to give its true altitude and speed. Californians, however, were quickly made aware of Stove Pipe because it generated an intense sonic boom as it passed over the coastline.
The aircraft set off several earthquake monitors as it passed overhead at several times the speed of sound. The space shuttle is known to trigger earthquake detectors when it passes over California for landing at Edwards Air Force Base.
Area 51
The U.S. Air Force's famed Area 51, or Gloom Lake Facility, is located northwest of the Nellis, Nevada, test range. Area 51 has long been the source of much speculation about UFOs and advanced aircraft.
While many in the UFO enthusiast community suggest that these advanced vehicles are a result of extraterrestrial technology, the fact is that these new systems are of very earthly origin.
It is true that UFOs are the subject of a government conspiracy and cover-up. During the early 1960s the CIA launched a secret project called "Ox Cart," not to hide alien life forms but to hide a multimillion-dollar spy plane.
Ironically, for a project named after one of the slowest vehicles on Earth, Ox Cart involved one of the fastest creations in flight history, pioneered by aviation legend Kelly Johnson. The Ox Cart vehicle was to replace the high-flying U-2, also built by Lockheed and Kelly Johnson. The CIA sought a replacement for the U-2 after the Soviet Union shot down Francis Gary Powers over its territory.
In response to the CIA requirement, Kelly Johnson and his team at Lockheed's famed Skunk Works developed the SR-71 Blackbird. The SR-71 could fly higher than the U-2, over 100,000 feet, and traveled at over three times the speed of sound.
UFO Cover-up
As part of Ox Cart, the CIA also launched an effort to cover up the testing of its new high-flying reconnaissance plane. That effort included circulating stories of space aliens and flying saucers flying over the Western skies.
The CIA cover story for the SR-71 worked well enough for it to remain a secret until President Lyndon Johnson released details of the aircraft during a speech.
For nearly 30 years the SR-71 remained the fastest aircraft in active service, flying over global hot spots in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
No Blackbird aircraft was ever lost to enemy action, but one was destroyed when it was launching an even faster vehicle. During the 1980s, several SR-71s were modified to carry a ramjet-powered unmanned vehicle designed to over-fly the most dangerous targets.
The single-engine ramjet pilotless craft were carried aloft on the back of the Blackbird and launched at over 100,000 feet and at speeds in excess of 2,000 miles an hour. One of these unmanned aircraft failed immediately after launch, colliding with the SR-71, instantly destroying both aircraft.
The SR-71 was eventually retired and may have been replaced by the mysterious Stove Pipe craft that set off the earthquake detectors in California. Because of its nature and recorded high flight speed, most sources indicate that Stove Pipe was actually a manned version of the Aurora space plane.
Although never officially confirmed, Aurora was also developed by the Lockheed Skunk Works during the 1980s. The space plane was designed to operate either in a manned or unmanned mode. Its Cold War mission was to penetrate the anti-missile defenses surrounding Moscow at Mach 8+ speeds and deliver nuclear bombs onto multiple targets.
Aurora was described as a very large diamond-shaped vehicle and most likely powered by a hybrid jet-rocket engine technology. The craft could attain speeds in excess of 8,000 miles an hour and fly at altitudes of over 50 miles. Aurora was armed with over a dozen nuclear warheads.
The reason it was developed to be both manned and unmanned was because of its dual missions ö peacetime reconnaissance and wartime nuclear strike vehicle. During times of peace, the Aurora carried manned crews to supervise surveillance.
During wartime, the very powerful Aurora accelerated and changed directions at speeds that would crush a human under the high G forces. Aurora's nuclear strike mission was intended to be without a pilot because a human simply would not survive the ride.
However, Aurora had two great drawbacks: its price tag and its mission. Aurora reportedly was retired from service in the late 1990s due to budget constraints. Each vehicle reportedly cost over $2 billion. The price of Aurora operations could not be justified when the Cold War ended.
Invisible Airplanes
What is the Skunk Works testing today? The unofficial reports indicate that the super-secret aircraft builders are hard at work on an invisible airplane.
Stealth was the watchword for the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk. However, the stealthy strike fighter was visible to the naked eye, limiting its attack missions to the deep dark of night.
Today, advances in light panel technology are pushing the limits of invisible airplanes. The fact is that aircraft stand out against the bright sky as darker objects, but by using bright panels of light the aircraft virtually disappears against the blue sky.
Ironically, the concept is not new. In the 1940s, the U.S. Navy developed operation "Yahootie," the first practical attempt to create an invisible aircraft.
U.S. Navy bombers were considered too slow to visually spot a German U-boat cruising on the surface and attack in daylight. U-boat commanders often spotted the lumbering bombers and dived safely away before the planes could attack.
In response, a string of bright lights were arrayed on the wings and propeller hubs of the sub-hunter planes. The bomber crews adjusted the lights to match the natural background light behind the aircraft, masking their planes against the sky.
The principle is called isoluminosity, the perception that different objects displaying the same brightness seem indistinguishable from each other.
The principle worked very well until 1942, when the Navy introduced airborne radar, allowing bombers to spot and kill submarines beyond visual ranges. The Navy abandoned Yahootie in favor of radar.
An advanced version of Yahootie, a manned surveillance aircraft, reportedly uses a combination of lights, low-noise engines and radar-absorbing skin to render itself practically invisible in daylight. The aircraft not only is invisible to radar but also its skin is layered with an array of high-intensity light panels that broadcast the same output as the sky around it.
What was Lockheed Test 2334? While the technology may seem out of this world, it is certain that Test 2334 is no UFO. Clearly, Test 2334 was flown by a USAF pilot and not ET.
James Neff

While it may be that the majority of secret craft produced by the US Military/AF under common black ops programs are piloted by human crews, and do not employ back engineered alien technology, there remains far too many Area 51/Groom Lake sightings, many videotaped by devoted watchers, which could not possibly be piloted by humans, much less represent current technological achievements, but rather demonstrate something altogether different. And utterly alien. There's no other reasonable explanation.
We're talking about craft that make 90 degree turns at phenomenal speeds, emanate an unknown light source or plasma energy visible up to 20 miles away, defy gravity entirely, move silently and without creating sonic booms despite breaking the sound barrier hundreds of times over and some which may even have the ability to materialize and dematerialize. We have to assume that there are TWO programs going on -- one which is staged for the world, and if discovered, it means only a certain level of strategic military embarrassment and compromise -- and then a completely alien one which is not part of the surface level "black ops" secret projects, but is indeed far beyond the first level secret projects. For the two to co-exist -- and there is ample evidence they do -- means the US gov't or elements in the military industrial complex have technology literally light years beyond mere Scram jet tech and such -- the craft which are visible in the budget year to year (to some degree), recognized by appropriations (in the billions of dollars) to Area 51, etc; this also means that it is likely the first level secret aircraft are nothing more than a decoy, a ruse, perpetrated to keep both the public and the world focused on a suggested level of technological achievement, when in reality there exists entirely alien resourced aircraft, no doubt desired for military purposes -- and not necessarily designated for earth-bound war, but preparation for hostilities from outside of our world.
From Name Withheld By Request
Dear Mr. Neff (& Mr. Rense),
I respect your views on the supposed alien origin & nature of ufos. Re: your comment on "American ufos" below, I would like to mention the following: On your site, you have made us very aware of your Alien UFO beliefs, and I was even surprised that you let an article like this one "America's UFOs" on the site. I was not at all surprised to find your comment at the end of it! I sent comments & links to you before to document an alternative view, which you haven't placed yet.(Possible due to mistakes in style etc., as I am not a native English speaker.)
You said: "We're talking about craft that make 90 degree turns at phenomenal speeds"
I say: Whether these ufos are piloted by physical alien extra terrestrials or physical Human terrestrials, both would be subject to the physical laws of momentum and therefore the one and only explanation for people and crafts to survive such abrupt courses, is, that such vehicles have their own gravitational field! Thus the pilots & passengers stay comfortably in their seats without being forcibly ekected through the wall, and the vehicle stays in one piece. This is not just, as you state, the "other reasonable explanation" but the ONLY explanation, unless they are spiritual "matter" of course. (one explanation that could account for the other type of "morfing" ufos, although they could also be projected. But we won't get into that now. See: )
The alternative theory explored on the above site, is, that physical ufos, behaving as you describe, are powered by anti-gravity propulsion creating their own powerful gravitation field. Such, thus far secret, technology could have easily been discovered before or during or shortly after WW 2, when ufo sightings really took off, by the "powers-that-be."
I am not just talking about American Military or CIA or NSA "black op", but rather about their Illiuminist handlers, who may be in total unchallenged control of area 51 or other bases. We didn't learn about Nuclear bomb research, until after it was exploded, nor about other secret technologies until long after. The International bankers are reputed to have discovered and used radio long before Marconi & Tesla did, coordinating social upheaval events. One event, documented in a web quote below here about Tesla, who was sponsored by J.P.Morgan & Rothschilds, illustrates that point @ secret technology well. Who knows maybe Tesla discovered not just the famed tesla domes, but also the basic principles of anti-gravity power.
Web quote:
"At the time of his death, Tesla had been working on some form of teleforce weapon, or Death ray, the secrets of which he had offered to the United States War Department on the morning of January 5 1943. It appears that his proposed death ray was related to his research into ball lightning and plasma. He was found dead 3 days later and, after the FBI was contacted by the War Department, his papers were declared to be top secret. Immediately after his death became known, the Federal Bureau of Investigation instructed the Office of Alien Property to take possession of Tesla's papers and property, despite his US citizenship. All of Tesla's personal effects were seized on the advice of presidential advisors. J. Edgar Hoover declared the case "most secret," because of the nature of Tesla's inventions and patents."
Dear Mr. Neff, have you considered these possibilties?:
That the "powers-that-be" (PTB) would like us to believe there are secret aliens?
That they might want to stage an "invasion from outer space"? As Kissinger was alluding to in his Bilderberg remark? "Fulfilling" jesus' prophecies of his return, with the coming of a physical "Anti-christ"?
That they might want us to think that "they" (the PTB) are upstaged by these "aliens?"
That they may want to take final total control over the World through such "benign space brothers" our "evolutionary creators?
That their media "kept us in the dark" @ ufos, but leaked all the alternative news on the internet themselves through their religious ufologists, to make us believe there is an Alien conspiracy? And that the invasion is at hand?
Ufos are known to glow with orange and other colors & emit high powered light beams from their engines. See the sighting on the above mentioned site by a reputable missionary in Papua New Guinea during the fifities, Father Gill, about a ufo hanging in the sky with humanoid (human) pilots waving at the natives, as they were repairing the craft, where they obviously let down their guard and broke their normal policy to stay unseen, them being just "ignorant natives!"
Mr. Neff, I know that once our minds are made up, it is extremely difiicult to accept another point of view, or even to give it space on your site, unless of course we have a totally different motivation. But it would be a healthy thing to present people alternative opinions, otherwise we would be no different from the mono-diet dispensing corporate media that we both decry and so despise.
In spite of your alien views on ufos, I do enjoy immensely, although "enjoying" is not the right word, as it often makes me almost weep how Humanity is being hoodwinked and murdered daily by Satan and his earthly cohorts & minions.
Respectfully yours,
PS: Please withold my name. Thanks!

Absolutely, I've considered the possibilities you mention; as a Christian it would be difficult for me NOT to consider it. I think we have to be ready to look closely at our terminology and definitions in this matter, as I do believe it has a spiritual component. When we say "alien," what are we saying? Basically, a life form not of this earth. Angelics are life forms not of this earth. They are "from above"... their proper abode, according to Jude (Jude 1:6 "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their proper abode...,") is in the celestial realms above the earth. These "spiritual" beings came to earth, according to Genesis 6, 2 Peter and Jude (as well as externally validated by the writings of the Jewish Historian Josephus, around the time of Christ) and mated with human women, and offspring were born unto them -- The Nephilim, also regarded as "giants" in those days. So, just because something is "spiritual" doesn't make its reality or ability to interact and intervene and interject itself into our world something "ghostly" -- as many erroneously assume. I have absolutely no doubt that the "alien" factor will play a central role in the fulfillment of the end times prophecies. I would also suggest to you that Christianity today, especially fundamentalist Christianity, is over-reaching in its conclusions and the determination that all UFOs and the occupants thereof are "demonic," when we are plainly told of a war in heaven (Rev. 12), between both good Angelics and evil Angelics. I believe Christianity has suffered under a delusion, since the Dark Ages imposed by Rome, where essential knowledge was lost regarding the origins and cosmology of "spirit," and such became relegated to the superstitious, pagan viewpoints of "doctrines written of devils," and men's hearts have been henceforth darkened, and left without understanding of the nature of "spirit" -- and spirit matter.

I would agree with you, that it is very likely that the prophesied "anti-Christ" or "Son of Perdition" (as Paul calls him) will have some alien origin as part of the great lie which is to come upon the world, in order that 'those who received not the love of the truth so as to be saved would perish' and be rightly judged. For if tomorrow a man appeared on television screens around the world, performing great miracles, even if one were to rise from the dead (and history proves this one true), only a scant few would believe it. It would not convince the world. Not this present age. We are told that Satan will, in the last days, deceive the "whole inhabited earth, save those whose names have been written in the book of life before the foundation of the world." That's a tall order. And I believe the only scenario that would convince both Scientist and shepherd alike would have to be extra-terrestrial in some form or another --- the miracles to be performed will merely be technology of which we are simply unaware, but which the ancients saw first hand in many cultures as beings from "above" came and influenced societies and cultures. And that is all miracles are, in reality. Heretofore unrealized 'technology,' outside the scope of human understanding. HOW Christ healed a blind man by his mere word, for example, is something beyond the mind of man, so it us truly miraculous. It is, however, a technology -- a knowledge and power possessed and implemented by the Lord, and we are like primitive idiots standing by. In one case, Jesus used mud and spittle to heal a blind man. The miraculous is not always simply a supernatural affair. Sometimes it uses elements of our world and nature (as with parting of the Red Sea, which took all night by a strong easterly wind, according to scripture... unlike the movie version with Charlton Heston, where he simply waved his "magic wand" and the sea stood up on either side. This wind provided dry land, as well. Else they would have sunk in some serious mud!).

This is, of course, an enormous subject, and I don't think we've ever skirted the issue or bypassed this viewpoint here at, and I think a run through our search engine will demonstrate that. Unfortunately, the bulk of writers on this particular viewpoint want to nail all UFOs to the wall as demonic, which is rather ignorant and typical of religious minds, which often can't see the forest for the trees and are entangled in doctrines and dogmas which restrict them from earnestly seeing the deeper reality. I certainly agree that mankind is daily being hoodwinked by Satan and his emissaries -- "for marvel not, that Satan appears as an angel of light, and his ministers as ministers of the paths of righteousness." Some of the worst of his lot are in the pulpit today, and many of them preaching precisely what you are saying, as well, as an end times scenario. So this issue and the salvation of man is not divisible or pivoting based on a single interpretation or understanding of what is and is not to come to pass, but on God, who has mercy on he whom he so chooses, and hardens whom he will (Romans 9), according to his divine pleasure, foreknowledge and Sovereignty

Scripture tells us Jesus has ascended into the heavens in order that all things and every principality and power in those heavens should be subjected to his singular authority as Lord God and King of the Universe. I believe it is very short sighted to believe that Christ, who by the mere exertion of his will upholds the worlds (Hebrews 1), the very universe itself, is not doing just that. And there are worlds which are presently either bowing the knee or are in rebellion. There are far more things in heaven and in earth then are dreamt of in fundamentalist cosmology, to twist a famous saying. This universe is far more glorious than the church, at any time, in any age, has ever realized. And the creation far more mysterious than any clergy has ever comprehended, much less imparted to the congregation. But I am satisfied with these words: "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." 1 Cor. 13:11.




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