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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network
Eastern MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #13

UFOs were observed over New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, Canada, Mexico, Barbados, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Australia.
LITTLE FALLS - The witness was driving on Ridge Road heading north at 7:30 AM along the reservoir on February 24, 2002. Just as he entered Little Falls, he saw an aircraft flying fairly low as it passed over his car. The witness states, "I caught sight of another object that was a very bright silver colored object off in the distance beyond that plane. It was very high in the sky which was mostly clear and blue except for some very high white clouds. This object appeared to hang motionless just at the base of those clouds. It hovered at a forty-five degree angle. I saw no lights or flashing from it and it appeared quite smooth. As I drove on I had to change directions and when I finally resumed driving north again, it was gone.
BRIGANTINE -- The witness was on his front porch facing the Atlantic Ocean when he observed two sets of double lights on February 26, 2002. Each set ran vertically and was rotating clockwise at 8:00 PM. At first it looked like two planes circling. The lights were on for two seconds then blinked off and on again in a different part of the circle as both sets moved south and flashed three times. The fourth and last set of lights there were eleven sets of double lights. Each set ran vertically only this last time they made a half circle moving clockwise. Kind of like a double chain or a roller coaster. There was no sound at any time. The lights were a light yellow in color, almost white. They made no streaks as they moved. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
HARRISBURG -- The witness reports seeing 10 to 15 points of light in a circle pattern moving from east to west in the sky on March 6, 2002. As they traveled they changed to a triangular pattern at 10:00 PM, and they all lined up in a straight line and sped off through the sky.
HERMITAGE -- On February 24, 2002, three witnesses reported seeing a perfect rectangle shaped UFO while sitting in their car. At 11:00 PM, they saw a green lights in kind of a triangle shape. It would disappear and thirty seconds later it reappear. They got their telescope out and could see it was a rectangle with a clear shadow thin line running in the middle of it. On the right side dots were connected together in a bright electrical blue color. On the left side three thick shadow like lines connected together. Sometimes the electrical lines would fade or the shadow like lines on the left would start slowly moving in different directions. Then it would disappear and come back and repeat the process. Another craft came along that flew very close to the ground without sound, just one big bright light that never blinked or flickered. They watched for two hours. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC http://www.ufo!
FAIRFAX -- The witnesses twelve year old son first saw the V shaped object at 7:45 PM, moving from just below the Belt of Orion in the southeast skies moving towards the southwest on February 24, 200. The V's wings were at a 45 degree angle. The V was flying about 10 to 15,000 feet altitude and was burnt orange in color with possibly globular lights on its perimeter As it moved I could see stars between the objects legs. It moved in an effortless, and noiseless manner and after about 10 seconds faded and disappeared before our eyes. The conditions were clear, and cool, with some light refraction from the city. The witness states, "I have a position of trust with the government and am a true skeptic, my son and I saw this and it was no flight of birds, swamp gas, or any other aircraft. About 20 minutes later I heard aircraft possibly on afterburners moving at high altitude in the same general direction as this craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC http://!
PALMETTO -- On March 1, 2002, the two witnesses were working on a bridge for their bikes when they began talking about UFO's around 6:30 PM. They looked up into the sky and saw this odd, fireball-like object that was stationary and made no sound whatsoever. They turned around and suddenly it was gone. They continued looking, and suddenly, it returned. After another minute or two, it suddenly reappeared. Thirty seconds later, the light dissipated into nothing. I am usually not a skeptic of stuff like this, but this really freaked me out. I just decided to add it to the database here. NUFORC Note: We usually are at least slightly skeptical about some of the reports submitted by school-age youth. They could have observed the launching of the Space Shuttle at 0622 hours. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
NAPLES -- The witness was traveling south on Interstate 75, eleven miles south of Naples on Friday morning, March 1, 2002, while listening to 610 WIOD and preparing to pull over, to watch the space shuttle launch at 6:22 AM, on it's mission to upgrade the Hubble telescope. The sky was quite overcast, and the sun was just beginning to light up the clouds when he noticed an object in the sky to his front left. It had three tiny white lights and came closer at a very slow pace. The witness says, "I was able to make out the shape very distinctly as a low flying triangle. It was well below the clouds, and its lights were at each apex. The lights did not illuminate any portion of the craft. I pulled over to the side of the road, and shut off the engine to listen. It was traveling west and passed by in three minutes. The window was down, and the engine off, but there was no sound. I turned the ignition to 'Aux' to have the radio! on, to hear the shuttle lunch that was not visible due to the clouds. I looked back and the object was gone. I got out of my van, and looked around, but there was nothing, not even contrails. I noticed the van's digital clock lost two minutes.
SEBASTIAN -- The witness and his wife saw a gray Flying Triangle around 7:30 PM, with no Lights or sound, traveling very fast over East Central Florida on March 11, 2002. They couldn't tell how high it was but it appeared to be larger than a small airplane. It was traveling north and passed over in about ten seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
WAYNESVILLE -- Several recent videos and UFO reports may have been caused by heavy duty gliders from an airport with a grass runway. Kenny Young had taken a video of an unusual craft. Peter Davenport wrote: My suspicion is that the object is on the upwind side of some obstruction, such as a range of hills, or tall buildings. The fact that the object was visible in the same area of the sky for some 20 minutes would suggest that it is "ridge soaring," or staying aloft by remaining in a body of air that is being pushed up by something. The clear sky tends to militate against the craft's using thermals, which traditionally are found below clouds. Search on the Internet for "soaring" or "sailplanes" and you probably will find a number of facilities where glider flying takes place there. I suspect that any one of them could tell you whose ship it was, since glider pilots generally stay in touch with one another by radio. Teamwork makes fin! ding lift much easier. "Soaring" ! magazine, carries a list of contest dates. Peter Davenport is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (Gliders) #2263995
BELLEVILLE -- The witness and his girlfriend were going home from a movie on February 23, 2002, when they a cylinder or circler shaped object in the sky at 11:00 PM. The witness stated, The object was right ahead of my car and kept getting bigger and more blue. We got up to a stop light and the people next to us were looking at it. Then all of the sudden it dropped down in the sky then slowly faded off. Like the light kept getting dimmer and then it shot across the sky. We were pretty freaked out. We thought we saw it again but two military jets where flying over our head. The planes were following the object.
ROCKFORD -- The witness reports, "My husband and I noticed a large disk shaped UFO above the Office Max Store on February 27, 2002." When we left the store around 7:00 PM my husband told me to look at it. It was about 30 feet across, and seemed to be of a dark color that was not highly visible at night. When it listed to the side a bit, we could see underneath. There was one large round light in the middle; not beaming outward, but just lit. We were able to watch for about three minutes before it left. There was no sound from the ship at all, and it disappeared in just a couple of seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
DES MOINES -- I was driving off of exit 41 from Interstate I-80 on March 6, 2002, east the UFO was sitting back north of the exit at 10:05 PM. The UFO gave off a pale gold light and looked metallic, and had a clear bubble though the center top to bottom. I could see lighting shaped symbols on the out side of the craft. The UFO hovered 150 to 200 feet above the ground; it had a slow gold blinking light. I kept driving south toward Prairie Meadows Race Track and the object just levitated in place.
CLEBURNE -- Jason Greywolf Leigh reports that on March 14, 2002, about 8:40 PM, his sight was drawn to a huge white non glaring light, slightly smaller than the full moon. As he drove out of the city limits, there appeared 'colored' lights all about the object. Jason is a Veteran of the Vietnam War and worked for Delta Airlines. These lights were nothing at all like standard aircraft lighting. There were just too many with too many different colors. Jason drove toward the object that compared to the Super Dome in New Orleans, or about 400 to 500 feet across and about 200 to 300 feet in height. There were three small blinking lights on top at 'dead center,' which were, from top to bottom, red, yellow and white. All were blinking in an odd pattern of off and on, very swiftly. Below these 'center' lights: the area underneath was dark. Outwardly from the 'center' to either 'end': the distance was amazing at several hundred fe! et. The lights at either 'end' were solid, softly lit and multi-colored-yet larger in size than the 'center top' lights. Some were blinking-some were not. They were staggered in placement with 4 to 5 lights at either 'end' of the object. To the 'bottom side': these lights were random with multicolored lights strung out all along the bottom. I pulled over, turned off the engine and there were NO SOUNDS. Jason says, "By now, the huge object was almost even with my car in the western sky at no more than 1, 000 feet high and traveling so slowly, that if it had been a 'known' aircraft: it would have fallen from the sky." I watched in pure and total amazement, as the object just glided by me. Thanks to Jason Greywolf Leigh and Dan Bright,
One investigator Brian Vike is attempting to investigate a rash of sightings in British Columbia on Canada's west coast. Numerous reports have been received since the Weekly Advertiser ran an article on March 9, 2002. Brian reports he will be working numerous sightings. He was contacted by a fellow who wants me to come and visit to document his 20 years of UFO encounters, with documented proof from two governments. Brian Vike has received confirmation of a February 1, 2002, sighting where three women witnessed a giant UFO near Smithers, He watched this craft for 5 minutes after leaving the Hollywood Video. TELKWA MOUNTAINS -- Brian Vikes writes, he has reviewed an incredible bit of tape of a comet but with a short flaming tail. What ever it is was huge! The object was heading towards the range at a high altitude which was moving away from the witness who was taking the video. The front of this object was convex, that is it looked like the front ! of a bullet, but again very large in size. The flames were massive and fanned out into a V shape which followed close behind. It was very slow moving object since the witness went inside to grab her camera and she still caught this object on tape. I know for sure there was "no" space debris coming down at the time of this event.
VANDERHOOF, BC -- A biologist working on a salmon enhancement project saw a very large, bright object hovering over the area where Crop Circles were discovered last year. UFOs were observed the night the Crop Circles were made.
WHISTLER, BC -- Several witnesses had just been on a skiing trip that ended on February 26, 2002, when they were on their way back to Vancouver at 10:00 AM. In broad daylight, a saucer appeared over the mountain range in the distance and hovered there. It started going higher and higher until finally there was a flash of light and it was gone.
JACK PINE, BC -- The witness reports they had a pretty weird sighting on March 4, 2002, at 10:00 PM. They saw a very bright white light with a halo around it for twenty minutes. The light moved quite a bit from side to side but always seemed to come back to a center point and stay stationary before continuing to repeat itself. The husband is a professional who works in a scientific field and they were both at a loss to explain, what else could it be other than a UFO? Their father told them a fellow in Tim Horton's Restaurant who also saw the same UFO. It could not have been a plane as they don't do things like that
TERRACE, BC -- On March 9, 2002, I was laying in bed with my blinds open, when this huge bright ball came shooting past my window. A week later, two witnesses a 17 year old and his girl friend who were sitting in their hot tub looking at the stars on March 17, 2002, at 12:05 AM, report they saw a huge flash of light tear across the sky. The witnesses claim, "This was no shooting star because it was much bigger and lit up the whole sky, flashing as it went behind the mountain." My girlfriend described it as almost round in shape and very bright. She said, it looked like the moon because it had a less brighter outer "shell." It seemed too bright to be a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. Thanks to Brian Vike Independent UFO Field Investigator/Researcher HBCC UFO Research,,
QUERETARO -- On Saturday, March 2, 2002, Senora Norma Rodriguez observed a strange object in the form of a tube or a cylinder over the superhighway Carratera Queretaro at 6:30 AM, 300 kilometers northwest of Mexico City. The object hovered over a mountain and displayed a strange color that was like a piece of gauze. On Sunday, March 3, 2002, at 4:00 PM, Senora Ana Luisa Cid photographed a large triangular UFO over Cerro del Chiquihuite (hill) north of Mexico City. According to Senora Cid, the strange object remained stationary over the hill. Then, minutes later, it was joined by a fiery sphere, which fused with the first object. The triangular object then flew away. On March 5, 2002, at 2:30 PM, "a UFO was reported by Televisora Telecable de Morelos in Cuernavaca." A local dentist aired his home video of a strange pulsating object emitting rays of light for several minutes. Later the same day, at 9:00 PM. An AeroMexico Airlines! Boeing 727 encountered a strange lumin! ous object along its flight path between Mexico City and San Luis Potosi. The Boeing 727's captain radioed the Air Traffic Control Center in Monterrey, and reported the strange artifact. See NotiOVNI 3/10. Daniel Munoz. Thanks to UFO Roundup 3/19/02, Vol. 7, #12, Editor Joseph Trainor
BRIDGETOWN -- On March 1, 2002, the witness was walking on beach with his wife at 2:30 PM in the afternoon on a beautiful day when he saw a silver cylinder shaped object in the southwestern sky flying SSW There was a short singular contrail from main body. The fuselage was thin, silvery or reflective and there were no wings, It disappeared behind large cumulus cloud. I estimate that other than a UFO, it could also be space junk in reentry, or military? I also do not know if airliners from Europe on route to South America fly over Bridgetown airport as a checkpoint. The contrail was short, uneven and evaporated quickly and stretched about 10 or 15 lengths behind object and seemed to be uneven with apparent bubbles as if using pulses. The image is as clear as a bell in my mind as I scanned the beautiful Caribbean sky.
LAJAS -- Marcos "Turin" Irizarry, Mayor of Lajas is pursuing his plans to build an UFO observatory in the vicinity of Sierra Bermeja. Efforts are underway to acquire land, where sightings are more frequent. El Faro Newspaper reported the Mayor said, "My vision is that a scientific observatory should be constructed to research what has been seen." "I understand that this would be a tourist attraction, and what better incentive for tourists than to show them something different?" he stated. We hope to develop tours to the proposed UFO observatory from hotels. The area suggested for this project is frequented by groups which claim to have seen and made contact with UFOs. The Mayor sympathizes with these groups, since he recalled having seen a brilliant UFO light from his balcony. "Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology and Translation (C) 200
ST. LUCIA -- Here are more details of our sightings. We felt something special in St. Lucia because there are petroglyphs on rocks with etchings that look like illuminated beings. Plus they have the Soufriere Volcano, which we could see smoking from our hotel. And UFO's always seem interested and are photographed near volcanoes. Also there is a lot of superstition there as well. And on the East Coast, we did a tour where we were told an area called Trou Zombie (caves/cliffs near beach) was a place where evil spirits dwell. And that creatures are reported being seen there which are half human and half animal. On February 11, my boyfriend saw the red orb go behind me. For 8 more days we stayed at La Haut Plantation, in Soufriere and facing west over Caribbean each night around 10:00 PM for twenty minutes there was a flashing light to the right of the Belt of Orion. Thanks to Kathy Noll and Craig Burkey
SAN LORENZO --A number of residents of Southern Argentina claimed to have seen UFOs yesterday, maneuvering over the hills west of the city, between 15:45 and 16:30 hours. Journalist Lita Lagomarsion and locals saw two strange luminous objects which made surprising maneuvers which could not be correlated with those of conventional flying machines." Paulina Cruz, a housewife says, "It descended in circles and landed on top of a hill while giving off a very intense light that must have been enormous, judging by the distance. We were very impressed with what we saw. The strange thing is that it vanished suddenly, without a sound." "It had the luminosity of a large mirror reflecting the sun's light. Thanks to Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Translation (C) 2002 Condor El Tribuno.
MANCHESTER -- Two friends on March 13, 2002, saw a huge misty green disk floating above them. The event lasted between 10 to 15 seconds before the disk dissolved in the air. When it had gone there was a white ring of light outlining where it had been! My opinion of UFOs has changed forever.
LIVERPOOL -- The witness was walking his dog on February 28, 2002, around a small lake when he noticed three dull red lights in the sky at 10:30 PM, in an unequal triangle formation. The lights appeared to be part of one extremely large craft that was moving far faster than the passenger planes going into Liverpool Airport. The UFO disappeared into cloud, and was traveling at least twice as fast as the planes. If the object was one craft, then it was huge.
BEDHAMPTON -- Investigator Santiago Yturria writes that Anthony Woods wife woke up around midnight by a loud humming sound just outside her bedroom window. She is convinced that something unusual was very close to our window. Once again for 3 weeks there is complete cloud cover with rain again. The morning of Friday, March 22, the long-awaited weather change finally arrived with a beautiful clear day and Anthony awakened with an accentuated premonition. When he looked outside he saw a massive UFO flotilla for more than half hour resulting in one of the most important pieces of evidence that modern Ufology has received to date. Since last September, I've been involved into this investigation with Anthony Woods. For several months, I have received a huge amount of evidence and testimonials of a unique and aggressive UFO activity that constantly has been reported and documented confirming the Bedhamton's status as a UFO "Hot Spot." This curre! nt activity reveals an actual UFO wave is taking place over England, right now. These sightings constitute a clear demonstration of an advanced technology. Thanks to Santiago Yturria and Jeff Rense.
S-HERTOGENBOSCH -- A commercial pilot driving along the interstate highway on February 27, 2002, reports seeing a bright light moving about two miles ahead of his car. The light moved towards the right side window view 1000 to 1,500 feet altitude just below the overcast sky with rain. At first he thought it was aircraft landing lights, but as the object moved along it had no flashing anti-collision lights whatsoever. It appeared to be completely illuminated with a profile of a white to yellowish Mexican hat with orange window like details on it. The size was about 1 inch at arm's length. The object moved at a steady speed in about 20 seconds from front of the car to the right rearwards out of sight at a steady speed. Highway was full of cars so there must be more witnesses!
MURDOCH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA -- On February 16, 2002, Brian Richards writes, I was privileged to witness one of these enigmatic OBOLS at 11:40 PM, that was not a conventional aircraft or an orange garbage bag fueled by firelighters. I went to check the pool and saw a brilliant orange yellow light moving above me heading north. I t was totally silent and about the size of a quarter of the full Moon almost 2000 feet high. I called out to the family to come and look, which they did. I raced to get a camera, but when I came back out the object had dimmed and reduced in size and climbed higher and parked itself like a star to the right of Orion's Belt. It jumped to the left about two fingers width at arm's length, then remained absolutely stationary for six minutes. I watched the object through binoculars and could see no identifying features or appendages. After six minutes the object started to move slowly west and at one point was a very impressive fourth (top) star of Orion's Belt. There was a flash and the object simply vanished. Thanks to Brian Richards
PERTH -- On February 18, 2002, two independent witnesses reported a silent, orange/red and very bright light traveling north. The first witness Jan, of the southern Perth suburb of Glen Iris saw the object pass over her car as she headed south along the Kwinana Freeway. She was convinced it was coming in to land and expected to see it touch down when she looked over her shoulder at 10:15 PM. Steven and his girlfriend were in the northern Perth suburb of Heathridge, near Ocean Reef at 10:20 PM, when a bright orange/yellow light passed by from south to north. It appeared to have smaller lights within the main body, dimmed down, and reduced in size as it passed in 15 minutes.
WILSON -- On February 25, 2002, the witness Russell B. reported a silent, star-like object traveling overhead from NE - SW at 8:42 PM. After its initial pass the object arced south and executed a fairly large clockwise ellipse followed by a tight clockwise circle before heading NE at a terrific speed. This incident left him bemused. Total time of sighting 12 minutes.
On March 9, 2002, Sha writes my small dog was perched up on his seat in the window, looking out, as he loves to do. He gave a bark and found myself looking directly at a magnificently bright, elongated and intensely white light in the daylight sky. About 400 meters away there was a large object, about six inches long as viewed from my perspective. It was twice the length of a standard house. I was awestruck at the intensity of the light that was almost blinding in its brightness. It was shaped like an elongated and relatively flat disc, being wider at the middle section. It was stationery so I went outside to get a better view, but in those couple seconds, the object had disappeared! Just after dusk, we were looking across the valley and to the left, but lower than the moon was a very bright star. It was too bright for Venus and we realized it was flashing, giving a glimpse of a red glow with a bright white light. We watched it with amazement for many minutes, and my youngest, Katinka, noticed that it was moving and dropped down below the treeline. Thanks to Sha and Tim Edward's Dreamscape
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George Filer
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