Rumsfeld's Surprising
UFO Connection Discovered

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I have a small collection of vintage books on the UFO phenomenon -- incluing Aliens in the Skies: The New UFO Battle of the Scientists by John G. Fuller. Published in l969, it discusses the House Committee on Science and Astronautics which invited six prominent scientists (including Hynek and Sagan) to testify before a special UFO hearing on July 29, l968.
Anyway, I haven't read it through but I was looking at it when the name "Rumsfeld" popped out at me.... I tried to find out if it could be THE Donald Rumsfeld who participated in those hearings (only referenced as Mr. Rumsfeld). If so, who ever thought he was involved in this historic and very, very detailed hearing into the reality of UFOs?
So, I did a search of his bio but found nothing in his official bio that showed he served on the Committee. But he WAS in DC during that time - as a Congressman from Illinois.
I then searched for the UFO Committee report and I found the amazing quote posted
at the end of this email.
By Jove, Donald Rumsfeld WAS on that UFO hearing committee and even introduced Hynek. Who knew?
Just a curious fact I thought you might be interested in.
Curiouser and curiouser...
The quote (from )
Mr. Chairman -- the chairman of our full committee, Mr. George Miller.
Chairman Miller:
I want to join in welcoming you here. I want to point out that your presence here is not a challenge to the work that is being done by the Air Force, a particular agency that has to deal with this subject.
Unfortunately, there are those who are highly critical of the Air Force, saying that the Air Force has not approached this problem properly. I want you to know that we are in no way trying to go into the field that is theirs by law, and thus we are not critical of what the Air Force is doing.
We should look at the problem from every angle, and we are here in that respect. I just want to point out we are not here to criticize the actions of the Air Force.
Thank you.
Mr. Roush:
I think it is only appropriate that Dr. Hynek be introduced by our colleague, Mr. Rumsfeld.
Mr. Rumsfeld:
Mr. Rumsfeld. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. It is a pleasure to welcome all the members of this distinguished panel, and particularly to welcome Dr. Allen Hynek, who is a son of Illinois, and presently serves in the Department of Astronomy and Director of the Lindheimer Astronomical Research Center. Dr. Hynek is a member of a number of scientific societies, and has served in the Government service as well as in the academic community. As his Congressman I am delighted he has been invited to appear on this panel, and we certainly look forward to his comments.



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