UFO Sighting Parkersburg,
WVA - Wood County

From Kenny Young

Mark from Parkersburg, WVA called the UFO Reporting Hotline (513-588-4548) on Tuesday afternoon to report a UFO sighting on Saturday, November 1, 2003.
The sighting took place about 7-miles west of Parkersburg on State Route 47 and was witnessed by 3-people.
Just after parking their car in a friend's driveway around 5:30 p.m., Mark and his wife had got out of the car and spotted an unusual object in the eastern sky.
Mark stood in the driveway and asked his wife to go inside the house to get their friend to witness the object also.
The object, Mark said, had a smooth and consistent steady glow that was white in color, not a brilliant silver white, but a dirty or hazy "off-white" hue. It did not have soft or diffused edges, but had clearly defined edges and, from his perspective, was perhaps as big as a 2-inch object held in his fingers at arms length.
"This object was like a dome, or a half-round bubble," Mark said, emphasizing that he could not see any wings or tail section.
"I could see it crisp and crystal clear," he said, "the bottom edge was horizontal, flat. It had a rock steady motion of flight, there was no shake or wobble."
Mark said the object was flying along at the speed and height that an average low-flying aircraft would move across the sky, not abnormally quick.
The object was first seen in the eastern sky about 30-degrees estimated above the horizon, and had a path from south to north.
As the object continued its flight, it became obstructed by some trees that were on the property. Mark walked to the end of the driveway to get out of the trees and see from a clearing, by that time the object had departed to the north.
Mark said that all three witnesses agree the object was not something they could identify.
Further, Mark adds that some minutes after the sighting, a jet airplane flew overhead flying to the northwest.
Mark said that he will sometimes track the progress of the space shuttle or space station, but has never seen anything like this before.



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