Oz UFO Sightings Increase
From Diane Harrison
National Director
The Australian UFO Research Network

Follow up UFOSWS 1800 001055 or 001057
Date: 9th/10th 12 2000
Witness: Mr Lloyd
Suburb: Albion Park
State: NSW
Date/ Time of sighting
9th/10th. Dec.2000
Time: approx 9.00 pm
Shape: /
Size: /
Objects: 1 split into 2
Colour: White?
Sound: /
Speed: constant pace, similar to any commercial aircraft
Duration: /
Direction: North travelling East to West
Witnesses: 1
The witness was sitting outside his front porch observing the night sky when he noticed a brilliant light towards the north, traveling from east to west at a constant pace, similar to any commercial aircraft. What surprised him was when he saw the object split in two. According to the witness, the secondary object took a three second vertical fall to the ground. The witness suggested that the secondary object might have disappeared behind a distant escarpment and took off in an unknown direction.
The primary object continued its course for a short period (exact time not remembered) before disappearing into the clouds.
Second report:
Lloyd also mentioned an encounter he had in the early 1980,s. Around 3:00 am, he was traveling in a motor vehicle with his son Towards Tamworth when a bright disc-like object abruptly appeared before them.
The anomaly played cat and mouse as it disappeared and reappeared a number of times at tremendous speeds. One instant, the object came so close that Lloyd swore to have seen porthole-like features around what is believed to have been the object,s outer rim. When they returned home and told their story, they were subject to ridicule and rejection. He kept it to himself for nearly 20 years until he contacted the 1800 number.
Comments: This sighting occurred the same evening as callin code 001056 from Albion Park. There is no doubt that the object behaved in a peculiar way. However, military aircrafts from HMAS Albatross, Nowra, travel as far as Albion Park, according to the Albion Park aerial patrol. There is a possibility that the event was caused by a military aircraft dispatching a flare. However, early December 2000 was regarded as a high fire danger period. Would the military be so careless and risk a regional bush fire? I will be contacting HMAS operations at Albatross in the second week of January 2001, as well as Albion Park aerial patrol and Wiroolla police station.
UFOR NSW Website thank you Doug Moffet UFOR NSW
Time reported: 06:04:56
Date: 20th 3 2001
Day Tuesday
Title: Mrs. ?
State: NSW
Date: 25th. Jan.2001
Day: Saturday
Time: approx. 2.10am
Shape: lights
Size: ?
Objects: 8
Colour: glowing white
Sound: no
Speed: fast
Duration: 2-3 mins
Direction: ?
Witnesses: 2
Weather_conditions: Grey night, white cloud cover.
Location: Five Dock/Drummoyne/Balmain/City
Physical_stuff: I think that the dancing and hovering lights were
perhaps, say as big as a standard house and the bigger light was
about 20 times larger. They seemed to travel in seconds, a
distance of 10-15kms.
At approx. 2.10am myself and another family member noticed about 8 bright lights dancing in the sky, not making any particular pattern or formation. We disregarded for a few seconds thinking it might be a light show, but then realising the time and then noticing no beam of light projecting this image from the direction of the earth but rather it appearing to be project from behind the clouds. The lights appeared to move around from one point to another, say 10-15kms, in seconds (if that) then stopped and hovered for a few minutes at a time before moving around again. We then noticed a much larger, brighter light from behind some clouds. Suddenly the 8 lights seemed to zoom, some 30kms, into the this light joined by another 20 or more which seemed only visible at 5-10km range around the bigger light and within 2 seconds they scattered from this light and spread out again to dance and hover at 2-3 minutes intervals. This went on for about 1/2 hour and then the lights again zoomed into the large? We did see a helicopter at one point during this sighting. We noticed that in terms of altitude that these lights must have been at least 2-3 times as high.
Follow up 1800 Callin Code: 01303 07.04.2001
Date: 07.04.2001
Day: Saturday
Time Reported: 11.27 pm
Location: Newcastle NSW
Reportee: No name given
Report given to nearest rep: Doug Moffett
Tel: 0249
Time: 10.45 pm
Shape: straight line
Size: small
Colour: Bright yellow
Sound: No
Speed: ?
Duration: 30 minutes
Direction: Due west
Witnesses: 3
My daughter was driving home from friends house when she noticed at least 4 cars by the side of one of the main roads of Newcastle. She stopped to see what was going on, she noticed as the others had, three bright yellow lights moving due West away from the observers. They formed a straight line, 9 o,clock to 3 o,clock. This was at approx 10.45pm, she was home 5 minutes later and alerted her mother , sister and a friend.
All three watched for a further 30 minutes approx as the objects grew smaller in the distance, not moving side to side but simply away. This was viewed against the backdrop of a hill with housing below the upper peak. The objects were low on the horizon with an altitude lower than a plane, there was no noise heard. There was no wind to speak of and the lights were solid in colour, not flickering. They left view as they became too small to see. The witness,s had feelings of disbelief, amazement but no fear or sense of threat. Could be lighted garbage bags but unusual that they did not deviate or flicker.
Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW State Director
UFOR NSW Website thank you Doug Moffet UFOR NSW
Time reported: 23:48:07
Date: 7th 4 2001
Day /
Title: Mrs. Kylie
Suburb:Singleton Hunter Valley
State: NSW
Date sighting: 28th. March.2001
Time: 5.30pm
Shape: No discernable shape
Size: Small
Objects: 8
Colour: metallic
Sound: no
Speed: too fast to be a plane/RAAF jet (see a lot of them go over),
Duration: 15 seconds
Direction: East
Witnesses: 2
Weather_conditions: Clear skies, sun beginning to set but still approx
35 degrees up into the sky. Slight haze
The date is wrong, but it was the same day that Mir came to earth. Husband and I were outside gardening, thought we'd keep an eye out in case we could see something of Mir as it came down (we saw it go over the previous night) We heard it was to happen around 5.30pm EDST. Spot on 5.30pm I was looking up and saw something I called my husband over and he tried the binoculars but it was moving too fast. It came from the west, heading east, almost directly overhead. It was a small, bright object, moving very fast. It was metallic as it flashed in the sunlight. The sun was still up a bit as I had to shield it with my hand to see. It was going faster than a plane/jet and was gone in about 15 seconds, and I felt was up very high. I continued searching for it towards the east, and thought I saw a bright spot stationary, but that could have been my eyes dazzled from the sun.
We felt elated thinking we'd seen Mir, but after watching the news that night realised it wasn't coz Mir came down around 5pm EDST and was nowhere near where we live (Hunter Valley, NSW).
My only thought is it may have been a low level satellite, but part of me thinks no coz it was moving too fast (I've seen satellites go over at night, and you can usually watch them for at least half a minute or more) and there was still a lot of daylight around.
Follow up 1800 Callin Code: 01327 16.04.2001
Date: 16.04.2001
Day: Monday
Time Reported: 5.00 pm
Location: Nth Ryde
Reportee: Kevin D
Report given to nearest rep: Doug Moffett
Tel: 02 9801
Time: 5.00pm
Shape: V shaped
Size: 6 inches
Colour: grey hazy cloud
Sound: no
Speed: like a satellite
Duration: 30-40 seconds
Direction: North to South
Witnesses: 2
Kevin was out viewing the clear night sky when he noticed a ghostly grey, hazy cloud like figure of a V shaped object travelling across the sky at satellite speed. The object travelled in a straight line North to South and did not deviate in trajectory. The object had a clear outline and was squared off at the end of the V as it travelled with the point of the V at the front of the object. It was observed for 30 to 40 seconds and kept uniform size and formation. It was lost to view in the distance and seemed to be very high. Apparent size was at arms length 6 inches each side of the V with 75 to 80 degree arc between the two at the rear. This seems abnormally large but I did check with the witness on this matter several times.
Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW State Director
UFOR NSW Website thank you Doug Moffet UFOR NSW
Date: 26th 4 2001
Time reported: 01:12:14
Title: Michelle
Suburb: Corrimal North of Wollongong
State: NSW
Date/ Time of sighting
23rd 4. 2001
Shape:Square V SHAPE
Size: /
Objects: 1
Colour: dull orange
Speed: faster than a plane
Duration: 4 mins
Direction: south, south easterly
Witnesses: 2
Weather_conditions: Clear crisp night.
My sister and I were standing on the sidewalk talking when I looked up and saw a group of square dull orange lights arranged in a V shape flying through the sky. It was not moving in the direction of the v point but moving like this V --- with one side of the V as the front of the object. There were approx. 4 lights on each side and my sister and I watched it until it disappeared until the light from the city made it disappear. It was heading in a south, south easterly direction. We were in the suburb on Corrimal just North of Wollongong.
UFOR NSW Website thank you Doug Moffet UFOR NSW
Date: 26th 4 2001
Time reported: 07:36:42
Title: Mr John
Suburb: Mount Gambier
State: South Australia
Date/ Time of sighting
26th 4. 2001
Time: 19.45hrs
Shape: Ball
Size: one? One big
Objects: 2
Colour: orange
Sound: no
Speed: slowly
Duration: Several minutes
Direction: Easterly direction towards Victoria
Witnesses: 2
Weather_conditions: Reasonably clouds
My son Jon rang me telling me to go outside as he had seen an object in the sky some minutes before,and that now an other one was approaching.
He lives less than 2 kms from our place,so I went onto our front veranda from where you look right over the city center,and saw an orange coloured ball moving slowly in a easterly direction,it seemed to be on fire.I watched it for several minutes,then it suddenly disappeared,5 or 6 minutes later,an other one appeared over the city coming from the west and moving slowly east,that also disappeared. Being late night shopping,my wife and I got into the car to go to soon as we turned into the street,we saw this big orange ball coming over the city from a north westerly direction, this too seemed to be on fire. By the time we got to the shop it was moving in a easterly direction towards Victoria.Other people at Woollies had seen it.
Unusual: Clouds were reasonably high,but the objects appeared to be below them.Time lapse between each of the four appearances was about 10 minutes.
UFOR NSW Website thank you Doug Moffet UFOR NSW
Date: 28th 4 2001
Day Sat,
Time reported: 05:26:28
Title: Mrs. D
Suburb: Caulfield East
State: VIC Postcode: 3145
Date/ Time of sighting
1st. Oct.1999
Time: ?
Shape: Elongated cigar
Size: ?
Objects: 1
Colour: metallic
Sound: ?
Speed: ?
Duration: 4 mins
Direction: 50 degrees heading towards north at a steady pace
Witnesses: 2 ?
We were on a family weekend get away in MOAMA NSW..I'm not sure about the day, but it was October 1999. At sunset we were heading towards the west towards RICH RIVER resort when I spotted an elongated cigar shaped thing my husband and I were certain about is that it was NOT a light aircraft..although it was well in the distance its outline was well defined which made us believe it was was at a low angle to the horizon..approx 50 degrees heading towards north at a steady pace..although the early evening was clear it soon disappeared into the only cloud in the sky..after that we tried to located it but it was gone ..I will say here that a few days later I heard ERNIE SIGLEY talk about sightings in southern NSW..hes on 3AW Melbourne.. hope my sighting is useful..Mrs D
Unusual: the craft had a golden orange the sun was setting behind it i dont believe it could possibly be reflected from the suns rays...
Location: we were heading north when i spotted the craft in the west.I say north..we were travelling north before we reached our turn off towards the this time we lost the sighting
Other_people: unfortunately only our family..
Weather_conditions: clear and i said before the only
cloud I noticed all day was when the craft disappeared into a cloud
Physical_stuff: estimate only...a few thousand feet..north is
certain...very slow
Thank you to everyone for these reports. Who said sightings are slowing down.
It would appear the orange ball phenomenon is right on queue April to May seems to be our busiest time for these sightings each year.
I have been informed that Mt Gambier is again having a UFO flap this time of the Orange Ball phenomena. I will keep you all informed.
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