New UFO Wave Hits Belgium
The Triangles Are Back!
A Report by Dieter Bosh/Belgium
Edited by James Neff
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In the years 1989-90, just after the Russian UFO wave, Belgium became very well known throughout the world for its flap of triangle shaped UFOs and other sightings, beginning in the dutch area of Eupen and eventually touching the entire country.

This wave was a boom for UFO investigative associations like SOBEPS (abbrev/trans - Society Of Belgian Studies of Celestial Phenomena), which work hand in hand with the Belgian Army, and which have finally produced a long awaited book, edited by SOBEPS researchers featuring photos analyzed by the military authorities which deemed the images authentic. There is also film footage of the recent craft by a Mr. Alfarano currently being analyzed. However, many UFOlogists and UFO watchers believe SOBEPS to be "too close" to the Army to be truly objective and are skeptical of their operations. Other independent UFO research organizations have emerged from the schism, including CEEPA (abbrev/trans - European Study Center of Aerial Phenomena) and UIU (abbrev/trans - Union of Inter UFOlogy), of which I am a member.
They're Coming Back!
2001 has seen a considerable upswing in UFO activity in Belgium and France, including the elusive black triangles. In mid-october a young lady reported a strange UFO in the Avioth area of northern France. She described it as being a very dark, square shaped UFO with four lights, one at each corner (note: in the now famous January 5, 2000 Illinois Triangle sighting, the massive object tracked and followed by several police officers and state troopers across a wide swatch of the state was reported by one observer to appear perfectly square, "like a floating building, and just about as tall, maybe three stories high" -- as well as similar Israeli and South American reports of "square" craft with similar antigravitic properties and unusual lighting). Further reports of the object or similar objects came in from Charleroi, Belgium, just across the border.
In December of this year, however, the UFO sightings became widely recognized, making the TV news and popular newspapers, reporting "A new wave is hitting Belgium." One of the more popular Belgian papers, "La Derniére Heure" (The Last Hour) on December 19th featured a report about the return of the triangles, with new reports of blue lighting on the underside of the craft, as well as orange and yellow. Belgian TV produced extensive coverage of the new UFO flap, interviewing two young men in Namur, not far from Charleroi, who reported a very close encounter with a silver, cylindrical shaped UFO. Triangles are being reported with varying lighting structures; red, green and blue lights, as well as UFOs that are orange in color.
Many of the Belgian UFO organizations believe the triangles and other craft to be US military related considering the presence of SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), part of the NATO military construct in the theatre. So close to the intense battle zones of Kosovo a few years ago, and now Afghanistan as well as other recent regional troubles, the flaps seem to center around the french-belgian border, and even craft similar to the "Adamski" style flying saucer have been reported in the area (which has been the case even for decades). But these current triangle craft are extremely swift, utterly silent, almost magical in their maneuvers and often very close to the ground and residential roof tops -- they are, as called, "Belgian Phantoms."
Several close friends who have had the massive ships drift over their homes have challenged the military authorities on talk radio programs to overfly their homes without making the windows rattle like the black triangles have, if these are truly 'conventional aircraft' being mistaken for something altogether more fantastic. They don't, of course, because they can't. The stealth and other craft used by US military in Europe, during the war in Kosovo, and now Afghanistan, are clearly not the same craft at all.
Brussels has been well visited by UFOs recently, and that's where my personal sightings have come from, making me a true believer. A massive UFO show occurred here (the same time Mr. Alfarano shot his footage). The UFO I saw was quite massive (the only other possibility considering its size would have to be a Zeppelin), silver in color, sending out strange green orbs almost like a laser show. Oddly enough, on this same day, people reported the peculiar square shaped UFO as well, some even stopping their cars along the roadside to watch. (Speculation: Could the "square" UFOs be two triangles together?)
I will be informing the Jeff Rense website about the current UFO activity here in Belgium as it unfolds.
Note: 'The Last Hour' newspaper is apparently subscription based and a copy of the report could not be obtained through their website at, though we are attempting to get a translated version. We wish to thank Dieter Bosh, a member of UIU, for his excellent reporting and willingness to share what information he has on the Belgian UFO flap of 2001...and 2002! - ed

Black Triangle video in mpeg format can be seen at -- AREA -X

We requested a translated copy of the article presented in the Belgian newspaper "The Last Hour" of December 19, 2001 and Patrick Moncelet, an independent UFO researcher, kindly translated the piece along with some personal observations.
"UFOs Seen In The Hainault Skies, Just Like In 1989"

The "Centre Europeen d'Etudes des Phenomenes Aeriens" (Quevy) is looking for witnesses.

HAINAULT - Whatever happened on the 6, 9, 10 and 15 december in the Hainault skies? Several recent accounts concern unidentified observations in the Mouscron's sky and along the french border between 22 p.m. and 4.30 a.m. Those observations recall the belgian flap between 1989 and 1991. The "European Study Center of Aerial Phenomena" (= CEEPA) based in Quevy-le grand, the equivalent of the SOBEPS, is currently investigating.

Christian Daubioul, the Center's president, says that several witnesses have seen one or several large triangles of a dark color, absolutely motionless and silent. One of these witnesses is a policeman from Mouscron, living in the Blommes district, about 400 m away from the border.
"My first observation was on thursday , 6 december. Parking my car in the garage, I noticed something unusual happening in the sky. Then I saw two triangles, one on the east side, the other on the west. On the three corners of the triangles were blue lights... I observed them with my bare eyes, and with binoculars. I also call my spouse to see the phenomena".
He still has this to add:
"On sunday, 9 December, I saw again the two triangles. They were in the exact same spot, apart from the fact that one of them was higher than the other. Then I went back to bed. Around 7.30 a.m., only one of the triangles remained in the sky. But since then, I never saw them again".
Let it be known that this witness saw an identical phenomena in the sky twelve years ago, at about the same time of the year (that was on the 24 of december). He even went to report his observation with the SOBEPS.
A lady living in the border district of Mont-a-Leux observed a similar phenomena on 15 December at about 6.40 a.m., just before sunrise.
Totally absorbed by the show behind her window, she saw an imposing mass sliding above her street, before disappearing from her field of vision.
Christian Daubioul thinks that these cases deserve attention, however he has no clear explanation: "One may think, given the actual war with Afghanistan, that these could be drones under testing... Many things are happening at the military level. But we are still looking for an explanation. Up to now, only the satellite re-entry hypothesis has been discarded".
For information, CEEPA is looking for additional witnesses, please call :
0497- 74 49 10.
CEEPA e-mail address is:
To be consulted:
The CEEPA website
F. Sch. and N.D. (= the two authors of this report).
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Comments from Patrick Moncelet...

* A long study has been made of those mysterious "TriangleUFOs" by the belgian Airforce in cooperation with the Sobeps, but nothing definitive has come out of it, public opinion in Western Europe is still divided between the UFO angle, and secret military planes.
* As a ufologist with 40 years experience, it is my opinion that the triangular UFOs cannot be secret military drones or planes, for various reasons, the most obvious being the fact that such secret projects would not be allowed to fly over populated areas of Belgium (or other countries as well), where they could easily be spied upon and at the mercy of a failure and a subsequent crash. Also one must not forget the unusual performances shown by these triangles, like total silence even at very low altitudes, hovering for long periods, etc. Clearly there is something else at stake than simple secret planes, even the dirigible theory had to be discontinued.
* It is a fact that most of triangles cases happen over Belgium territory, and there does not seem to be any explanation to this either.

The best to you, to Jeff and to your extraordinary place on the Web,

Patrick Moncelet / Kota Kinabalu.
Translated Article & CEEPA Comments
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