Thousands Watch Huge
'City In The Sky' UFO
Over East New Britain
From John W. Auchettl <>
Director - Phenomena Research Australia (PRA)
It was about 200 metres long, 50 metres wide and was lit up like a city in the sky.
It moved very slowly across the sky, making a quiet puffing noise. This is the description of what thousands of people on the Gazelle Peninsula of East New Britain saw in the sky over the weekend.
The people of the remote Bainingo ranges were cut off from television and anything else that is modern, possibly had the best description. They say a craft, which had huge lumps on the sides with light flickering around it.
Some Bainingos said the object was lit up all around like a red hot stone in an oven pit.
But what they saw was exactly what others on the Gazelle Peninsula witnessed on the same night, Thursday, November 4.
The people who saw the flying craft concluded that they were witnessing a spacecraft from another planet.
On other parts of the province, similar sightings were made, although their descriptions were slightly different. Over on Duke of York Islands those living on the island closest to New Ireland Province reported seeing a huge craft hovering just metres above the seas off St George Channel, and travelling at very slow speed.
They claimed they saw other smaller crafts with bright lights circulating the bigger craft in a playful manner.
They claimed they watched the craft until it disappeared over the high mountains in New Ireland.
At Rangulit village, Baining area, on the same night, naturalised citizen John Berenti of Namatanai in New Ireland, and his family were sitting on the verandahs of their home when, all of a sudden, a huge craft appeared just above the top of the mango trees.
"It was so big, about 200 to 300 metres long, and 50 metres wide."
"It was moving very, very slowly across the sky and was lit up like a shooting star and it had two very bright lights at the rail."
"We honestly did not know what it was, but it certainly wasnít an aircraft," Mr Berenti said.
"It was travelling too low and far too slow."
"It did not make any sound, just a quite puffing sound as it glided gracefully over the tree tops," he said.
Mr Berenti said his entire family saw the craft.
He said the people who lived there, who saw the craft lit hand-hold fires and chased after the craft, wanting to see where it would go.
Mr Berenti said he had never seen anything like it and he was troubled by it.
"It was not anything that can be associated by this planet. He recalled that the bright glow around the craft was its magnetic field, keep the force of gravity away."
About 50 kilometers across the sea from Lassul Baining, Police Officer Raymond Theodore was sitting under his house along Vuvu Beach, North Coast of Rabaul, around 8:30pm in the night when he noticed what looked to be a huge craft travelling just metres above the seas.
"First I thought it was a ship but then we saw it travel over Waton Island."
"It had very bright lights at the back as it moved along, but it made not sound," he said.
Others who saw the craft gave similar accounts.
This Full report is from The Post-Courier, Papua New Guinea, News Monday, November 15, 1999.
"I thought about the Star Wars movies after seeing the Unidentified Flying Object," said eyewitness Alex James.
Alex said that the incident happened about 7pm last Thursday.
He said he and four other boys had gone to Pilapila Community School for rugby practice and were returning to their village when they saw the object. Alex said the incident happened at a time when mothers and children were returning from bathing, while others were sitting around having their meals.
He said he and his four friends were talking about the day's activities when they saw bright lights approaching.
Alex said people who were near their houses ran inside and locked the doors, while others on the road or near the beach just stood where they were. He said as the UFO approached, the streetlights dimmed like when the batteries in a torch are flat.
Alex said it approached without a sound.
He said it hovered above the tall coconut trees and was oblong in shape. Alex said as it passed over, he and his four friends were left speechless, as they were all shocked.
He said: "Pastaim mi tingim God papa, na nupela millennium na bihain mi tingim ol movie olsem Star Wars, Star Trek na Babylon Five."
Alex described the bottom of the UFO as oblong shaped with bright lights around the edges, while the top was like a pyramid with some lights around it.
He explained that there were no colored lights, just bright white lights. Alex said he and his friends did not see anything move in the UFO and stressed that it did not make a sound.
He said the object was huge and took almost 30 minutes to pass over them. Alex said this was because one of them who had a watch on checked the time after the object passed over them.
He said when it hovered over them, the place around them lit up and they could see people near them as if it was daylight.
Alex said they watched the object until it disappeared over the mountains near Vuvu.
The incident has been the talk of the province.
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