Significance Of Iranian
Flying Saucer Reports
For The US Military
Occupation Of Iraq

By Michael E. Salla, PhD
In this exopolitics commentary I take the opportunity to reflect on the recent flying saucer reports in Iran and what they signify as far as the US military presence in Iraq is concerned ( ).
The reports are indicative of something that is very likely related to Stargate/energy portal activity in Iraq/Iran and the region generally. It is very likely that the whole region comprising Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan is a vast energy portal that was strategically chosen for this reason as the home base for extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki during the Sumerian era. The ancient Sumerians described in great detail the lives and activities of the Anunnaki, and Sumerians' descriptions have been translated by the scholar Zecharia Sitchin. We are presently seeing signs of a possible connection between extraterrestrials and energy portals in the region in terms of the Iranian flyer saucer reports that may be only the initial wave of extraterrestrials visibly showing up in the region.
Now something that is an area of concern is that the US forces in Iraq are doing things that act as a focus of rage for the Arab and Muslim world. The latest saga involving the brutal treatment of Iraqi prisoners that only inflames the volatile situation ( ). The situation in the Iraqi city of Fallujah has eased but it seems that there appears to be one event after another agitating the Arab/Muslim world about US behavior in Iraq. Imagine one billion Muslims praying for Allah's vengeance against the 'US imperialists' at the very time there is major Stargate/energy portal activity in the region.
According to the author Gregg Braden, the 'Isaiah Effect' involves creating a particular event through the power of creative visualization by focused and intense emotions. The key idea in the `Isaiah Effect' is that by visualizing a desired event and fully immersing oneself in the emotions of the event as though it had occurred, a powerful energetic impulse is created that helps manifest the desired event in the concrete physical realm .
So we might well imagine the effect of a billion Muslims praying for the 'American infidels' to be punished in Iraq by Allah. What they might manifest by all this rage/anger is an opening of the portals and literally the gates of hell opening with the 'return of the Gods' - the Anunnaki - who take the rage around the region as permission to intervene and punish US forces and their allies. If something like that happened, well the consequences could be really terrible if the US 'shadow government' managing extraterrestrial affairs unleashed its secret arsenal to fight back.
I'm confident that the 'shadow government' behind the Bush administration were aware of this Stargate/energy portal activity beginning to peak at this time and this was the reason for their haste in going in to Iraq. So it wasn't Oil, Weapons of Mass Destruction, or the 'War against Terror', just a desire to be in Iraq if and when the energy portals/Stargates became active.
Significantly, confirmation of the presence of Stargates in Iraq came from Dr Dan Burisch a microbiologist working on a classified government project
In various interviews, Burisch has described 'natural' and 'artificial' Stargates. These natural Stargates might be better described as 'energy portals', and together with 'artificial Stargates', allow off-planet based extraterrestrial races a means of intervening on Earth and bypassing an alleged quarantine of Earth . Burisch also confirmed the existence of a secret committee of thirty-three members managing extraterrestrial projects who comprise a 'shadow government', the 'Committee of the Majority'.
The Bush administration has badly managed the takeover of Iraq by enacting policies that enrage the Arab/Muslim world. It is very possible that focused rage over Iraq will basically manifest an intervention by an aggressive extraterrestrial race claiming to be the 'returning gods' or Anunnaki.
These Anunnaki could presumably use the collective will of the population in the region for vengeance as a mandate to wreak Allah's punishment on the 'American infidels'. Rather than the Bush administration being solely responsible, it is the secret managers of the extraterrestrial presence (e.g., 'shadow government'/'Committee of the Majority') that must bear primary responsibility since they are ultimately behind the Bush administration's decision to militarily intervene in Iraq to secure the Stargates and energy portals. It is therefore both the 'shadow government' and the Bush administration that ultimately share responsibility for allowing the situation in Iraq to deteriorate to the extent it has at a time of heightened Stargate and energy portal activity. Merely shifting blame onto the Bush administration and making it the scapegoat in order to ensure that a Kerry administration takes over the situation in Iraq, would be an expedient solution to a problem that is structural. What is currently happening in Iraq and the danger this poses US and global sovereignty, goes to the core of how the extraterrestrial presence is secretly managed in a way that involves unnecessarily high risks.
The ultimate result of extraterrestrial intervention responding to regional rage against the US is a military confrontation that could lead to a domineering extraterrestrial race having a major strategic toehold in human affairs. Those who have made decisions that make such an outcome possible need to be scrutinized closely as to any hidden motivations that suggest undue extraterrestrial influence. This pertains not only to the Bush administration, but also to the 'shadow government' that secretly pushed for the intervention in Iraq. In particular, the policies of the top civilian administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremmer, who made the decision to disband the Iraqi army and thereby fueling a mass Iraqi insurrection needs to be closely examined in terms of his association with the 'shadow government'.
It is noteworthy that Bremmer has close ties with Dr Henry Kissinger, a prominent 'former' member of the 'shadow government', who himself played a critical role in giving assent to US intervention in Iraq when he argued in a February 2003 article that the Atlantic Alliance was in its "Gravest Crisis" due to opposition to US military intervention by France and Germany. Kissinger was hereby indicating his assent, and the assent of the 'shadow government' to the Bush administration's intervention into Iraq.
So what can be done to counter all this? The best thing is for peaceful resolution of conflict in Iraq. US forces in Iraq need to get their act together there and really dampen the situation and stop inflaming things by confrontational policies that exclude the former Iraqi elite who are behind the insurrection in Sunni dominated areas. The pictures of Iraqis being tortured was really the last straw for many in the Muslim world so the US military forces really need to beware that with all this regional rage, and major Stargate/energy portal activity in Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan, that they may literally start something that will have terrible consequences both for the US and the planet. The solution to the military siege of Fallajuh where the Marine commanders decided to work with a former General from Saddam Hussein's army, provides a model that while on the surface appears to compromise political principles initially espoused by the Bush administration, offers short term security and stability to Iraq. This is critical if Stargate/energy portal activity is entering a heightened state in the region thereby creating great uncertainty over the consequences of regional rage over the presence of US military forces and their response to an ongoing Iraqi insurrection.
The Iran flying saucer reports are a sign that major events are happening in the region in terms of a schedule relating to Stargates and energy portals that has not been disclosed by the 'shadow government'/Committee of the Majority. We might therefore anticipate further extraterrestrial activity in the region that suggests great caution is needed by the Bush administration in how it deals with Iraq and ensuring that there is a peaceful transition to a more legitimate and popular Iraqi government. The situation in Iraq for better or worse is a focus of regional/world attention, and the extent to which the region/world express either rage or optimism over US policies in Iraq, will impact very strongly on increasing extraterrestrial activity on Earth.
Michael E. Salla, PhD
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