Chemtrails - And A UFO -
Over South Elgin, IL

From Michael Finneke

I have watched your site for more than a few years now. I have been particularly interested in what has been offered up regarding Chemtrails. I have witnessed actual applications on numerous occasions here in the Chicago Illinois region. Yet I have remained somewhat skeptical. That is till today.
I went outside my home just before sunset today, and there were two planes at approximately fifteen thousand feet working the area. Due to the conditions. Both light and weather wise, The contrast allowed for very clear observation of the planes. I went inside to get my digital camera. This took a few minutes because I did not have a battery in the camera.
When I returned outside, I was having difficulty locating the planes. While scanning the area where I expected them to be, I noticed something else that caught my eye. It was just a glint of light, metallic, a reflection off something moving in the setting sun. I thought initially it was one of the planes. But it was actually something completely unexpected.
It was a metallic sphere. It was moving in small circles, in and out of one of the chemtrails. I snapped one quick photo and then I went back inside to get my binoculars. I had to see this up close. I could not believe my eyes at first. I ran inside to get them. I was back outside in no more than one minute.
It was still there. It was moving in a circular fashion, just as before. One moment in front of the chemtrail, the next it would actually go inside the trail. I watched this for a full two minutes before thinking about taking more photos. When the thought occurred to me, I realized that I left the camera inside when I went for the binoculars. I ran back inside once again.
I retrieved the camera and returned outside once more. I quickly scanned the sky in the area where I last saw the object. It took maybe thirty seconds before I located it. It was now maybe three feet
(with your hand at arms length ) from where it was located moments earlier. Only now it was moving to the left along the fringe of the chemtrail.
As I raised my camera to take a picture, it moved off at a rate of speed that I would never have believed possible. When it got into the darker area of the sky, it became brightly illuminated like a satellite would under the same conditions. I have to really place the emphasis on the speed with which it moved off. I have observed the ISS and the space shuttle in orbit hundreds of times and this object easily exceeded their speed by a factor of possibly two or three times. I was not able to react to this movement with my camera, hence only the one picture.
I feel I should help to qualify my observations. I have been an aviation buff most of my life. I am 52 years old and I used to be a licensed private pilot with over 700 hours. A good deal of my working experience has been in law enforcement and I have been noted for my observational skills.
I find most of the material on you site interesting. Yet, I view these things with a healthy skepticism. But I try to maintain an open mind.
Both of the planes I observed at the start of this incident looked like Boeing 707`s. They were both white and showed no obvious markings. They both had four engines and the trails appeared to originate from only the wingtips.
The object was at the same altitude and was unmistakably spherical and silver in color. It was distinctively metallic.
Its size was approximately the same as the planes' fuselage diameter at the altitude they were observed at.
I have circled the object in the photo. If you want the original without the circle for analysis, I can email it to you.
Mike Finneke



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