1557 Woodcut Of
UFO Over Arabia
Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorum Chronicon,
Text by Conrad Lycosthenes. Basel: Henricpteri, 1557.
First Edition.
The most exhaustive early work illustrating medieval superstition. With its three or more woodcuts to every page it is one of the best illustrated books of the Renaissance. This woodcut book contains no less than 1545 woodcuts including several repeats, the majority showing human monsters of all types, many of which later appeared in Ambroise Pare's works. Others are of beasts and animals, sea-monsters. Page 494 is a woodcut showing a spaceship seen over Arabia in 1479. Perhaps the first work including UFO's.
Later edgeworn 3/4 leather binding Internally very good, a bit of worming affecting a few pages but not the text or illustrations. Some light foxing throughout. Edges may have been trimmed slightly measuring 277mm x 180mm. All pages present including 6 pages of preliminaries including an introduction and 5 pages listing writers both ancient and modern whose work was consulted in this work. Some of the pages have had small parts of the text censored by the church who at the time would burn portions deemed blasphemous.

The Book costs $7,500.
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