The First Known Italian
Abduction - 1954
From Alfredo Lissoni <>
National UFO Center, Italy
From UFO UpDates-Toronto <>
The x-file of Gricignano d'Aversa
Dec. 9, 1954 - Gricignano d'Aversa (Caserta). A farmer, Giovanni Aquilante, disappeared after he left home to go work in the fields. His family began to look for him, and the Police were informed.
But it was impossibile to find him.
On the next day (Dec. 10,1954), toward midnight, two of Giovanni's sons and a friend noticed in the field, on their way home after the fruitless search for their father, two mysterious humanoid figures with luminous eyes. Only young Andrea Aquilante tried to follow them, but they disappeared.
Next mornig (Dec. 11, 1954), 48 hours after his disappearance, Giovanni returned home, silent and shocked. During the last 48 hours it had rained in the area, but his clothes were quite dry.
Later Giovanni Aquilante explained that he met two little "dwarfs" in the fields, wearing multi-colored suits. They held his hands, and he began to float into the air with them, starting a "trip" to "unknown places". After two days, they released him, but told him they were going to take him again in the future. Since then Giovanni was no longer the same, and lived in the constant fear of his abductors.
He was higly esteemed by his neighbors before the incident, and CUN field investigator Umbeto Telarico had a very positive opinion about the whole story when he re-visited the case.
It seems this is Italy's first abduction, and the second in the world after 1947. Although it was unsuccessful, the first one was the experience of Ghaseme Fili (Gasim Faili) of Amireah Street, in Teheran, Iran, occurred at 2:30 a.m. of October 8, 1954.
This man was on the second floor of his house when he saw a luminous, white flying object stop in mid-air 20 m. away. Lights were shining from the rear and the sides of the craft, inside could be seen a small man dressed in black, wearing a mask with a trunk like an elephant.
"I was standing with both hands on the bar of my balcony, looking with astonishment at this strange object, when I suddendly felt as though I were being drawn up toward the object by a magnet", he said. Mr. Fili cried out in terror waking his neighbors.
The object shot straight up, emitting sparks, and it was lost to sight almost immediately. As a consequence, Giovanni Aquilante's experience may be considered, afterall, the first reported abduction, and it sounds very similar to the Hickson-Parker abduction case in Pascagoula (USA, 1973).
- Roberto Pinotti -

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