Daylight UFOs Over Central London
(Caught On Video)
In April this year London resident Christopher Martin filmed four seperate UFO incidents in the space of 90 minutes. the UFOs are of the 'sphere' type reported and recorded so often in Mexico. This is not the first time Chris has captured UFOs in daylight over London, he recorde a strange sphere last summer.
Aircraft are visible in the same airspace as these strange objects and the third of the four events is really quite unusual. We see two spheres or one dumbell shaped UFO rolling around itself, this object was visible for some 15 minutes.
For the record, the airspace over London is some of the most active in the world, Heathrow, London city and Gatwick airports approach and landing criss cross the city every 30 seconds or so.
Chris is so sure that these objects are in someway interacting with him he has self published his accounts in a book entitles 'Intruders in the Night' Nick Pope ex British MoD UFO desk officer was so impressed with Christophers account he wrote the foreword to the book.A review can be found in our websites superstore.
The video is available as a 56kps stream from our website and is featured on our in house video magazine UFOs hard Evidence Vol 5. In surfers want to get hold of the video details are included on the website.
Hope you can find a little space.
Russel Callaghan.
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