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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #5 2-5-01

ANDERSON -- On January 4, 2001, the witness observed a white large object without wings moving very slowly toward the northwest or about 340 degrees. The object was white, not a light, nor silver, nor reflecting sunlight. It stopped in it's slow movement for about ten seconds or more when it was about ten degrees off my 12 O'clock position. The sky was clear with only some cirrus clouds in the West. I watched the object then went for my wife to verify what I was seeing. She came out and watched it for a few minutes. I went back inside for my binoculars but had misplaced them, this taking about five minutes. When I went back outside the object was still in view and moving very slowly. Eventually it went behind the view to the cirrus clouds. As a pilot I am familiar with judging altitude, etc., and this was above 30,000 feet. As mentioned before, it was white in color not reflecting the sun. The object was over an inch as measured with my hand in front of my eyes. This was very unusual to me as it was moving toward the jet stream for today. I did not say to my wife what I thought it was, nor color, etc., but I did ask her to explain what she saw. She said the same thing I was thinking, color, shape etc. The shape as we could make it out was long with no wings. It certainly was NOT a weather balloon. It was in our view at least twelve to twenty minutes from the 11 o'clock position that I first observed it until it was about 3 o'clock in the NW sky. My location is: Lat. 34 32 20N Long. 82 43 35W Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC <A HREF=""NUFORC</A
MUFONGA State Director Tom Sheets says, I feel that some further discussion is in order regarding the non-extraterrestrial theory(s) and the UFO phenomena. I mentioned that my personal views now lean more toward the non-ET theory of UFOs and the several probably related areas, abduction, entities, et al. I pursued an intense study of the phenom due to a personal experience. During my career as police chief, I continued this and was fortunate enough to find a few peers doing the same. Eventually my becoming sort of a 'clearing house' in the South Atlanta Metro area led to various citizens bringing their experiences to me for cursory investigation, or perhaps it just allowed them to vent to someone in authority who would listen and understand. While most of the UFO literature available to me was pretty set on the theory that UFOs were interplanetary craft, upon reading Vallee and Dr. Jung, a big question mark was thrown into the other sources I was studying. Retirement gave me the opportunity to join MUFON with the proper time to devote to this endeavor. As I became embroiled in all of that from 1996 onward, these questions continued to pop up, constantly screaming that the UFO phenom WAS NOT WHAT IT SEEMED. I met the then MUFON State Director and founding ISUR Board member John Thompson in 1996, and was indeed fortunate that he became my mentor. Discussions with John further deepened the mystery. John always said that he just followed where the UFO evidence took him. John Thompson was right! THE PHENOMENA WAS DEFINITELY NOT WHAT IT SEEMED TO BE! It's almost like some of the 'other' well known big name UFO investigators and researchers have brainwashed (exploited?) the public into the ET hypothesis above all others, thereby more or less closing the minds of smart and clever folks like you that otherwise could help find the solution we've been seeking.
Last week John Thompson reviewed the book 'Grand Illusions' written by Dr. Gregory Little in Filer's Files #3 . Please go to George Filer's website ( <A HREF=""</A ) and read Dr. Little's theory on the origin of UFOs and related events that closely parallel my own, and those of John Thompson. Having read Vallee and Jung through the 70's and 80's, and Keel in the 90's, then Dr. Little in the past few months, plus my own findings from case investigation, I've been led to lean further away from the theories of an extraterrestrial origin for UFOs. Yes, UFOs are a reality, yes some abductions experiencers are reporting truthfully, yes some entity manifestations are for real. I'm just leaning further and further away from the theories that scream that they're ALL ET in origin. In fact, if they were ALL just ET paying good old earth a visit, it would be much simpler for us to comprehend (and ascertain same). The phenom as we know it is so bizarre, so variable, so outright weird, only an explanation like that proposed by Dr. Little, et al really makes sense in my opinion. I'm not totally discarding the possibility of extraterrestrial life and visitation -- only a fool would do so -- because those boogers are definitely out there. I just don't feel they are behind ALL of this high strangeness Ufologists have been encountering for some 50+ years. Read the 'Mothman Prophecies' by John Keel (Arcturus can send it, 561-398-0796). 'Grand Illusions' is available from Book Clearing House at 1-800-356-9315 Also go to the ISUR (International Society for UFO Research) website and read John Thompson's articles 'Abductions: The Truth', and 'The Enigmatic Troup-Heard Corridor'. There are also excellent articles there by C. Leigh Culver, the Georgia UFO community's abduction specialist. The case database also contains complete field investigator's reports for MANY Georgia cases by Thompson, and the other ISUR Board Members and investigators. (Most of these were joint MUFON/ISUR cases, as a lot of us carry credentials from both organizations). <A HREF=""ISUR</A .
ROCKFORD -- WREX Channel 13 Television and other news media reported that they had received some 600 reports of UFOs over this city in Northern Illinois around 9:00 PM on January 11, 2001. As many as twelve lights or UFOs were reported conducting maneuvers over the city. Some reports of computer and electrical shutdowns coincided with the reports. Later that night on all three of the news stations in Rockford reported the sightings. Some people reported seeing six lights while others reported seeing a dozen yellow orange lights hovering in the sky. The light sightings were made from 8:50 to 9:00 PM. Sightings have been fairly regular in recent months over the city.
KANSAS CITY -- Richard Buchli D.V.M., Ph.D., "We started with a clear sky this morning. Midmorning I counted 8 planes laying down tracks east to west. As these tracks expanded to a mile or more in width, they joined. I quit watching shortly after noon. Now at 4:00 PM we are so completely overcast that I can look directly at the sun and see a spot of light. At the same time as the chemtrails were being laid down, I spotted several normal CONTRAILS which evaporated a short distance behind the planes. The normal contrails were at approximately the same height as the Chemtrails. If any of my photos come out, I will share some of them with you. Thanks to DORI PRESENTATIONS, LTD. Richard Buchli D.V.M. Ph.D.
HOUSTON -- Cliff Rowe reports that on January 5, 2001, I was driving my car at 5:40 PM to pick up my granddaughter at the library as the sun was just setting below the horizon. The sky was still blue with a high cloud or two reflecting orange color on the clouds. I observed a bright (cloud like) oblong unidentified object moving from east to west. At first I thought it was a meteorite with a tail on it moving through the atmosphere. I pulled my car into a parking lot to watch it for about ten minutes or so. The object was moving about the speed of an airplane at 30,000 feet altitude. As I watched it, there were airplanes moving around with landing lights on and I compared the object to the airplanes. The airplanes looked dark even with their landing lights on against the blue sky. I saw no wings on the object. The object was about the size of my small fingernail at arm's length. I could also describe it as a moving small bright white cloud. The object was flying much higher than the airplanes and was totally covered with a bright white light, nothing like the airplanes I observed. The object moved completely across the sky in about 7 or 8 minutes, from over Baytown to Houston, and then seemed to slow down or stop and then start moving again. The object flying as high as it was seemed twice as large compared to the airplanes flying at a lower altitude. It also seemed to me that the sun might have been reflecting on the object because the object maintained it's brightness with a slight orange color the entire time I observed it. The object did not leave any vapor trail like a high flying plane might do. The object flew into a small orange cloud and emerged a minute later and then seemed to change direction to the south. ' I live 30 miles east of Houston and this object would have been over Houston the last time I observed it. The object stood out because of it's brightness. I do not believe it was an airplane after comparing the planes to it. It looked entirely different from the planes. Thanks to Cliff Rowe
KINGSVILLE - I experienced something very very strange sometime before 4:00 AM on December 31, 2000. Frankly, I have the feeling I was visited. For the past five years, I have dreamed that my two story house is tilting and crashing into the street. This morning, I awoke and suddenly heard a low frequency buzz or vibration. I'm not sure what it was, but I sensed my house was tilting again to the west. I tried to brace myself because I though I was in another earthquake like when I lived in Japan. I expected to hear furniture hitting the west wall. I mean the angle was about 45 degrees now. But, I neither heard furniture slamming into anything and to my amazement, my ceiling fan was turning as normal and not at an angle. That clued me into something weird. While I was trying to brace myself, I realized I was fully immobilized, could not move any limb or my head. The only thing that would move were my eyes and they were open. At this time, I looked to my right toward my skylight and saw a beam of blue light that I sensed was searching and it found me. To my left (west side) I also saw light coming from the window. I realized something was not right, I could not move. I now felt semi unconscious yet fully awake and I was being examined in bed. I looked around and could only make out a small dark figure to my left, above my head and to my right. To my astonishment, directly in front of me about ten feet away, I saw what appeared to be a holographic figure, or perhaps that was the beam of light that found me. I asked these things what they wanted, but got no response and sensed they were intent on examining me. I definitely experienced fear! But there was nothing I could do. Then suddenly it stopped, and they left at least it felt that way, and I look quickly at the clock and it was 0402 hours. The blue light then gradually went away (maybe 30 seconds after the events stopped) from both my sky light and window. I have been awake since.
SANTIAGO DE CHILE AND ROMERAL -- Cristian Riffo reports film and photo evidence is coming in on various UFO sightings that will be analyzed by researchers. With a record number of visitors and the presence of UFOs in the skies, the Second UFO Alert (Segunda Alerta Ovni) organized by OVNIVISION CHILE ended after 26,000 people contacted the site equipped to follow the event's transmission live on the Internet. ( ) The broadcast started at 21:00 hours from the studios of Radio Romance in Santiago and was heard worldwide through Radio Ovni, the first Chilean means of communication which transmits 24 hour programming related to UFO phenomena. Due to the considerable amount of people on-line past midnight, the time set to bring the UFO Skywatch to an end was extended to continue the broadcast until four o'clock in the morning .
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