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There have been thousands of sightings in Saskatchewan. Mostly in remote areas, farm land and Indian reservations. But some sightings have occurred in the cities of Saskatoon and Regina. Sightings are listed in chronological order. If you find a typo, have a comments, or there is something you would like me to change please e-mail me at: or write to me at the address at the end of this page. Or one can leave a comment on the guestbook or <link view the guestbook. Now when I started this page I didn't know that there was a remailer called unidentified at <link So that is a neat way to contact me, if you don't want me to know who you are.
There is a lot more material out there, but my chances of finding it are very remote indeed... (sigh). In developing these web pages two things happened. In looking for ufo reports, I came across a lot of stories about strange lights. Which because the term UFO didn't exist until 1945, were put under the 'ghost' label. There are at least three cases were people who encountered strange events in Saskatchewan, and died stortly thereafter. (I didn't want to find that out out). Two are reported in the pages that follow. And the other I have not been able to find the newspaper reports for. But it was an abduction that occurred on a Saskatchewan highway. The abuction occurred quickly, in that his truck was left running, door open, one boot was left on the floor. And about two weeks later?, the man was dead - in a freak accident. And all hope of recovering his memory about the abduction was gone.
May, 1885. There was a vision in the sky of the church at Frog Lake and "... a rider on a white horse approaching the church, dismounted, then stretched out his hand in a benediction" p. 44 (E.M. at Battleford, Sask) in the book, Psychic phenomena in Canada by Winifred G. Barton [1974?] Psi-science series ; no 4. And also mentioned in the book, Dark Visions : personal accounts of the mysterious in Canada by John Robert Colombo copyright 1992 isbn 0888821425 "Frog Lake Vision" by Theresa Gowanlock pages 39 to 42. This book mentions Francis Dickie's article in the Western Producer "Saving sign from the sky" 24 Jan. 1963 (no page # is given).
This event in the sky was one month after the Frog Lake Massacre of April 2, 1885
Battleford, Saskatchewan. Professor Bradley saw: "a mighty silver disk, darting up and down and which way, shedding little silver disks and some red" ...from the National Archives of Canada Records RG 97, Vol. 193 (the letter is dated 1954) quoted from the book, The UFO files: the Canadian Connection Exposed by Palmiro Campaga. Stoddart Toronto, 1997. ISBN 077373015x at page 4.
The book also says that Professor Bradley "was building toy models of disk-shaped objects in the 1890s as a child" also at page 4. Occupants of the craft are mentioned, and they fit under the description of humanoids.
"...Dan McKenzie of Arcola, who recites a strange occurrence in 1892 when a similar light [similar to the Tabor light described in the year 1938] appeared at his homestead, located nine miles south of Whitewood, near Sunnymead post office.
Over his signature Mr. McKenzie writes his story and names witnesses who are still living [This was printed December 1, 1938]. The story follows: "In 1892 my friend, Bob McCaw, was lying on the grass in front of my homestead house near old Sunnymead post office on a dark might and I was with him. We saw a light coming from my uncle's house one mile east from where we were. This bright light came to within 100 yards where we were and stopped. We thought it was Sim McLean coming to see us, so we went to meet him. The light started to travel east, towards my uncle's house. Bob and I got to the fence between my uncle's place and my homestead and there thought we had followed the light far enough, so we started south towards Bob's father's house. The light started ahead of us and we followed it again, first west then east, and it stayed ahead of us all the time until we got to W. McCaw's house. We had followed this light some miles and we went into Mr. McCaw's house, glad to get away from the strange thing. Shortly Mr. McCaw went outside the house and I followed him and told him about the light. We looked north of the house and the light was perched on the log stable 100 yards away from us. We went back into the house somewhat disturbed about it.
Child Died
"A few minutes later Lizzie McCaw, Bob's sister came into the kitchen and told us someone must go for Dr. Bird at Whitewood, as Sarah, a little sister, 10 years old, was very sick. She had been sick for about eight weeks. Bob McCaw hitched his black horse to Mr. McCaw's buckboard and drove nine miles to Whitewood, where he got Dr. Bird.
"When they reached the stable on the McCaw homestead the light was still atop the building. Sarah died that night"
That strange light has never been seen since in the district that I have heard of. There are a few of us old-timers left now of that band of pioneers. Those who are left and know of this strange appearance of the light are Sim Farrel, of Kipling; Charlie Serey; of Whitewood; Sim McLean and Dr. Bird, of Winnipeg, and Sam McCaw, of the Pipestone, who recollected of the 'Bob and Dan' light. This is a true story, we were young in those day, 1892, but we are old now. We have not, however, forgotten the incident of the light appearing and the death of little Sarah on that damp, dark night"
Quoted from page 14 of the Leader Post Regina, Saskatchewan 1 December 1938
Jo-Anne Christensen also mentions this case in her book, Ghost stories of Saskatchewan at page 134. (ISBN for this book is 0888821778). See, 1996 for a ufo over a farm house occuring at the time of death.
Near Cudworth, Saskatchewan in 1909. "According to folk lore, in 1909 a light appeared frequently on the hill to three children who were tending cattle and later was seen by others investigating the children's claims."
Source: "Marian shrines popular in Sask." Newsletter of the Diocese of Saskatoon Spring 1999 at page 13.
Now the only frame of reference available at that time was a vision of St. Mary. In the book Encountering Mary Many children have reported a high frequency buzzing - like that of angry bees. No mention is made of that in this case. "One of the youngsters said he saw a barefoot woman in bridal clothes five times".
The local history book, Walk of ages : Cudworth & district : Bremen, Leofeld, Leofnard, Old St. Benedict (ISBN=0889255504, and written in 1986) had the following:
"Legend has it that between 1908 and 1910 a wandering light kept appearing on this high hill. The people began to come to the hill to pray. According to some surviving pioneers of this community, it was on a Sunday in summer that three children aged six and less saw a beautiful but sad lady carrying a chain and dragging a gold cross across the grass on top of the hill. One of the young children ran up to the beautiful lady and tried to pick up the dragging cross, but she, the chain and the cross disappeared. Nobody else saw the woman except the little boy and the two girls. Within two weeks the boy caught sick and died, while the girls grew up, married and moved away."
Page 24. My emphasis. [It would be interesting to run a geiger counter over this site]
1924 September 13 Morning Leader does a report on the town of Ituna's ghost. Please see <g.html for details.
10 December 1932 Beechy, (S.W. of Saskatoon). Professor Gladstone was giving a speech. When he departed from the text and "...told the astonished audience that the farmer Scotty McLauchlin, who had been missing from the small community for four years, had been brutally murdered. Pointing to a person in the audience whom he had never met, the mentalist [Gladstone] added that together they would find the body. The person turned out to be an off-duty RCMP officer, Constable Carey."
The RCMP opened the case up again. Carey was introduced to the farmers of the community. They did solve the murder. The corpse was found in a barn. They also identified the murderer, and he was tried and convicted.
Quoted from Mysterous Canada : strange sights, extra ordinary events, and pecular places by John Robert Colombo (Doubleday Canada Ltd., Toronto 1988) ISBN 0385251505 at p. 299. Columbo is using the source: "Murder on his mind" from the book, Strange People by Frank Edwards (1961).
Saskatchewan, 1933: ufo stops for repairs. Department of Transportation looked after ufo cases in those day. This is one of the most interesting cases in Saskatchewan, because the witnesses saw a ship, humanoids doing something around the craft, and there was physical evidence from the siting which they took pictures of with their cameras. This site used to be on:
It is now in the CD-Rom that they sell at: <
(I have received the CD-Rom but have not yet had time to look at it. Canadian Customs charged me $9.20 to receive this.)
This site report was also on the site listed below: SUBJECT: UFO SIGHTINGS IN SASKATCHEWAN IN 1930's FILE: UFO906
By John Brent Musgrave (FSR Vol 22 # 6 1976)
Even as late as the mid 1930's, much of the prairie provinces of Canada was still on the frontier of immigrant settlement. Particularly in the northern areas homesteaders were just beginning to open up the land to commerce and agriculture, and such Luxuries as telephones, paved roads and electricity were things of the future. The town of Nipawin, Saskatchewan, is situated in the northwest corner of the province and in the 30's was on the edge of this settlement. During the summer of 1933 stories drifted into Nipawin that some homesteaders. as well as a forest tower ranger, bad been observing strange lights in the sky and near the ground. Whatever it was, they had been seeing it for the better part of a week. The land to the northwest of Nipawin, near the Tobin Lake area, is made up of rolling hills and low lying marsh. Parts of it bad begun to be farmed just a few years earlier, and it was without improvement Because of the local marsh, most of the towns- folk who beard about the strange lights explained them away as swamp gas - a convenient scapegoat that still gets used today.
Fortunately, not everyone in Nipawin was con- vinced that the stories were based on nothing more than ""hot air,,: and shortly after midnight that summer night two men and a woman (names known to the author) jumped into a small pick-up truck and drove to the area where the lights were reported to have been seen. They were not disappointed as the glow on the horizon gradually grew brighter as they drove on. After driving as close as the rough trail would allow them, they got out and hiked through the woods in the direction of the glow. They were blocked a quarter of a mile or less from reaching the source of the glow by a strip of muskeg that was too boggy to risk on to in the middle of the night. But it was close enough. From their vantage point they were able to make out that the light came from a large oval shaped object that was domed at the top and slightly rounded on the bottom. It was supported by legs and from a central door- way, or hatch, about a dozen figures could be seen going up and down a ladder-like stairway. The Occupants appeared to be slightly shorter than the average man, and were all dressed in what appeared to be silver colored suits or uniforms. All appeared to be wearing helmets or ski caps, and all were busy running around ""repairing,, the craft.
All about was a strange sort of quiet, even though the occupants were busy scurrying about. Not a sound could be heard. The three witnesses stared in silent amazement at what was going on, no one even thought to speak out. The bright orange glow that emanated from the craft lit up the surroundings area, and the three of them bad no difficulty spying on the activities. The light from the craft was not only bright, but bad an ""unearthly,, quality never seen by any of them before and added to the mystery of the scene. After about a half hour the three of them returned to the truck and started back to town hoping to find a way around the muskeg to get a closer look at the strange machine parked in the middle of a marsh miles away from the nearest farm- house or forest tower. But when they finally did come across a cut-off trail that might take them closer they realized that they didn't have enough gasoline to take them in and out. So they had to return home that night.
It was not until a couple of nights later that they were able to make a return trip out. It was a clear night with almost a full moon, and they hoped to get an even better view. But this night the object was gone. No trace of the glowing craft could be seen from the vantage point of two nights previous, and they returned to the truck to await dawn. They then walked back in across the muskeg to see if any evidence of what they had seen was Left. And there was. six large square imprints that must have been the bases of the legs that supported the craft proved that there indeed had been something there that night. Each imprint was the same size - 2 to 2 1/2 feet square, and approximately S to 10 feet apart. The imprints were 2 to 3 inches deep, and reminded the three of them of a kind of mark that would be made by boiler plate stomped into the ground. They could also see markings where the base of the stair- way met ground. As if this wasn't remarkable enough, a great burn mark in the center of the area covered a circle approximately 12 feet in diameter. They looked for footprints but found none though there was some scuffling of the vegetation surrounding the spot where the craft had been.
They came better prepared this time. One of the witnesses had brought along a small brownie box camera and took photographs of the burn marks and of the imprints. Later two of them wrote up an article about the whole affair and submitted it, along with copies of the photos, to a number of magazines and newspapers in Canada. But no publication was interested, and those publishers that replied wondered what kind of party they had been to those nights. Like many other UFO witnesses the three of selves. In the course of the 40 plus years since the incident, the original photographs have been lost by the witness who took them, and who bad learned the hard way that they were apparently of no interest to anyone else. Perhaps copies of them are still in existence stored in an attic or sandwiched between vacation shots in some photo album. If they are ever uncovered they may prove to be the earliest photographs of a physical trace case where there were witnesses, and which even had occupants to boot.
September, 1938. Capt. David Imrie, Trans-Canada Airline pilot who died in a plane crash near Regina recently, reported seeing what appeared to be navigation lights of a night-riding ghost plane as he flew the night mail between Regina and Moose Jaw.
The strange lights were reported several times, but no concrete evidence of a mystery plane was ever produced. There was never any radio contact with the plane, if it was a plane, and no official reasons for the lights has yet been advanced." [One must remember that this was a number of years before the term Unidentified flying object was introduced.] - from page one of the Leader Post November 30, 1938. Jo-Anne Christensen also mentions this event in her book, Ghost stories of Saskatchewan. She sees this light and Dan McKenzie's light as "serve some premonitory purpose", which I disagree with.
1938 November 30 "Scoffing unbeliever sees fire in sky" Leader Post at page one. This is the same paper that mentions a mystery plane, or strange light seen in Regina. Pilot reported "what appeared to be navigation lights of a night-riding ghost plane" see for more details. There is so much material on the Tabor lights that I had to put it on the above page. Once I look at all the material this page is going to be big.
1938 December 1 "Tabor fire ball light seen again" Leader Post at page one
1938 December 3 Regina Leader Post Editorial on "The Tabor Light" i.e. a light that keeps showing up in the Esterhazy cemetery.
1938 December 5 <tabor.htmlGhost light moves Regina Leader Post at p. 1 See: < ml
1938 December 6 "Man plans to capture Tabor light" Leader Post at page one.
1938 December 8 "Regina traveller sees errie light" Leader Post at page one.
1938 December 14 "Tabor light appears four times at night" Regina Leader Post Front Page. There is more about this at: <tabor.html The physical article is at: <tabor.JPG December 29, 1938 "Farmer sees strange light" Regina Leader Post at p. 2
Mossbank Farmer Sees Strange Light at Night (Special Dispatch)
Mossbank, Dec. 29 - Peter Mowchenko, farmer living near the Lake of the Rivers, southeast of Mossbank, saw a pecular light as he was going to the barn to do his chores. About 100 feet from the barn, which is 80 feet long and 36 feet wide, 300 yard to the south of him travelling north towards him, following the road. He was able to estimate the width [as in a light beam] because a stublle field is 150 feet east of the road and the soft yellow light illuminated both stuble and the grass west of the road. It was so bright he could see distinctly the rows of stubble and the grass.
Soon Faded Away
The light came on towards him appearing to take on a bluish tinge. While bright enough to make objects stand out distinctly even more so than a field glass does, yet it was not dazzling to the eyes. In a minute or so it faded away... [The article continues on the front page. Other farmers in the same area saw the light, some thinking that a car had come onto the land. One must also remember that the word ufo had not been invented yet.]
Again, this is quoted from the web site FLYING SAUCER, SWIFT CURRENT SASKATCHEWAN, 08/31/49: 288 09/28/49 Wing Commander Timmerman for Air Officer Command, NWAC To: Chief Air Staff, Air Force Headquarters, Ottawa Re: UFO Sighting near Swift Current, Saskatchewan 289 09/27/49 Major Douthwaite, G-2 Int Western Command To: Department National Defence, Western Command, Edmonton Re: Flying Saucer, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, 08/31/49 290 08/31/49 Extract from "Swift Current Sun" 08/31/49
Now, I requested the microfilm spool of the Swift Current Sun for 31 August 1949, from the < Archives Board, but try as I might, I could not find the article - and the page number is not given.
December 2 start of project MAGNET in Ottawa. (see page 133+ of Geheimsache U.F.O. : Die wahre Geschichte der unbekannten Flugobeckte by Michael Hesemann. ISBN 3 923 781 830. Now published in English under the title: UFOs the secret history.
There is also a Wilbert Brockhouse Smith web page at: William Brockhouse Smith was a pioneer of UFO research in Canada, and an employee of the Department of Transport. The policies worked out here, probably had a direct effect on Saskatchewan.
20 August 1952. Quoting from the web page The title of Joe Daniels page is Real Canadian X-files RG24 V17988 HQC-940-105
UFO, ISLAND FALLS, SASKATCHEWAN, 08/20/52: C053 08/20/52 Project Second Storey, Sighting Report Island Falls, Saskatchewan, August 20, 1952 Several witness blue UFO C054 08/20/52 (Page Two of the Above) C055 08/20/52 (Page Three of the Above) C056 08/20/52 (Page Four of the Above)
According to the < news index there is supost to be an article in the Regina Leader Post re: "Some sky discs not explained" April 30, 1952. But it was not were it was suppost to be on the microfilm spool. This is not the first case that I have encounter that has been wrongly indexed.
15 October 1952 In the Saskatoon Star Phoenix at page 27 there is an article about the "Mysterious Yarbo Light". This light was near the city of Esterhazy, and some have discribed this light like an arc light. See: for more details on this intense bright moving light. It was seen from 1916 to 1951, and perhaps much earlier.
23 October 1952 sighting in Govan, Saskatchewan according to the sight < html
UFO, GOVAN, SASKATCHEWAN, 10/23/52: 229 11/13/52 Wing Commander Kusiar for Chief Air Staff To: Govan, Saskatchewan
Re: Acknowledge Receipt Letter of November 4, 1952 230 11/04/52 Govan, Saskatchewan
To: Department of National Defence, Ottawa Re: UFO sighted on October 23, 1952 231 11/04/52 (Envelope for the Above)
1952 December 31 from the book, The UFO files: the Canadian connection exposed we get a year end ufo report at provincial capital: " 3:00 a.m., a sighting came in from Regina, Saskatchewan, of a luminous, circular object traveling down towards the horizon." (at page 82).
This object was observed by a meteorological officer and an air traffic controller once. And then again twenty minutes later. The second sighting "...seemed to fluctuate, appearing larger as it got brighter". (again at page 82).
In the next pargraph of The UFO files the author quotes from a Dept. of Transport letter (RG 97, Vol 115, File 5010-4) dated January 21, 1953 that "unknown objects are landing and taking off and that the activities seem to be concentrated in the Regina - Moose Jaw general area" (at page 82). Now, a topographical map will show that there is a major valley in this area called the Qu'Appelle valley. This valley could easily hide a very large ufo. This valley was active in ufo activity as mentioned in the book UFOs over the America's see the 1967 report below
23 April "Become a "flying saucer" watcher. Moose Jaw Times-Herald at page 4 in the editorial pages. The source for this information was < News Index but when I ordered the microfilm spool from Saskatchewan Archives Board I found that the article was not there. (I did this on 6 April 1999). My experience has been that the < News Index is an unreliable index. (I believe this article exists - but is lost).
US Air Force learns "... that Canada had set up a top secret project, after Royal Canadian Air Force pilots had failed to bring down a UFO. Hoping to lure aliens into landing, the Defence Research Board established a restricted land field near its experimental station at Suffield, Alberta."
Aliens from space... : the real story of Unidentified Flying Objects by Major Donald Keyhoe (USMC Ret.). New American Libray, 1973 at page 42 and 43.
I've included this here, even though it deals with Alberta, because, in pursuit of these unidentifieds, I'm sure that the RCAF went over Saskatchewan air space. Keyhoe goes on to say that this experiment failed. But continued on for several years.
1954 December 3 Regina Leader Post <2.html"Saucer project shelved. Howe reveals $100,000,000 craft worthless" at page 29.
June 2, 1955. Western Producer Newspaper reports on <1.htmlFlying saucer Station Closed... see <1.html
July. Indian Head, Saskatchewan. The following letter was published in the Sept. - Oct. 1969 issue of the Canadian UFO report and at page 97 and 98 of John Robert Columbo's UFOs over Canada : personal accounts of sightings and close encounters.. ISBN 08888201387 which was published in 1991 by Hounslow Press, (A division of Anthony R. Hawke Limited, 124 Parkview Avenue, Willowdale, ON M2N 3Y5) I am guessing the year of this letter is 1969. The author is Mrs. L.E. Kirchner
"One morning about 2:45 a.m. several years ago this July, I woke up with a very odd feeling of something unusual, and my arms were all "goose pimples." I saw an extremely bright light shining on the east side of the bedroom window casing so I got up and looked. There was a very bright, blue-white light approaching from the south-west into a neighbour's pasture field about 1 1/2 miles south of the farm here. This was approaching in a series of "hops." It came part way into his field and then came to rest on the ground and the light immediately turned to a dull orange. Whatever it was stayed there for some time - 10 or 15 minutes - then the light switched to the bright blue-white and it took off again, back in the same direction it came from, and in the same manner. I could not judge the height of these hops, but they were high enough that it cleared some bluffs and the fence around the pasture. The light itself seemed to quiver or shimmer like the waves or lines that go so quickly towards the sum quite close to the ground on a sunny day in the wintertime, when the sun is at a certain angle, or even any time it is shining on some days."
There was another similiar sighting in October of the same year. Except that this time the "approach was from the south-east". But it was the same time of night 2:45 a.m. "...I awoke with the same odd feeling to see this same kind of light shining on the west side of the window casing. When this light was coming across a field south-east of the house here, it didn't appear to be too far off of the ground, but there is a grove of trees here and it rose sufficiently to come over them. When I felt sure it must crash into our house it suddenly stopped on the ground and the light turned orange again and down below the same colur light seemed to be coming from holes in the object. It only paused briefly before the light turned bright and it went right over hte house and headed north-west again... - again at page 98
The following is quoted from Passport to Magonia : on UFOs, folklore, and parallel worlds. by Jacques Vallee. 1993 edition (Originally published in 1969). ISBN 0 8092 3796 2. Contemporary Books, Chicago. at page 294
581 Sept. 19, 1963 Saskatoon (Canada). Four children saw a bright oval 2000 object hover in a field and drop something. Approach- ing the site, they were confronted with a 3 m tall man, dressed in "a white monklike suit," who held out his hands and made unintelligible sounds. The children fled in panic, and one girl was admitted to the hos- hospital in shock. (Personal).
In Diefenbaker Archives located in Saskatoon (located in the building that I work in) has the papers of the 13th Prime Minister of Canada : John Diefenbaker. Under the search term "UFO" the following entry came up: 1: (RSN: 00000567) Call No.: MG 01/VII/A/2265 Diefenbaker Centre Row 5, vol. 244 Collection:Prime Minister's Office/ Leader of the Opposition Office Title: "UFO Contact" 1966 [textual records] Phys Desc: 1 folder Pages: pp. 155913-155930 Series Description: RSN 00000254
This is a magazine entitled, ufo contact igap journal october 1966 (international get acquanted program). Published from < Information Service, Bavnevolden 27, Maaloev SJ, Denmark. Adamski lauched IGAP in 1959. And while there were reports of sightings in Denmark (Jyllands Posten Monday May 2nd 1966 and B.T. Copenhagen Newspaper Tuesday May 24, 1966 - "Airlines top man believes in flying saucers"). There was also a couple of Canadian reports, Ottawa and Toronto. But nothing for Saskatchewan. This magazine was kept among Diefenbaker's international papers.
October 24th, 1967. This sighting was reported in the book, UFOs over the Americas by Jim & Coral Lorenzen. Signet Books : Toronto, Ontario, 1968 at pages 174, 175 and 176.
"In late October, APRO [Aerial Phenomena Research Organization] headquarters received a telegram from Regina, Saskatchewan, informing us of low-level UFO activity in the area, and investigator D. Coulthard promised us a report in short order. On the 4th of November, a fat envelope enclosed testimony, maps, and a narrative gave the following story...
On the night of October 24th at 9:00 P.M., four teen-agers, ranging in age from sixteen to eighteen, were driving on a country road two miles southeast of Lumsden, Saskatchewan. When the boy who was driving called the attention of the others to an object hovering northeast of them, and said it was a "flying saucer," the youngsters took it as a joke, thinking that the big bright object was the moon. It shortly became evident, however, that the object was not the moon but a glowing object hovering over the flat prairie.
Badly frightened at the realization that they were looking at something weird, the quartet accelerated the auto northward towards the town of Lumsden; at the same time the object moved eastward at a leisurely pace and disappeared into a wide wooded ravine about a mile east of their point of observation.
The four teenagers immediately went to the Lumsden office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where Corporal Parsons interviewed them. One of the girls was incoherent and the other hysterical, and both boys were badly shaken by their experience. They said that the object they had seen was forty feet wide and ten feet high, and lens-shaped - like "two saucers joined lip to lip." The color was described as brilliant red, with a darker red, with a darker red - or black - band across the center. No other lights or colors were observed. It appeared so large and unearthly that they immediately identified it was a UFO.
Corporal Parsons immediately dispatched Constable Ferguson by radio; at 9:45 P.M. the constable arrived at the area where the object had been observed. When he was three miles southeast of Lumsden, he noted a brillant red light to the southeast of him, approxiately halfway to the city of Regina. Along the widest part, the red light bore white lights that flashed off and on at about one second intervals. It was observed - from both inside and outside the police cruiser - at an altitude of about 1300 feet. After about three minutes it climbed into cloud cover at a 45-degree angle and went out of sight.
Back at RCMP Headquarters ... They described the size as comparable to an eighteen-inch object held at arm's length...
After completing their report, the four youngsters got back into the car and the girls were taken home. The two young men then headed back towards Regina on Highway 11. At a point half-mile east of Lumsden and about one mile north of the original sighting, where the aforementioned ravine empties into the Qu'Appelle Valley, the boys sighted another object.
About half of the way down the wooded southern Valley slope, about 300 yards south of the highway, two white lights were seen flashing alternatively off and on. Vision was partically obscured by leafless trees and bushes, so the boys stopped their car and backed it up to observe the lights more carefully. They appeared to be bright, round, white lights about forty feet apart. They were stationary and level with each other, blinking on and off in sequence. The change from on to off was simultaneous, and took place at regular, short intervals. Due to the overcast, no outline could be seen between or near the lights. There were no roads into that area, and no buildings or residences at this point...
The following characteristics of the terrain are noteworthy: a commercial rail line runs between the location of the observed white lights and the highway, continuing along the ravine where the object seen by the teen-agers was reported to have disappeared; ravines and valleys, deep enough to obscure an extremely large body, continue there for miles; Constable Ferguson's sighting was in the vacinity of a potash mine, a chemical plant, and a cement plant.
Other corroborative sightings on that October 24th night include a red object, first thought to be the moon, seen at Holdfast, at 9:30 P.M., over sixty-mile-long Last Mountain Lake, which is ten miles south of the location of the sighting by the four teen-agers.
[Reader advised me, that both Holdfast and Last Mountain Lake are located Northeast of Lumsden]
According to the book, UFO: the whole story by Coral and Jim Lorenzen (New American Library : New York, 1969) "Canada experienced considerable UFO activity during the first three months of 1968..." at page 290. But, unless I missed it, there are no cases mentioned from Saskatchewan in this book.
Christmas holidays, Kindersley, Saskatchewan. School girl awakes to find: " unidentified man sitting calmly on the end of the bed and staringly fixedly at her. He was dressed in black and wore a black, brimmed hat." - page 188
She thought it was a ghost and went back to sleep. Later a male guest was in the same room and when awoken by the family's son. The guest reported seeing "a man about six feet in height standing beside the boy inside the doorway" at that time he did think it was a ghost.
Same room same year. Another nightly visit by a being. This time seen by a woman.
No hat, grey haired man who moved "silently from the side of the bed to its foot. And, after just standing there for a moment or two, he [it] simply vanished." p. 189. The woman said that the being touched her.
Source: Some Canadian Ghosts by Sheila Hervey. Simon & Schuster of Canada Ltd. Markham, Ontario. c. 1973 ISBN 0671786296.
There is a great deal of similiarity between the ufo bedroom visitation occurance and this occurance. < < II 1970 to 1989
Rick Fowler Box 347 RPO Univ. of Sask. Saskatoon SK S7N 4J8 Canada Any problems or comments on this page can be sent to: <


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