Another UFO Sighted In Calama, Chile
From Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

The community of Calama, Chile witnessed yet another UFO sighting. Last Thursday, after sunset, at around 19:35 hours and with clear skies, a strange luminous object was sighted around most of the south side of the city. The object moved in a northeast direction towards the local mountain region.
Jaime Ferrer, local UFO investigator was inside his home, when his 15-yeor-old son told him about the strange object near the local airport. Jaime ignored the young man,s claim thinking that he was joking. The teenager went ahead and took his dad,s digital camera. Immediately, he went back outside and managed to take at least 4 crystal-clear pictures of the object. Little Jaime Andres and his younger brother described the details of the sighting.
"We were playing ball outside, when suddenly, I saw a light with a weird shape. It was hard to describe it because it kept changing into different forms. It had a pale color and about every 10 seconds, it sent out a series of very bright flashes of red lights in two opposite directions at the same time". Said the teenager.
"It was not an airplane". He continued. "As the object moved towards the Loa airport, I thought it was just a plane. However, after I noticed that its speed was about twice as fast as the rest of the aircraft, I decided to go and get the camera. I was able to take 4 pictures of it. Later, I watched how it continued its path towards the mountain area. Finally, we lost sight of it after reaching the San Pedro and San Pablo volcanoes, which means that it was definitely no airplane".
"Previously, I have taken photos of airplanes during their midair flights, but the sensitivity of the camera at night is very low; as a result, the camera does not capture most of them. Nevertheless, this time, I was very surprised. It was amazing; the light changed into many shapes and forms. My 8 year-old brother told me that it looked like a Mickey Mouse with red ears as he was staring at it right next to me". Said little Jaime Andres
Jaime Ferrer R.
Director of Calama UFO Center Translated by Mario Andrade



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