Possible UFO Landing
Near Blind River, Ontario
From: Michel M. Deschamps <>
To: <>
Subject: Possible UFO Landing Near Blind River, Ontario
Date: 4-17-99
I received a call from my contact in Blind River and she reported the following incident:
On March 24, a woman from Algoma Mills (7 miles from Blind River) had a close encounter while driving towards Blind River, where she was going to pick up her daughter at the local Tim Horton's Donut Shop. The time was approximately 11:20 p.m.
When she got within a half-mile from Blind River, she saw an object lifting off from behind some trees at an RV trailer lot, near the shores of Lake Huron.
She described it as cigar-shaped and red and white in colour. The object was ìas long as one treeline to the otherî (wider than the highway).
When she saw it lift up above the treeline, she pulled right over so that she could get out and watch. But when the object started coming over the highway, she decided to stay in the car.
She sat there and watched as it came right over her car which, at that point, began to vibrate. That's when she hit the gas, she said, because 'she just wanted to get out of there.' At that moment, that's when it (the object) took off in a split second. It went right over the nearby hospital and was gone.
Two nights prior, on Monday, March 22, in the early hours of the morning, she said she woke up and heard a loud hum in her house. She went running to her daughter's room, woke her up, and both were in a panic-state. She said she kind of knew what it was, but didn't want to go outside and look. Then the hum went away.
On Thursday, April 15, two women from Ironbridge (12 miles west of Blind River) were going for a walk at about 10:00 p.m. when they reportedly saw a bright, bright light in the bush. They didn't want to stay any longer. They got scared because it was 'too...too bright for a normal light.' They just took off out of there.
One of them said she'll go back to investigate the area, but the other lady is too scared to go.
More detail forthcoming...hopefully soon.
P.S. Other happenings concerning a boy who sketched what he saw will be forthcoming. My contact is keeping notes, as I am, about all this stuff.