Ring Shaped UFO Creates Cloud
Disguise In Amazing 1967 Photos
From Rod McClure
Article From Flying Saucers - UFO Reports Magazine #4, 1967

Are the images seen below merely the result of an atomic bomb
simulation test with peculiar physical characteristics?
The National Captiol Area Skeptics say "Yes"

Read their Analysis of the Images Here


 Hi Jeff,

You have a great show. I've been listening to it via the net for years.
I'm 47 and have been interested in the strange since I first began to read. I thought you might be interested in this article from a magazine that I purchased back in 1967. It's about an incident that occurred over a military base in 1957. A series of 6 remarkable photos show a ring shaped UFO apparently in the process of disguising itself as a cloud.

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Sequential Images of UFO From Magazine Spread

High Resolution Pages/Magazine Article & Photos

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On a personal note, I can still recall the day I first saw this article back in 1967. It was very unusual and caught my attention right away because I'd never seen anything like it. Over the years I often thought back about it and wished that I still had the magazine because no one seemed to be familiar with the case. After my father passed away several years back, I inherited the house that I grew up in. I recently sold the house and while going through the attic earlier tonight, I found several boxes of old books and magazines that Dad had so thoughtfully preserved for me. This particular issue was in one of those boxes. I actually felt pretty excited about coming across it after all these years. I'm a digital image specialist and I'm still impressed with the photos. They could be faked with today's technology, but it would be very time consuming. Faking them in 1957, when the photos were originally taken, would be difficult to say the least!
I hope everyone enjoys them and the wonder they provoke as much as I have.....
Keep up the wonderful work and keep looking "Out There"!
Best regards,
Rod McClure


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