UFO Group Declares
DoD Search For 'Triangle'
Records A Sham
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In the ongoing Phoenix, Arizona federal lawsuit, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) vs. the Department of Defense (DoD), Judge Stephen M. McNamee had directed that the DoD provide CAUS with the details of its search for information about a football field-sized triangular aerial object that has been seen by thousands of witnesses for the past twenty years.
On March 17th, the DoD provided that information, submitting three affidavits detailing its search within the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), two of the three components searched within the DoD for the requested information.
Though the Department of Defense had previously stated that they conducted a computerized search of the Joint Chiefs of Staff using "unique identifiers and keywords," the affidavits submitted on Friday referred to the ordinary terms of "UFO, unidentified flying object, spacecraft, alien craft, and flying saucer" as well as some innocuous terms as "big, large, hover, soundless, corner and underneath."
"Not only was the DoD search inadequate and unreasonable, it was a sham. No wonder they conveniently omitted these terms in their original affidavits" declared Peter A. Gersten, attorney and Executive Director for Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, the UFO activist group known for its use of the Freedom of Information Act in its pursuit to end all secrecy surrounding these enigmatic craft. "This is proof that the DoD treated the CAUS request as a typical request for UFO information and did not take it seriously."
Even the e-mails sent to the 200 employees of DARPA, Gersten found lacking. "Though the e-mails did include the description of the craft, it did not include either the sketches nor the photo that were also included in the original CAUS request. Instead each employee was told that the photo and sketches were available 'if you need to see them'" stated Gersten. "It is very difficult for me to believe that not one past or present DARPA project even resembled the object described."
None of the responses from DARPA employees were included with the latest affidavits. There was also no mention of the procedure used to search the Defense & Space Operations Division, the third component searched.
Gersten told P3N that he intends to file a response to the new affidavits asking Judge McNamee to deny the Department of Defense's Motion for Summary Judgment. "It is obvious that there are several issues that still should be decided. To dismiss this lawsuit now, knowing that no reasonable search was ever done, would be an injustice and an insult to the spirit and intent of the Freedom of Information Act as well as all the people who are seeking the truth about these strange objects in our skies."
Gersten will also be asking for another court appearance to argue his latest objections.


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