Chilean Ufologists Request
Their Government Release
UFO Documents
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Source: Telecinco, Spain

Chilean ufologists have demanded that the state declassifies numerous secret documents containing information about UFO sightings. Most of the documents have been classified by the military. Chile, a country with 15 million inhabitants, is considered the fifth in the world with the most UFO sightings, following the US, Peru, Brazil and Russia.
"We know about air force pilots, army and customs officers (militarized police) who have had encounters with UFOs and whose testimonies were deliberately hidden ", stated Cristian Riffo, director of Ovnivisión Chile.
Within the framework of the exhibition " Animatronics UFOs and the Universe", that started on June 21st in the capitol city of Santiago, Riffo indicated that several testimonies were revealed to him "confidentially because they (the eyewitnesses) did not dare to talk about their alleged encounters publicly ".
Riffo continued by mentioning that the Chilean Government has taken this issue with very little seriousness because there are still several state institutions withholding information that has not yet been declassified.
As a result, Chilean ufologists will make a petition for President Lagos requesting that the government make these testimonies available in public libraries. Last February, a similar proposal was sent to President Lagos, but he has not yet replied.
Translation by Mario Andrade, R.D.C.
Dr. Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center Chupacabras


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