Large UFO Lands
Near Village In West Maylasia
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TANAH MERAH, KELANTAN: A large object emitting rays of light was reported to have landed on a piece of marshland here three days ago, holding some 1,000 people of Kampung Gobek in a state of high suspense.
The residents said yesterday they saw the shining object land at 3am.
"The lights from the object came in intervals, similar to lightning, but there was no sign of rain," Mohamad Mat Diah, 51, said.
"The light from the object was very bright and the rays bathed the inside of my house.
"I suspected something was happening outside and looked out and saw the object hovering over the marshland for several minutes," he added.
Mohamad said at daybreak he went over to the area some 100m from his house and saw a 'Y' shaped depression measuring 15m by 5m which could have been caused by the unidentified flying object (UFO).
Near the depression was another crescent shaped 3m deep hollow and three holes, one metre apart and each one metre in diameter, he said.
"I was accompanied to the area by two others who initially were afraid to come with me," he said.
Another resident Saupi Salleh, 28, said he was awakened by the bright light.
"I clearly saw the light from the object," he said.
"I thought it was lightning but when it prevailed I realised it was something else."
He went to see the depression and concluded it must have been a heavy object.
Many residents were seen inspecting the landing site of the UFO.--Bernama
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Government Says Crater 'Not Unusual'
TANAH MERAH (Bernama) - The formation of a crater in a marshland area claimed by villagers as the landing place of an object similar to an unidentified flying object (UFO) in Kampung Gobek near here, is not something unusual, said an engineer from the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID).
Tanah Merah DID engineer Razali Mohamed Noor said this was because an irrigation canal was once built in the area in 1983 for use by the farmers.
The crater could have been formed due to the change in the flow of the water after the canal was neglected and not maintained by the authorities for the past 13 years, he said when commenting on the claim by villagers in the kampung that a "UFO" had landed there on Thursday. Bernama was made to understand that the Kelantan Geological Survey Department would despatch several officers there to investigate the incident.
The villagers claimed that the object which emitted rays of light landed in the area at 3am.
Since the report on the landing by the object in the village was made, hundreds of people had visited the remote area to look at the phenomenon for themselves.
The village situated about 100 Km from Kota Baharu town has been transformed into a carnival-like area and many hawkers took the opportunity to put up stalls while others turned tour guides to the hundreds of vehicles converging to the area.
In addition, there were also villagers who put up signboards along several roads in the village to direct people to the "mystery crater". -- BERNAMA
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