Alleged Chupacabras Kills
Three Goats In Argentina
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

Source: El Tribuno By Juan Antonio Abarzua Translation by Mario Andrade
The discovery of three dead goats has caused concerned among residents of Fuerte Alto, in Argentina. The fully-grown goats were apparently killed and drained of their blood. Furthermore, their flesh had been mysteriously turned black. The incident took place in the outskirts of the village, near Mount Cachi. The dead goats were found on Wednesday morning by their owner.

The gruesome discovery brings back memories of the mythical " chupacabras ". Maria Laura Liendro, the villager and property owner who made the discovery, also claimed that on the night before, a strange hairy creature measuring about 80 centimeters tall, attacked one of her grandsons. But besides being described as having a long and thick coat of hair, this particular creature appeared to have a short tail.

Maria immediately reported the incident to the police, which was followed by a brief investigation. "We are sure that this was not caused by abnormalities. All the indications lead us to believe that these animals were victims of the attack of one or perhaps more pumas, which is typical to this area", said Police Chief Tomas Oscar Lopez. After issuing that statement to the press, the local police closed the case.

However, veterinarian Carlos Arjona, who visited the village of Fuerte Alto in order to inspect the animals and investigate the case, rebutted the police conclusions. "Evidently, this was not caused by these felines. I do not know exactly what cased the death of these goats, but it's very safe for me to say that I strongly disagree with the official police statement. I inspected all three carcasses and discovered strange anomalies. In two of the bodies, I was able to find what appeared to be puncture wounds in the neck area. They seemed to have been caused by very sharp canine-like teeth, but contrary to ordinary canine teeth, these were very long. In fact, they had to be considerably long in order for them to reach as far inside of the neck as they did", said the veterinarian. "The other carcass presented similar injuries but in the chest instead of the neck. The wound was apparently done while the animal was still alive, and was equally as long as the wounds on the other two".

The veterinarian finally confirmed that the carcasses did not have a single drop of blood in their bodies, but he could not determine how the flesh of the animals was turned completely black. Meanwhile, Maria, the owner of these animals, as well as other residents have decided to move their livestock to other areas in order to avoid any further attacks, especially as strange as this one.


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