New Digital Images Of
Chupacabras From Chile
From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center
From Jaime Ferrer R.
Calama UFO Center / Miami UFO Center
Translation by Mario Andrade

We would like to thank Mr. Christian Aguirre (, expert graphic designer from Santiago, Chile, for all his support and patience during the process of gathering eyewitness descriptions and creating these images that best describe the enigmatic creature commonly known as "Chupacabras".
Note: These images may be copied and redistributed as long the artist and these sources are accredited for the work.
After almost 4 months of hard work, and as he gathered and used several eyewitness descriptions from Calama UFO Center, Mr. Aguirre was able to recreate one generic image based on a combination of numerous physical features described by many eyewitnesses. Although the image provides a basic description of the creature, it is important to keep in mind that there have been approximately 30 different species with different sizes, physical shapes and colors in Northern Chile alone.
According to most of the eyewitnesses, this image describes the most common standing position of this creature. The image was created taking into account 45 detailed descriptions provided by several people that claim to have seen or had contact with this being. The reason why these descriptions were used is because they were the ones that corroborated the most, according to several different testimonies.
This image shows to the Blood Predator walking on top of a roof, which it has been mentioned by the majority of residents that live in the outskirts of Calama, Chile, where allegedly, most of these sightings take place.
This image best describes the way that this creature comes to a stop on top of a roof. According to eyewitness accounts, when the creature stops on top of a roof, the people in the house begin feeling strange sensations and fear, presumably caused by some kind of negative energy that these beings allegedly emit. This energy is later felt with more intensity when the creature begins to move again (generally jumping). If I may speculate, it is possible that this same energy maybe used as a medium or source by these creatures in order to levitate or fly for several meters without the use of wings or any propulsion device. The most recent reported sighting was filed by two sisters of 40 and 45 years of age, who claimed to have seen a "cat-like creature" with an abundant coat of white hair, but as big as a large-sized dog. Their description of the alleged creature was corroborated in its entirety by one of their neighbors.


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