Bogus UFO Contactee Prepares
To Flee Brazil
By A. J. Gevaerd Revista UFO
From Scott
From UFO UpDates-Toronto <>
Source: ANOVNI-Agencias de Noticias Ovni

Brazil, November 6,
Alleged alien contactee Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira will leave the country prior to the publication of an 'explosive' book on how he deceived 70,000 people with the 'Portal Project', according to the source of the information. The alleged contactee, who claimed having received healing powers to treat AIDS and cancer, among maladies, from "space captains", is ready to leave Brazil in the coming weeks with his wife Jessica and newborn son.
This information was furnished by an informer who for worked several years with Urandir and simultaneously, through one of Brazil's foremost ufologists for placement on the Internet. Our source does not wish to be identified, claiming to "fear for his life". He appears not to be the only one having such concerns.
Urandir is accused of selling property that he did not own to hundreds of people with the pretext that they would be visited by aliens. He was arrested in the city of Porto Alergre (and released on bail several days later) and is currently facing several charges. Almost two months ago, Urandir had plotted a kidnapping, accusing the editor of Revista UFO of having assaulted him. Shortly after, shots were fired at the residence of one of Revista UFO's associates, according to an unidentified source.
Persons with whom we spoke and are involved in this episode, believe that it may have been a "counterattack" by Urandir. In Matto Grosso do Sul, Urandir published certain material that prompted an immediate response by the authorities and the UFO community, as it claimed that A.J. Gevaerd had pursued him and assaulted him. One of Urandir's former confederates provided abundant physical proof of the different ways in which the 'contactee' exploited the public's credulity and how he had plotted a kidnapping attempt. He was also accused by more than 15 ufologists of having employed balls, lanterns and laser pointers to stimulate immediate contact with alien ships on his property in Matto Grosso do Sul.
A few months ago, the 'Fantastico' TV show produced an investigative report showing the tricks employed by the phoney contactee to deceive more than 70,000 people who would have attended the 'Portal Project' in search of alien contact and cures for a wide assortment of ills. Prior to the show, Urandir's income was estimated in 300 to 500,000 reales a month (between one quarter and a third of a million dollars).
Translation (c) 2000. Scott Corrales/Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

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