Are UFOs A Threat To Air Safety? -
USAF Loses Men And Planes
George A. Filer
Director -Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #13

In this weeks files we review UFOs and aircraft safety. UFOs were observed in Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Illinois, Washington, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and France. The Bolivian Air Force chased a UFO with a jet over La Paz. Leonard Stringfield one of the greatest Ufologists of all time told me of his meeting with Robert C. Gardner an UFO investigator who had interviewed General Benjamin Chidlaw, then in charge of US Eastern Air Defense. Later General Chidlow became head of the Air Defense Command. In his book "Saucer Post.. 3-0 Blue" by Leonard Stringfield reveals in the course of the half-hour interview General Chidlaw stated the following,
"We have stacks of reports about flying saucers. We take them seriously when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them."
Later work, supporting Gardner's statement came from a Cinninnatian, who, with rank in the Air Force Reserve, had access to certain bits of off-the-record information. It was during the Cincinnati flap of 1955, that he related to a GOC supervisor, who in turn told me that the Air Force was losing almost a plane a day." Page 91.
If these statements are true I can understand the government secrecy. As I write this it was announced that an Army RC-12 twin engine crashed in Germany and two Air Force F-15s crashed into a mountain on a clear day in Scotland. My aircrew was asked to intercept a UFO by London Control over England. We dove on the hovering UFO flying above the red lined speed of our aircraft. Fortunately the plane held together, but the excitement of the chase can cause accidents. I had a huge solid return on my radar as we dove near the UFO it suddenly launched into space. There are other unexplained crashes of our aircraft.
Thirteen months ago, Alaska Airlines Flight 26 plummeted into the Pacific off Southern California and 88 people were killed. The families have filed a claim against the Federal Aviation Administration wanting an explanation why their loved ones were killed. The Boeing MD-83 actually manufactured by McDonnell Douglas, which has since merged with Boeing is blamed for the crash. Failure of the plane's jackscrew assembly, a part in the tail section that helps control the up-and-down movements of the aircraft, is suspected as the cause of the crash. However, the real question is what caused the jackscrew to fail?
Allegedly a happy married pilot chose to commit suicide and kill the occupants of EgyptAir Flight 900. Loved ones of the flight crew have contacted me and were outraged at this explanation for the crash. Is it possible the pilot dove his plane to avoid a collision? An Army C-23 Sherpa aircraft mysteriously lost its tail (horizontal stabilizer) and apparently part of its wing prior to crashing and killing 21 on March 3, 2001. No evidence of explosion, fire, mechanical problems or even serious weather phenomenon is reported. Yet, a slow moving prop plane mysteriously crashed. Despite reports of bad weather, the Sheriff claims it did not start raining until he had reached the crash site fifteen minutes after the plane crashed. See for photos of the C-23 crash.
These crashes have been going on for fifty years and its time to realize the UFOs in our skies may be responsible. These may not represent attacks or hostile action. They may the result of tremendously powerful machines coming too close to our aircraft, or our pilots attempting to avoid a mid air collision. Dan Wilson of Panesville, Ohio kindly sent me data on numerous mysterious crashes. He pointed out that a UFO was sighted in South Carolina the same day as the C-23 crash occurred not far away in Georgia. On several occasions when MUFON personnel attempted to investigate UFOs their plane mysteriously crashed or they were found dead under mysterious circumstances. I will admit that much of this is speculation based on circumstantial evidence, but isn't it time to look at some of the facts?

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