UK Defence Minister
To Open Britain's 'X-Files'
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The truth about whether aliens have ever visited Britain is to be revealed at last.
Top secret government X-Files on thousands of 'space-ship' riddles will be opened up to public gaze by Defence Minister Peter Kilfoyle.
They will include photos and details of every UFO investigation in the past 30 years. Every year, around 300 alien sightings are reported.
Plans by military experts for action in the event of an alien invasion of London will also be unveiled.
The files, stored in a nuclear bomb-proof bunker deep below White Hall, should be released in three months.
The move, part of a government drive to end unnecessary secrecy, is sure to send UFO spotters into a frenzy. They will hope to learn about:
A MASSIVE craft spotted flying in zig-zags off Britain's North Sea coast last year. The 900ft UFO shot off at 17,000mph when pursued by two fighter jets. CLAIMS that seven UFOs have crashed in Britain since World War II. SIGHTINGS of a triangular three- legged space-ship in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk in 1980.
US airman from two nearby bases claim the object rose hovering out of the trees, then blasted into space at an incredible speed. RAF investigators cordoned off the area, but their findings are still a closely-guarded secret.
Some details of UFO sightings in the Fifties and Sixties have already been made public under the Thirty- Year Rule applied to sensitive documents.
Among them in the famous 1962 incident in which 16-year-old Anne Heston was sworn to secrecy after she reported seeing a star- like object shooting out red and green flames above her home in Taunton, Somerset.
Ten years earlier, RAF Flight Lieutenant John Kilburn saw a shining object in the sky above a West Yorks air base. When jets were scrambled to investigate, the UFO took off at an incredible speed. But the facts about most later mysteries are still locked away.
They include the truth about claims by former defence chief Lord Hill-Norton that RAF Feltwell in Suffolk uses its space-age radar, built by the US Air Force, to track UFOs.
He quizzed ministers about the base, but never got a satisfactory answer. Several sightings in 1990 of a bright light above the Thames in London could also be explained.
The pledge to open up our X-Files follows similar moves in America.
The Yanks recently released a report of the notorious Roswell incident in 1947, in which alien corpses were allegedly seen at a secret New Mexico air base.
They explained the "bodies" were dummies from a secret weather balloon, but UFO theorists still believe there is a cover-up.
Britain's files were prepared by the MoD's hush-hush Aircraft Secretariat, set up to investigate UFOs. Amazingly its one-time boss Nick Pope believes HE was abducted by aliens while driving in Florida.
He kept mum while in his job for fear of being labelled a crank.
But after leaving the secret unit, he wrote a series of best sellers about alien incidents.
He said: "My experiences convinced me that UFOs are a real and threatening phenomenon. We are not alone.
"Since 1959, the MoD has heard of 9,000 UFO sightings, though that's probably only the tip of the iceberg."
Defence Minister Mr Kilfoyle has told colleagues that, after a careful review of the files, he is "not convinced" about the existence of aliens.
But MoD staff say he wants people to be able to make up their own minds.
A source said: "These files are of huge public interest. They paint a fascinating picture of how UFO reports were investigated-and what would happen if aliens ever did land in Britain."
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