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The locations of the sightings are Collinsville and Caseyville, Illinois, and a UFO sighting was also reported from a race track near Fairmont Park. The time frame of the sightings, between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m.
A 'cluster' of independently reported UFO sightings within a close proximity on the same evening is interesting.
The St. Clair County Sheriff,s Department and Illinois State Police received reports of bright lights in the sky with a 'humming noise.'
One interesting descriptive detail in the April 20 Illinois UFO sightings was given by a female motorist driving near Interstates 255 and 64. The motorist alleged that a 'bright light in the air impaired her ability to drive.' A similar motorist complaint compares to the recent Illinois incident, in which a Cincinnati resident reported to the Forest Park Police Department that a UFO seen in the vicinity of the Forest Fair Mall impaired her ability to drive. The police report of driver 'paralysis' caused by a UFO sighting is retained by researchers, and dated October 18, 1994.
Lastly, the KTVI Channel 2 newscast from April 21, 2000, informs that case data of the UFO sightings on-file at the police offices were submitted to "investigators" at Scott Air Force Base. This is an unusual report, as the United States Air Force does not officially investigate UFO sightings since the closure of Project Blue Book. Given the report by KTVI news, it will be necessary to ascertain who these 'investigators' at Scott Air Force Base would be, and if they are acting in an official capacity.
To review the new Illinois UFO sighting data page see the following location:
Filed: April 22, 2000 Kenny Young -- UFO Research
Kenny Young < Special thanks to Mark Crowder, Collinsville, Illinois, for informing of this report 4-22-00
The Belleville News-Democrat Friday, April 21, 2000
CASEYVILLE - Police received six separate reports from callers between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m.Thursday, all reporting a strange light in the sky within a radius of a couple of miles, Caseyville Sgt J.D Roth said.
The first report came in about 3:30 a.m Thursday from a woman who said she saw unusual lights in the horseradish field west of Illinois 157 behind St. Stephens Catholic church , Roth said. He and officer Steve Epps left the station and searched the field but found nothing.
Just then, dispatchers told Roth that a St. Clair county sheriffs department deputy on Interstate 255 reported seeing lights in a field over Caseyville about a mile north of the original sighting.
While the law enforcement officers traveled toward the field, they heard radio traffic indicating Collinsville Police had gotten a call about a strange light accompanied by a loud humming in the area of Fairmont Park Race Track which is less than a mile from the Cahokia Mounds Complex.
"We met up there with other officers , discussed the reports and waited for Armageddon," Roth said." But it didn't happen." The officers were ready to leave when the Caseyville dispatchers received a 911 call from from the area of Interstate 255 and 64.
"The woman said there was such a bright light in the air it impaired her ability to drive.," Roth said. While the officers were in route , another call came in reporting a light moving up and down near Illinois 157 and 161. Roth said the calls seemed to be unrelated and by different individuals.
"The fact there were five or six kind of [reports] puts a different spin on the investigation." Roth said
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Expert: Sightings likely not UFOs
By Christine Eufinger The Belleville News-Democrat From Kenny Young < 4-22-00
CASEYVILLE - A rash of bright-light sightings early Thursday could have been little green men, but UFO experts are skeptical.
Investigators with the National Institute for Discovery Science initially were excited by reports to the Illinois State Police and Caseyville Police early Thursday because they were so near the Jan. 5 sightings in Highland, Lebanon, Millstadt and Dupo. And it occurred just after 4 a.m. -- about the same time the earlier sighting occurred, said institute investigator Roger Pinson.
But a lack of identifiable witnesses or a precise UFO description -- coupled with a storm Wednesday night that pelted the area with rain, high winds and lightning -- quickly fizzled the investigators' drive, Pinson said.
``No one was able to see an actual shape.... All people saw was lights. There was no pattern or colors or intensity or proximity to people that makes it difficult to, for lack of a better word, get excited about,'' Pinson said.
He admitted there was a ``100 percent possibility'' the lights seen Thursday were related to the craft spotted Jan. 5, but said it was unlikely.
``I'm not saying these people didn't see a UFO like the one there in January, but based on the totality of the circumstances -- it's a storm -- it's just a could-be,'' Pinson said.
He said most reported UFO sightings occur when the sky is clear, with better visibility that allows viewers to see further and more easily distinguish shapes of the crafts.
Illinois UFO specialists said it's not unusual that Thursday's sighting happened within only months and several miles of each other.
``Sightings usually go in waves,'' said Forest Crawford of Collinsville, assistant director of Illinois Mutual UFO Network. ``It's actually very common to have a number of sightings in an area over a short period of time.''
But the reports that came in Thursday don't offer the many credible witnesses -- both citizens and police officers -- who reported sightings from Highland and down through St. Clair County in January more support for their reports.
Officials at Scott Air Force Base and Lambert Field in St. Louis reported no sightings or signs of spacecrafts on their radars.
The Illinois State Police received an anonymous call just before 4 a.m. Thursday reporting bright lights. And Caseyville Police received six calls between 3:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., placing the bright lights over a roughly five-mile radius between Fairmont Park and Illinois 157 and Illinois 161.
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Several police departments are taking calls from people who say they saw a UFO in the Metro East early Thursday. The Collinsville and Caseyville police departments, along with the Illinois State Police, and St. Clair County Sheriff's Department all received reports of UFO sightings.
The callers say they saw bright lights in the sky and report a humming noise near the Fairmont Park area. All the reports have been turned over to investigators at Scott Air Force Base.
These reports follow a similar sighting reported in early January in Ironton. One family there shot videotape of a bright object outside their home. Other reports out of Milstadt came from police officers on patrol. One officer even snapped a picture of the craft with his Polaroid camera.
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