Family Says UFO Seen On Return
Trip...& Now Above Their Home
Update - The Cardenas Tapes
From Santiago Yturria
Edited By Jeff Rense

Dear Jeff,
Today I reviewed the interviews with the Cardenas family once again.
Searching in my tape recorder for further clues contained in more than 3 1/2 hours of interviews, I discovered some interesting things. Like a segment made alone with Mr. Cardenas in which he was able to remember something about the time when the video was interrupted. This is the transcript:
Mr. Cardenas: I remember something. Just when we left the place of the sighting, a 'thought' began pressing my mind while I was driving. This 'thought was making me very upset.
SY: What do you mean by a 'thought'?
Mr. Cardenas: A thought about that object.
SY: Can you explain me how that object was being presented in your mind?
Mr. Cardenas: Well, just before we left, I was really frightened and I stopped looking at the camera. I didn't wanted to see it anymore. I was uncomfortable but my wife, to the contrary, was excited and amused filming the 'thing.'
SY: May we say that the both of you had mixed emotions?
Mr Cardenas: Yes, she was so relaxed...and I was upset. Then I began to think about this 'object.' It's shape and moving color was imprinted in my mind. I closed my eyes but it got worse, so I started the van and left the place.
SY: Then what happened?
Mr.Cardenas: While I was driving, I still had that image in my mind and I was thinking about all that happened.
SY: So, you were driving and thinking all the time?
Mr. Cardenas: I became very tired and I decided to park alongside the road and went to sleep.
SY: Do you remember the time?
Mr. Cardenas: No, I was so tired that I didn't pay attention to the hour.
SY: OK, just one more question before a break: did you talk to your wife when you left the place? Did you mention to her about that 'thought' in your mind? Where you discussing with her what happened?
Mr. Cardenas: (silence for several seconds thinking) Well, no, I don't remember saying anything. I was absorbed with my 'thought' and all that. Maybe she was also in her own thoughts. I don't know.
The issue here is to try to establish the lapse of time between the location of the ufo sighting and the rest area alongside the road where they all fell asleep. Also, to find out if all of them were already sleeping while he was driving with that 'thought' in his mind. (This is still unconfirmed and may be a part of the missing time).
In any case, I consider relevant the fact that Mr. Cardenas confessed that he and the rest of the family fell asleep after their ufo sighting at a nearby location alongside the road.
Many details remain for me to research in this case, but I'm convinced I'm heading in the right direction.
Last night, I spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Cardenas by phone and they gave me some surprising news:
They told me that after their visit to Mexico for the Christmas holiday, they drove back to Washington over the very same road in Texas. And, to their great surprise, they saw the same UFO again. Unfortunately, this time, their VCR battery was discharged and they were unable to tape the event a second time.
But that isn't all. Mr. Cardenas told me that he and Mrs. Patricia are now seeing the UFO at night just outside their home in Washington.
I encouraged them to tape it with their videocamera. I told them that I am convinced this may be some kind of ongoing interaction. In that the sightings are being repeated, we must follow and track all the events carefully.
Mr. Cardenas promised to do so and said: "I have to confess that I'm still sort of afraid but, OK, I'll tell Patricia to film it the next time it appears over our home."
Regards to you, Jeff,

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