UFO Footage from STS-61 -
The Hubble Telescope
Repair Mission
By Paul Anderson <>
Director - The Millenium Project
An Exclusive Report From The Millennium Project
In light of recent new interest in and coverage of the incredible yet controversial UFO video footage from the space shuttle STS-48 and STS-80 missions, I have decided to re-release some related information on footage from another misson, STS-61, the famous Hubble Telescope Repair Mission in December, 1993. TMP is in possession of footage from this mission, all recorded from the live NASA feed, which is similar in many aspects to the footage from the two previously mentioned missions.
Please note that this case was made public and available to anyone who was interested at the time, although we didn't have the internet and web accessibility that we do now. As mentioned below, we received little or no response at the time. A few days ago I read the recent news posting by Bill Hamilton of Skywatch International regarding similar lack of response to their initial discovery of the STS-80 footage back in 1996, portions of which were just aired on NBC's Confirmation special on February 17, 1999. After viewing the tape again, I decided that perhaps it was time to "re-open" the case as it were, given the similarities between what was videotaped in all three missons, in order to increase public exposure and perhaps finally get proper analysis done. As with STS-80 and STS-48, this footage is compelling, even if not "conclusive". It will be praised by some and slammed by others, I am sure.
A brief summary:
I was formerly the Vancouver director for MUFON / UFO*BC at the time, 1993 (I have since become an independent researcher, founder of The Millennium Project, although I am still also the Canadian director for Circles Phenomenon Research Canada), when an associate of mine who was a programming manager at one of our local cable TV stations, and also a (former) MUFON investigator, alerted me to some footage he had downloaded from the Hubble Telescope Repair Mission. The entire live NASA feed was recorded, and virtually every second of the footage was scanned, looking for anything unusual.
There are at least 13 "events" showing possible unusual activity. All of these I still have on an original station-produced dupe of the special broadcast he set up for one of our local cable programs. One sequence shows a "disc" with dark centre (similar to STS-80). Other sequences show variations of "strobing" or "pulsating" lights. They appear to "flash" on and off in a more or less regular pattern, unlike (?) tumbling space junk and often appear to maintain position relative to the shuttle / telescope. Verification of this would require detailed analysis. If you watch carefully the footage from STS-80 of the three objects close together in space near the earth's limb you'll notice that one of the object which is moving appears to "pulsate". This is similar to some of the footage from STS-61. Other sequences show fast or very slow moving objects moving across the picture, in one instance resembling "projectiles".
Event #1: Bright, fast moving object crossing view of Earth in nightime shot over Gulf of Mexico
Event #2: Bright "flashes" below shuttle, over Houston area. (Probably lightning?).
Event #3: Two fast moving "projectiles" move diagonally across screen, one following the other, in similar trajectory and direction and at (apparently) similar speed.
Event #4: One bright object moving horizontally across screen, another light "flashing" in distance, out beyond (?) the telescope itself (view of telescope in distance after it was released from shuttle).
Event #5: Slow moving light "flashing" out past shuttle (view of open cargo bay). Second object "flashing" brightly. Third (non flashing) object slowly approaches the second flashing object. Limb of earth now in clear view; no stars are visible in background.
Event #6: Bright, slow moving object approaches limb of earth. Night time shot (low light camera). Background stars appear to move "away" from limb of earth; object moves in opposite direction.
Event #7: Dim "flashing" light in space behind astronauts working on telescope.
Event #8: Three or four "strobing" lights out beyond telescope. Another bright object on other side of screen.
Event #9: (when camera cuts away from event #8) Couple of objects moving behind astronauts as they work on telescope.
Event #10: (when camera cuts back again to view in event #8) Two objects "strobing", in an alternating manner and maintaining position; third dimmer object moving away from them. Telescope in full view.
Event #11: Bright object moving slowly behind astronauts working on telescope.
Event #12: Bright object near limb of earth, slowly moving downward.
Event #13: "Disk" with dark centre seen as camera zooms in on region of space near earth. Camera artifact? Similar to footage from STS-80.
These events were sometimes filmed during periods of little or no shuttle activity and often the camera will pan off when events are occurring.
I don't know if anyone else has documented the same footage we did or not. I have heard of very little coverage by anybody of any of this except for an occassional passing reference to possibly some odd footage from this mission, but no detailed reports, etc. In any case, as with Bill Hamilton, we also "put out the word" on this, and sent out a few VHS copies to select researchers, and received little if any response other than mostly local interest. We subsequently moved on to other things, and the matter was relegated to the sidelines and then eventually forgotten. We considered the footage to probably not be as possibly significant as first thought, given the lack of feedback.
After subsequent viewing, I don't necessarily agree with all assessments made in the taped program (as presented by my associate); I do feel though that a number of these "events" are unusual enough to warrant further investigation, in particular the "strobing" effects and "projectiles". Also, my former associate is no longer involved in this research and dropped out of the whole "UFO scene" some time ago.
At this time, I do not have the software to put still frames or clips from the video on the web site. However,viewing this footage, a copy can be made available or a viewing session may be arranged. TMP is seeking qualified video analysis experts to examine this footage; preliminary arrangements for this on one front are being made via researchers Bill Hamilton and Tom King; anyone else interested in doing analysis or know of someone who can, please contact me.
Paul Anderson
Director The Millennium Project