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George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #4 1-23-01

MONROE -- On Jan 16, 2001, at about 7:30 PM, a resident of Newtown was traveling on Route 25 near Monroe. A hexagonal shaped object flew across the roadway in front of her. The object was about as long as a commercial jumbo jet, and was a dark gray or black in color. This witness saw some sort of 'ridges' on the bottom surface, with a blue/green light at each of 5 points, and a small red light on the 6th point. There are similar hexagon type reports on file for Georgia and Pennsylvania. In 1992, Corinth Georgia investigation by John Thompson MUFON/ISUR- Hexagon shaped object with 3 triangular lights at each corner, hovering; 28 Sept 99, Chatsworth Georgia, investigation by Tom Sheets MUFON/ISUR. Thanks to Tom Sheets, ISUR Board, SD-MUFONGA.
SILVER SPRINGS -- Five years ago in August at 8:00 PM in Wheaton, my wife and I heard the sound of a large slow craft pass directly over our top third floor apartment. The sound was similar to the Rense recreation except instead of a wavering treble pitch component going up and down, there was a pulsing HUMM of ~ G 2 octaves below middle C and about 2-3 pulses per second there were also more undertones than overtones)*. As a classically trained musician I am accurate in sound memory. Two other sightings in this area over 6 years have produced another large disk and one triangle which I previously reported with some excitement due to the fact there was a live re-enactment of the craft using a helicopter with hanging lights within 2 hours of the initial triangle sighting. I feel an obligation to my old friend Alan Hynek to report what needs to be reported. Regards Don Hakman j12_lanl_underg_facilities.htm
Tom Sheets MUFONGA State Director writes, Field Investigator Olivia Newton of Lilburn is currently training and supervising the personnel of Georgia's foremost haunting and paranormal scientific investigation group. On the night of November 26, 2000, a group of investigator's were returning from a case in Walton County. Ms. Olivia was driving one portion of the team, with additional members in a second vehicle. About 8:30 PM, they were driving up Good Hope Rd. when a series of lights in the SW sky drew their attention. Upon closer observation, it appeared to be a double row of brilliantly glowing pearl like spheres, a reddish orange to amber in color, hovering in the sky about 1 mile away. She indicated that they were aspirin size at arm's length (AAL) and in a straight line. As everyone turned to look, and while seeking a spot to pull off, some trees obscured the view and the objects had then disappeared. Total event duration was about 1 minute. There have also been some other reports of unusual objects on the East side of Atlanta. She has extensive investigative experience with a world renowned university academic who specializes in paranormal research.
On January 3, 2001, MUFONGA investigators Carl and Helen Thim were driving west on Hwy 54 just outside of Fayetteville proper. At 5:32 PM, twilight conditions, Ms. Helen noticed a glowing object in the sky about 30 degrees off of the SW horizon. Closer observation revealed it to be acorn shaped with a rounded top, about thumbnail size AAL, and glowing with a yellowish light, also appearing to have a mist like vapor at the top. As they continued westbound in traffic, she observed it to begin a slow descent of about 5 degrees, leaving what appeared to be a misty trail tracing the descent. She pointed this out to her husband Carl who was trying to drive and observe. About this time, they reached the central area of town and noticed 2 jet like contrails in the sky near the object. These contrails appeared to circle in the sky as if in reaction to what was being observed, but no aircraft were seen. About this same time a helicopter was observed flying north away from Fayetteville. Ms. Helen added that before their visual was lost, the object did a Z shaped maneuver. Upon arriving home, she phoned the Fayette County Sheriff's Department and spoke to Sheriff Randall Johnson. He advised that their agency had received no other calls regarding the object. The Thims were later perplexed, Carl observed the object to be of a definite silver disc but Helen did not. This team has conducted several excellent investigations and are widely respected. They both are former aerospace employees, Carl being seconded from Boeing to the Pacific Missile Range for 5 years and working as an electronics specialist in our manned space program. He is currently a senior instructor with one of the largest aviation corporations in the world. There are similar cases in which two or more reliable witnesses in close proximity observe the same phenomena, but each describe different object types and/or different details. High strangeness in Dixieland, God's country.
We continue to receive inquiries about MUFONGA from law enforcement officers in several regions of Georgia. John Bodin, our south Georgia DD who is also with the Peace Officer's Association of Georgia, recently advised me that a follow-up article to the original piece for the Peace Officer's magazine would be welcome. I will be working on that a little later. MUFONGA historian and FI Michael Hitt wrote an excellent article on the Milledgeville UFO event from 1967 (MUFON Journal Dec00), which involved several law enforcement officer witnesses. He later spoke with retired Milledgeville Chief Eugene Ellis who was also a witness and a central figure when various 'officials' arrived to investigate. Michael suspects that there was a certain 'twisting' of the facts by these 'officials', which varied from the astute and correct observations of the police officers i.e. the truth. We've made arrangements for John Bodin to sit down with Chief Ellis and debrief him in detail about the events from those days in 1967. Being that we three are from the Georgia law enforcement community, the Chief will no doubt have some revelations for us. John Bodin indicated he will be carrying a court stenographer with him for that debriefing. Thanks to Tom Sheets, FSA Scot, SD-MUFONGA, ISUR Board
CANYON LAKE -- ..Michael Harman writes, My wife and I saw an object over the lake and were a little scared, but my wife confirmed what I was seeing. It hovered over our house, and made its way over the lake. Two nights ago at 10:00 PM, this object got really close to the water and within seconds a huge spotlight was cast upon it by the Corp of Engineers that are stationed next door. Two minutes later, four helicopters come out of nowhere surrounding this object. The object got bigger as the copters came closer. Within a few minutes of maneuvering, the object disappeared. I proceeded to call the Corp of Engineers and they stated that nothing happened, no copters had landed and no spotlight was projected. I took digital pictures but they did not come out too well, but you can see the copters. The colors shining from this object were very bright and colorful. I've seen this exact object 10 to 12 times in the last two years. The object camouflages as a star, almost going undetected. I always thought it was a probe from the army base in San Antonio checking the air quality, water, etc. This adventure took almost four hours. Its now 12:30 AM, and its back and brought two more that are hovering around the lake. "This is just too weird for me." If anyone wishes to investigate this on-going event, I suggest renting a small boat and spending a night out on Canyon Lake and you'll likely see a UFO up real and close. There's a lot happening in the state of Texas, See our "60 Years of Texas Sightings" database. Visit the web site at: Thanks to Mike Harman
HBCC UFO Research writes, You and your readers may be interested to know that I received 98 pages from the Canadian National Defense through the Freedom of Information Act. These reports are sightings of objects dating from 1995 to 1999, which were reported and gathered by the Canadian Government. I have most of them placed on my web site at
WHITEHORSE, YUKON -- Ms. Louise Hardy, Canadian Member of Parliament who spoke at the Yukon UFO Conference on October 14, 2000, stated, "Well I'd like to thank Martin Jasek for inviting me and I want you to know how hard he has worked on this. He's come to my office at different times over the years to let me know what work he was doing, the reports that he was compiling and I was impressed with how serious Martin was and the fact that he has a very scientific background, and he wanted to bring the study of unidentified objects to the forefront and to a more normal area because it does come with stigma, and I know that. I've had a few nudges and winks when I tell people that I'm coming to the UFO Conference. But I remember being a teenager, and the curiosity we have. I think drive and curiosity are so important because it is bout wanting to know what it is that is around us, not just our own lives, not just our own planet. We know that there's a wider world out there and I see this work as people coming together to investigate and study that wider world so I hope everybody enjoys the conference and I hope that you know that you are on the cutting edge here! There's not too many places that have UFO Conferences so congratulations!" Louise Hardy, M.P., Yukon. Thanks to EcoNews Service - Prague
FREIBURG -- On Monday, January 1, 2001, at 12:25 AM, Dr. Jann Arende, a physician and amateur astronomer, his wife and his sister-in-law were watching the New Year's celebration fireworks from a lofty hillside in the suburbs west of Freiburg, a city in southern Germany. "The sky was almost clear and visibility quite good," Dr. Arende reported, "When walking back down the hill at about 12:25 AM, we suddenly noticed a flickering object approaching from the east. The object appeared somewhat oval or triangular in shape. The color was yellow or orange, with a glistening or flickering of the color across the object. It then appeared as if the object were hovering up in the sky. The size was about one-quarter of the full moon." "The object moved slowly and stealthily towards us at great altitude. It took one minute for the object to reach a point directly above us. We heard no sounds. The color continued to flow across the object. When the object had reached a point roughly above us, it stopped moving and remained motionless at a point close to the star Capella. "After about three to four minutes, it started to move north. The (departure) speed was similar to its speed during approach." "When the object halted above us, we started running home to get our binoculars. Viewing it as it went away, the object seemed smaller in size and retained its flowing orange color. The shape appeared to be similar to a triangle with a convex rounded base. At that point, the object disappeared." Thanks to UFO Roundup Volume 6, Number 3 January 18, 2001 Editor: Joseph Trainor
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