First 1999 Crop Circles
In Canada
The first known crop formations in Canada for this year were reported to the main CPR-Canada office (Vancouver, BC) on July 25. Report received from Drew Gauley, Ontario representative for CPR-Canada, after an initial ground inspection. Two pictogram type formations close to Hagersville, Ontario (near Hamilton), reported to the CPR-Ontario office on July 22 by Clynt King, whose brother, Ken, owns the fields.
Hagersville, Ontario #1: Long 300' complex pictogram in wheat, with circles, rectangle, semi-ring and other pathways along a main axis. Similar to some of the more complex early 90s formations in England.
Hagersville, Ontario #2: Simple pictogram type formation, about 60 - 70 feet long, in wheat. Two circles connected by various straight and curved pathways. In adjacent field to #1.
Copies of *preliminary* gif diagrams attached (© Paul Anderson, CPR-Canada, based on Drew Gauley's initial fax copies of Clynt King's diagrams). More details when available. Photos and video (both ground and aerial) taken and will be available soon. Reported on local TV news stations. Reportedly first discovered around two weeks ago and subsequently harvested by the farmer, however standing cut wheat is about 6" tall and the flattened formations can still be clearly seen. Arrangements being made to try and get sampling done for BLT. Based on initial descriptions, the larger of the two formations may be the largest and most complex yet seen in this country. Both formations contain elaborate lay patterns and layering of the wheat in various directions (up to four layers deep) and standing tufts of wheat in the centres of some circles.
See also the Circle Phenomena in Canada Report Archive 1999 ( for report updates and additional information as it becomes available.
With fourteen reports in 1998, hopefully these are only the first for this year!
Paul Anderson Director Circles Phenomenon Research Canada
A copy of Drew's initial report follows (July 25):
Hi Paul:
I have just returned from what appears to be a legitimate formation in Hagersville, Ont (Close to Hamilton). On Thursday I received an email from Clynt King with a basic description. Mike Bird, Mike Devine and myself made it to the site this afternoon. The first pictograph was approx. 300 ft long with symbols along it's central axis. The symbols included separate circles, rectangles, a semi circle and a human looking section. The other site, in an adjoining field, was simpler and smaller in size. Consisting of 2 circles connected by straight or curved pathways. Both patterns showed very interesting lay patterns, although spot checking areas showed only bent stalks. The lay patterns would quite often go in opposing directions, inner circle clockwise outer edge of circle counter. One section exhibited a "cardboard box" lay pattern at an intersection, four different directions one on top of the other. Quite amazing!! I will follow up with a detailed report soon, and I will fax you diagrams even sooner. Video shot while there turned out quite good, I'll also send a vhs dub your way!
PS: Clynt is going up to do some aerial photo's tomorrow!!
Til then,
This report is a special supplement to the regular editions of Circles Phenomenon Research Canada News.
A reminder for all Canadian subscribers / readers - your assistance is welcome and needed - ANY reports of other possible circles this year, please do let us know as soon as possible!
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