Villagers Flee As 'UFO
Falls With Thunder'


LUANDA (SAPA-AFP) - An unidentified spherical object has fallen from the sky and landed near the Angolan village of Manzawu, in northern Uije province, Roman Catholic Radio Ecclesia reported on Thursday.
Villagers told Ecclesia the object had crashed to the ground near Manzawu following a loud explosion, similar to a clap of thunder.
"We heard noise like thunder in the sky, and then a ball landed on the earth," one of the witnesses to the object's sudden appearance said.
"Now, we are afraid it could explode," said another villager. Many of Manzawu's inhabitants had fled their homes, after hearing the explosion.
According to Ecclesia, the object weighs around 10kg and measures about 50cm in diameter.
Experts from the Angolan Armed Forces have travelled to the object's landing site to examine it, the radio said. - Sapa-AFP


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