Astonishing Daylight UFO
Video Over New York -
Incredible Maneuvers
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The video is small and poor quality, but if you get cable or satellite, right now scifi channel is showing the UFO video in full screen and you can video tape it and watch it frame by frame. They've been showing it all day about every 20 minutes as part of their I.D. break for the channel, so check it out. Video analyists... go at it! We'd love to see your results!
If it's a fake, it's well done. The UFO, which appears to be a white disk is spotted, then zips to the right and hovers, literally acknowledging that it's been seen. Then it immediately soars directly at the helicopter and makes an incredible turn away and up from the chopper, leaving both a vapor trail and a very loud roar.
You be the judge. Is this the real deal??
1. Access the story and video at (I have Flash plug-in)
2. I don't have the Flash plug-in... show me the movie
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Daylight NY UFO Sighting Video Called A Deliberate Fake
From Bob Shannon
Hello Jeff,
My name is Bob Shannon, I'm the Sr. Test Engineer for Media 100 Inc. We produce professional non-linear video editing and internet video streaming equipment used in the broadcast and multi-media industry.
I have taken the oppertunity to run the Sci-Fi sighting video through some of the equipment we make.
Sadly, the Sci-Fi channel video is artificial, and shows signs of being a deliberate fake. There are 2 very different things wrong, as if these errors were intended to be easily found.
To analyze the video, I captured the footage off of the local cable TV service using a NEC PC-VCR S-video recorder. The recorded video was then digitized on an iFinish V60 system at 120 kb/sec.
Problems with the footage:
Playing the footage back frame (2 fields) by frame, shortly after the camera first zooms onto the object there is a frame (not a single field) where the object appears (for one frame only) in front of the building rather than behind it as in the leading and trailing frames.
(I can produce JPEG images of these frames on request)
In this problematic frame, an area around the object is missing from the image of the building. This is a clear error in compositing.
Worst still, several frames later, the object is intended to be occluded by the building but a clear gap exists between the edge of the building and the (occluded) edge of the object. This is another error in compositing.
There are many more problems to be found as well (motion path, scale, lack of reflections, etc, etc, but whats the point?).
Given the camera shake in the footage, this does not appear to be a trival hoax.
But in light of the very visible, very clear compositing errors, this may be a training film used to illustrate the detection of non-linear editing in hoax detection.
Its too good in some respects to be this bad, at least in my opinion.
I am a test engineer, not a video production / analysis expert. I have a working familiarity with modern editing equipment and its capabilities. I'm sure that a high quality fake would escape the level of analysis I've applied to the Sci-fi footage.
I decided to take a look at the footage after realizing I'd gotten in on tape while recording the wide-screen format Babylon-5 episode, and that the VCR was patched into a convienent Media 100 editing system.
(name on file)
Hi Guys,
I taped the SciFi Channel segment with the New York UFO and then watched it using the slow frame feature on my video machine and saw definite problems which indicate the possibility of a hoax. I am not an expert at all, but I did see a point where the "UFO" is not only transparent _in front of the edge of the building_ in one frame, but also the "vapor trail" does not appear to match the swooping trajectory of the "craft" other words, the "craft" swoops close to the helo but the vapor trail is out in the distance. Not only that, in one frame as it flies away it actually appears to jump backward a fraction of a second. I know UFOs are reputed to do amazing things, but this video simply doesn't hold up to my untrained eyes. Until a video expert using sophisticated equipment authenticates it, I don't buy it.

James Neff
Disappointed -- Those are some good points. I think there are several interesting elements to the video which alot of people are overlooking, including myself... I have altered my initial description of it being a small UFO or object. I now believe it to be something rather large (if real at all, of course).

When the object is first spotted, it appears to come out from behind the trade center tower. This may or may not be the case. It could indeed be materializing. Some people see at the very start of the video what appears to be the craft BETWEEN the two towers, crossing behind, then first appearing on the right side, when the woman says "what is that?" This remains unclear to my eyes, however.

But, considering the distance the helipcopter is from the trade center tower, the size of the windows in the tower, the disc shaped object must be rather large, no? It certainly appears to be somewhat larger than the helicopter from that distance. If we assume it is a fair distance from the building also, but even farther away from the helicopter, then when it approaches the helicopter later tells us the object is much larger AND much farther away than it seems altogether; my first impression was of a small disc and came very close the the helicopter, but unless the UFO went from large to small, this is unlikely. That is to say, it is probably 15-20 feet in diameter, maybe larger, and when it comes toward the helicopter and makes that incredible upward turn, it is perhaps as much as 100 feet away from them when it banks. Hence, the contrail it leaves behind is reasonably distant from the helicopter, and leaving the illusion of something smaller. Watch it again and think big, and the dynamics of what you see make alot more sense.
Anything in motion can appear slightly transperant on video tape, and often does if examined frame by frame. Video imagery feeds at a 45 degree angle across the tape head. I've got video at home of my kid moving from left to right and several frames in slow-mo will show her head seemingly transparent to background items, which have simply been recorded already onto the tape and in the blur of motion blended into her head... something unseen when running at normal speed.

Indeed, this may be a fake. We know almost anything can be done electronically and digitally nowdays. This is definitely one video that needs alot of expert analysis.
From Chris
I find it difficult to discount this video at face value...with reservations. Most hoaxes do not involve the kinetics that the craft demonstrates in the video. The only other video I have seen with similar accelerations is the Lazar footage at A51. The one move that diminishes the video's authenticity is that UFOs are generally seen changing direction at crisp angles due to the lack of inertial forces, yet the vapor trail is in a definite a jet fighter. Analysis has to be done, but I am actually more interested in the occupants of the helicopter. I haven't seen the TV footage, so I don't know if they talk about the folks in the chopper, but I would like to know if this information is available. BTW - Great site, I always look forward to my daily trip to Keep up the excellent work.
Thanks, Chris
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