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Filer's Files #38 9-18-2

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MANHATTAN -- Rodrigo Fuenzalida, the Director of Chilean MUFON and the National Director of the AION UFO group has obtained a video taken in New York City on September 29, 2001. Chilean cameramen from 'Mega' a private TV Channel was filming the World Trade Center area a few weeks after the tragedy. The cameraman captured two UFOs flying over lower Manhattan near Ground Zero. The UFO appears in the sky, with orange and yellow colors and an aircraft can also be seen passing the UFOs. All three flying objects are in the same general area. The cameraman captures a close up of the aircraft next to the UFO. Shortly, another aircraft flies over the same area, and flies next to the second UFO giving a good perspective and comparison. The Cameraman gave the AION group the video for study. See Thanks to Rodrigo Fuenzalida.
ONEONTA -- The witness reports seeing a blinking light in the sky just after 12:35 AM on September 3, 2002. It was traveling east at high altitude and was moving at a moderate pace. The witness states, "I grabbed a pair of binoculars, and I saw that it had four blinking lights that did not blink at the same time. There didn't seem to be a pattern to the blinking. The positions of the lights on the craft formed a diamond shape, with one light on what appeared to be the front. I could not see any shape to it, only the lights when they blinked. It seemed to just vanish and I'm pretty sure I didn't just lose it, it seemed like the lights stopped blinking. When I put down the binoculars I could not see it anymore.
MEHOOPANY -- I was at work rigging scaffolding which we placing on the roof with a crane on September 9, 2002. I looked up to see the load being placed on the roof when I saw the craft at 9:30 AM, that looked at first like a big piece of paper floating in the sky then it stopped moving and just hovered. It was at the same altitude passenger planes fly over. Next the craft started making really quick movements and stopping. I asked the crane operator to look and he got out of the crane and said, "It was a plane." Then the craft started making really quick movements again. The crane operator then said, "That is no plane!" We watched the craft for another 5 minutes when it made a really big movement horizontally. Just then another craft flew by the original craft and disappeared. The original craft made a real quick circle and followed the other craft out of sight.
NORTHUMBERLAND -- A farmer saw an object above Montour Ridge at the power lines, on top of the mountain, it was round and very still over the lines. Suddenly it moved what looked like a few hundred feet to the east, it stopped and a beam of blue and white light shined to the ground. What was seen next was very unnerving, he saw what appeared to be a man suspended in the light, he was being pulled up head first, he was moving his arms slowly in the light. What looked like a man was pulled up into the bottom of the craft. A few seconds later and it started shuddering, then went west very fast stopped briefly, then went straight up and out of sight. Two days later Todd Sees was found dead not far from Montour Ridge after an extensive search. Peter Davenport writes, "Considerable unsubstantiated information temporarily deleted here. We do so out of consideration for the family until an official report is issued by the police. We emphasize that this report was submitted by an anonymous source and the case is under investigation. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
BYRON -- MUFON's State Director Tom Sheets received a call from 58 year old male resident of Central Georgia who was referred to MUFONGA by the Public Information Officer (PIO) at Warner Robbins AFB who has been very helpful in the past. The witness stated that since September 1, 2002, he and his family had been observing some unusual lights in near space. Just after dark each night, a star-like light would come up from the western horizon, flying until almost overhead, then they go back to the same horizon. The light would sometime grow dim, then brighter. At times, there was a pause in it's path while it made some looping circles, and some slower zigzags for at least an hour+ on each night, ending when the light would return down to the western horizon and dim, then vanish. Both his wife and adult son had also witnessed this activity. While unknown nocturnal lights are numerous, the plethora of recent similar reports tend to indicate things are not 'normal' in our late summer skies. Thanks to Tom Sheets and WUFOD.
MT PLEASANT -- A bright amber/white light, at least twice as bright as the brightest star, appeared almost due west of the witness on September 5, 2002, as he drove towards town. It was 45 degrees above the horizon, and fell slowly downward, disappearing at 15 degrees at 11:45 PM. The light's path seemed to gently zigzag downward but it was extremely bright and slow compared to meteors. Later at 12:30 AM, the witness saw a bright flash and turned to see a ball of light passing the upstairs window and lighting up the hallway. The witness says, "My cat quickly ran up the wall next to the window and stared intently at a point seven feet up and growling. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
WASHINGTON ISLAND -- On September 4, 2002, about 9 PM, large flashing white lights were spotted moving over Lake Michigan. The witness said, "We could not see the shape of the craft, but the lights were very large -- like headlights on a car at close distance." The lighting was at different times, not simultaneously -- with similar size strong white lights that came on together occasionally, centered between the two flashing lights a clear night sky. My husband is a private pilot, and estimates it was 3 miles out at 3000 feet. The lights were 100 times larger than the stars. The lights were reported to Coast Guard. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
BRADLEY -- The witness was driving and thought he saw a flight of geese in a long line on August 30, 2002. He states, "I realized it looked like a long 'banner' with vertical bars. The banner like object appeared to be slowly undulating and drifting to the west about 7:15 PM against an easterly surface wind. A few minutes later, it was farther west and smaller as if parts had dropped off or disappeared. I did not notice anything falling. There was a strong odor like fertilizer. <>NUFORC
FALLON -- Cosmo reports, "I saw a dark substance that dimly lit a very large craft that flew by at about 1000 feet on September 5, 2002. At first I thought B 52. This craft traveled west down Reno Hwy 50 with no running lights at 11:13 PM, but dimly lit light nodes were seen but they were NOT lit. The nodes were in the shape of the whole triangular craft and 7 to 9 nodes were seen. It flew at 20 mph or faster without noise. I was surprised by this event and said why me? I have hosted a UFO Television talk show for ten years in Portland. I believe this was a true and real triangle craft that was so close and so large! I did not see a leading edge or rear of craft, I just saw a triangle from the side and bottom of the ship. The sky was clear and about 70 degrees. Total event time 8 seconds. I still can't believe what I saw, but it was there. Thanks to Cosmo, Cosmic Connection Television & Radio Show
ORANGE COUNTY -- Ed Brooks reports seeing unknown objects on August 30, 2002, from about 9:30 PM until midnight. A very large bright light appeared about 10:00 PM near Los Angeles Airport and hovered for 45 minutes. At 10 minute intervals I would change from binoculars to naked eye and back. I noticed through binoculars that a solid light approx. 1/10 size of this oval object would travel from bottom to top and then be gone. There appeared to be apparatus extruding from top. At midnight the object suddenly became bright orange and disappeared. The next night at 11:15 PM, Ed saw several flying triangles at low altitude with singular light points in front. They seemed to be pivoting. Several of my friends also saw them. These triangles seemed to have a light cloud cover traveling northeast with them. Thanks to Ed Brooks who photographed some images. See photos at: <>FF UFO CENTER PHOTOS
VULCAN MOUNTAIN -- On August 31, 2002, about 9:00 PM, three of us were on top of Vulcan Mountain after dark with a clear sky. We had been seeing several satellites moving across the sky, when I told my two other buddies to look at the high speed satellite in an extremely high orbit. Suddenly it dove directly at us. It fell or traveled down to less than a thousand feet directly over us. Then a very bright light was aimed at us, and we started to yell,. "Its going to fall on us," as this is what it looked like. After the rays of light hit us it suddenly turned and disappeared up into a higher orbit. Nothing I have ever seen could travel so fast.
FERNDALE -- I was watching the Northern Lights on September 3, 2002, with my boyfriend. He was looking at constellations through binoculars when I saw it. At first we were looking at a red flashing light that was moving pretty fast for an airplane at 11 PM. My boyfriend said that through the binoculars you could tell it was an airplane. Then, right where I had first seen the red light there was a bright light in the sky. At first it looked like a spotlight, then I notice it was shaped like a thick boomerang. It was glowing yellowish green, and very bright, I could see it very clearly. I started yelling to my boyfriend, "What is that!" He caught a quick look at it through the binoculars, but didn't spot it until right before it disappeared. It was at least 50-100 times larger than a star. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA -- This same series of events has occurred three times at twilight. I was driving into Burnside Industrial park on September 10, 2002, when I looked up and observed a black object that has three white lights in a triangle formation. I looked for the marker lights (e.g. the red flasher on the bottom side of most aircraft) but did not see any on these objects. One time I did notice a faint steady red light in the center of one object. This object was going very slow, and it seemed to make the same FLAT left hand turn. Most aircraft except for helicopters will bank to make a turn. These do not, they make a flat 45 degree angle left hand turn. I have seen this three times always at twilight and it appears to follow the same course.
TERRACE, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- On September 14, 2002, Brian Vikes received a report from a couple who watched a large object pass close to their home at 9:03 PM, heading south towards Kitimat. The object was extremely large, and the color of it was as bright white as an arc from an arc welder, but in color, and three to four times as big as the moon. When he first noticed the object, it was still at a distance, but as it grew closer to his location, the object grew larger, and brighter. The object stopped for a couple of seconds, then continued passing close by their property. Vikes says, "I could hear his girlfriend in the background, she was extremely excited and still watching the UFO.
MERCIER -- My husband, myself and our two children were driving home from our country place near Huntington on September 15, 2002. I saw what appeared to be really bright stars and asked my husband " Are those airplanes? He said, helicopters. After five minutes the two lights ahead changed position. Around 8 PM, we got closer and what I saw gave me shivers. The object was triangular with lights at all three corners and unlike any aircraft. We saw them for ten minutes as two flew overhead and my husband said, he could see through it. We all saw the distinct low flying triangle shape, larger than a 747. There have been other sightings along the St. Laurence River in Quebec. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC investigator
BRIGHTEN -- Helicopter police aircrew are heard to say "This is really strange, I have never seen anything like that!" The moving object appears to look like an elongated white cylinder. At times it has its own light like a glowing flare moving through the sky. I suggest you watch the film at:
TENTENIAC -- On September 2, 2002, at precisely 12 noon, Scott Turner spotted a UFO 135 miles west of Paris. Scott reported, "The matte black diamond shaped object was flying at 600 feet at over 200 miles per hour. The object appeared while I was taking a digital photo of a military plane. The object followed the plane out of visual range over farm fields. Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 7, # 37, 9/10/02 Editor: Joseph Trainor.
As expected, the month of August also saw an increase in UFO news coverage in the Italian mass media, raising the number of published reports up to the mean level of previous years. The number of UFO clippings taken from Italian newspapers and gathered for the Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) over the past month have totaled 89, more than double the average number collected during the first half of the year. Of particular note is the alleged UFO filmed on the occasion of the air disaster in the Ukraine and American F-16's scrambled to the flying object detected by radar over Washington and the "monster" attacking people in India. Thanks to Eduardo Russo, Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici
ZHITKAYA -- When the owner of one of the gardens located in Zhitkaya, went out in the morning she could not believe her eyes. "All that was left of the spot where a vegetable garden grew was a perfect circle measuring 2 meters in diameter. What was left of her vegetables was stamped into the ground." The woman told police officers that 'aliens' made the circle. They had already been alerted to several UFO sightings the previous day, September 2, 2002. The Kazakh authorities immediately dispatched a team of experts to the Central Asian steppes. Thanks to El Norte of Mexico City for September 4, 2002. Thanks to Scott Corrales
ADELAIDE --On September 5, 2002, Astronomers were investigating reports from southern Australia of a bright blue flash and loud booms. One said it probably was a comet, while another suggested it was debris from a space mission. Dozens of people along Fleurieu Peninsula, said they saw the flash about 6 p.m. (0830 GMT) Thursday. The witnesses said the light was followed by a smoke trail and two loud booms that shook the ground. Astronomer Bryan Boyle said it was probably a meteor breaking up, and probably came within 20 miles of hitting the ground. UFO Research Qld, Brisbane, Australia
Astronaut Gordon Cooper in his book "A Leap of Faith" tells the reader his strong views on the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and even the distinct possibility that we have already had contact." His photographic team at Edwards Air Force Base photographed a landing of a disc craft. Astronaut Gordon Cooper in of his book he states, "During my final years with NASA, "I became involved in a different kind of adventure: undersea treasure hunting in Mexico." One day, accompanied by a National Geographic photographer, we landed in a small plane on an island in the Gulf of Mexico; local residents pointed out to them pyramid-shaped mounds, where they found ruins, artifacts and bones. On examination back in Texas, the artifacts were determined to be 5,000 years old! "When we learned of the age of the artifacts," Cooper writes, "we realized that what we'd found had nothing to do with seventeenth-century Spain. I contacted the Mexican government and was put in touch with the head of the National Archaeology Department, Pablo Bush Romero." Together with Mexican archeologists the two went back to the site. 
After some excavating, Cooper writes, "The age of the ruins was confirmed at 3000 B.C. Compared with other advanced civilizations, relatively little was known about the Olmecs who made large statues of their faces that appear they came from the Black Africa race." Gordon Cooper writes, "Engineers, farmers, artisans, and traders, the Olmecs had a remarkable civilization. But it is still not known where they originated... Among the findings that intrigued me most: that, when translated, turned out to be mathematical formulas used to this day for navigation, and accurate drawings of constellations, some of which would not be officially 'discovered' until the age of modern telescopes. "It was this, rather than his experiences as an astronaut, that triggered Gordon Cooper's "Leap of faith": "This left me wondering: Why have celestial navigation signs if they weren't navigating celestially?" And he asks: "If 'someone' had helped the Olmecs with this knowledge, from whom did they get it?" Thanks to Gordon Cooper Chapter 11 "A Leap of Faith"
A. K. Johnstone, Ph.D., explores with evidence, the creation of a weather shield to deter UFOs from entering earth's atmosphere, as well as the erratic weather changes in recent years. Numerous UFO sightings are examined from a scientific viewpoint, including plasma sheaths and fireballs. Order illustrated book, $14.95 from Hancock House 1-800-938-1114.
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