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From Kenny Young <>
I am hopeful that someone might be familiar with the following account from a 1952 newspaper article and could kindly resolve a few questions which arise.
Would anyone know of this Joseph Rohrer, if he was who he said he was? If so...why would he be presenting this information in a meeting of this nature? Whatever came of him, or has anything been said otherwise to lend credence to the following remarks?
I'll be looking forward to any insight or comments on this one...
Thanks, Kenny Young
Flying Saucer Talk Startles Chamber Membership Meeting Pueblo [Colorado] Chieftain, Page Three July 23, 1952
A three-foot tall pilot of a flying saucer from another planet has been kept alive in an incubator room in the state of California for two years, and progress is being made in efforts to communicate with him, startled Chamber of Commerce members were advised here Tuesday.
Information on the still mysterious individual who reportedly was rescued from a "saucer crash" in Montana was divulged at the Vail hotel luncheon by Joseph Rohrer, president of the Pikes Peak Broadcasting Co.
The reputed lone survivor among crews of three saucers that have fallen in that state "has been shown pictures and has shown great interest in them and primary steps used in teaching a child to read and write are being employed," the speaker stated.
In his revealing talk Rohrer said dissection of dead pilots from the craft disclose that the only basic difference in anatomy is that their bone structure is heavier and their stomachs are smaller.
The speaker, alleging that he was inside one of the seven flying saucers at a California federal base in 1942, said that the mechanisms are giant flywheels covered with metal skins.
He stated that the saucers are covered by electrostatic turbines and have cabins in the center. The cabins are pressurized and have an atmosphere containing 30 percent oxygen and 70 percent nitrogen.
Thru use of the flywheel, a magnetic field is created which permits the saucers to travel at tremendous speeds, said Rohrer, who became interested in flying saucers as the result of a thesis he wrote on electronic tubes used to measure electronic tubes during his college training in electrical engineering.
"If a magnetic field is opened around the earth it would be possible to travel at about the speed of light," he stated. "They have never tried to fly the saucers that have been captured. They are put together in five sections and come apart easily after the center section is removed.
"I have been in one which is 100 feet in diameter and 18 feet thick," Rohrer stated. "The sleeping quarters for crew members are tubes with caps on the ends and the cabin was pressurized and air conditioned."
The color of flying saucers changes because of the magnetic field set up by the magnetic motors, he said. Reports of a flying saucer seen successively over Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Trinidad have made it possible to estimate its speed at more than 1,000 miles per hour. Six weeks ago a space ship was traced for 600 miles as it flew across Australia and in Seattle, Wash., all electrical appliances were burned out or fuses were blown in one section of town when a flying saucer "turned on power in the vicinity of a power line," Rohrer maintained.
Little information has been released by the government on flying saucers because of the possible panic that might result and because some religious leaders object to the thought of other universes, he stated. Venus, with its cloud covering, is one of the most likely planets in the solar system to support life, but there are 22 other known solar systems which have satellites similar to the earth's. By traveling at the speed of light and waiting until Venus and the earth were closest in their orbits around the sun, it would take about two years to fly to Venus and return, he pointed out.
Flying saucers first became evident when radar was being developed in 1942 and "unknown" objects appeared on radar screens.
The air force set up a commission to study saucer reports in 1947 and discovered that 20 per cent of the reports could not be explained satisfactorily. The air defense command at Colorado Springs has a unit designed to study the saucers and a pin- marked map showing saucer reports indicate they are seen frequently around military installations and atomic research centers, he added.
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