Another Close Chupacabras
Sighting In Calama, Chile

From Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center
From Jaime Ferrer Calama UFO Center
Translation by Mario Andrade
Source: El Mercurio de Calama

CALAMA, Chile - Neighbors have reported yet another chupacabras sighting. The alleged creature appeared in the middle of the night, making loud noises and waking several people up. The phenomenon took place in the area of Manuel Rodriguez, in a housing complex on San Antonio street. "It was not a man; it did not look like a person. It resembled an ape and it jumped all over the roof. It passed right in front of my window and then it came back making all kinds of noise. I didn't want to turn on the light, because I was very afraid and my windows don't have screens. I was afraid that the animal would break in. I cannot explain exactly what happened, all I know is I was very scared", said Maria Gavia, a local daycare employee.
The concern in her words is highly noticeable, in spite of the fact that twelve hours had passed after her strange experience. "It was after midnight. Suddenly, I heard loud noises coming from the roof. That creature went by my window. It jumped a lot. It made very long jumps, unlike the way a person jumps. Suddenly, I saw my father coming out of the door on the first floor and the creature jumped. It jumped so far that it landed on top of the neighbor's house. No person jumps so long without running and gaining momentum. Then it finally left. I was able to listen to the neighbor yelling 'there it is, there it is!' It finally ended up across the street. I knew that because the dogs across the street began barking and howling. Moments later, there was nothing but silence."
"I have two dogs. My dad says that the creature could have been in the property long before we heard it because when he came earlier, the dogs were acting strange. Normally, they come out to meet him at the entrance, but this time, they did not come to the patio; he had to call them. One dog seemed scared; it was hiding and it did not want to move or go anywhere. The other one was nowhere to be found. I had never seen anything like that, as if it was a monkey that jumped on two legs and sometimes three. It was about 1.5 meters tall, perhaps even more, but it was stocky. It made a lot of noise. I could not sleep during the entire night."
The young lady's father says the neighbor saw an individual chasing the creature as it was leaving. Despite all the noise made by the creature, he checked the sheet metal roof and did not find any dents. He said that the noise was definitely made by something heavy, but he did not find any tracks nor trace of it.
The detailed accounts and eyewitness descriptions coincide with the case that occurred on April of 2001, when local residents formed a neighborhood watch to protect the livestock that was being attacked by the alleged creature. During those attacks, they mentioned seeing a similar creature, a Chupacabras, an animal, or perhaps an alien being capable of making long jumps using two or three legs. The farmers also mentioned how their dogs, which were normally mean and would not hesitate to attack strangers, were afraid and would rather hide from the creature instead of attacking it.
Another similarity was how the creature is afraid of the light. Last year, they reported seeing it getting away as they turned on the lights. This time, the creature appeared to behave in the same manner. When the young girl and her father turned on the lights, the creature left immediately.
In the year 2000, the Chupacabras seemed to attack in areas with a notable presence of docile domestic animals to obtain what appeared to be their blood. The animals included chickens, rabbits, lambs, cats and even some horses in different parts of Calama. Last Thursday night, it was on top of the roofs of houses adjacent to another property where animals are raised. It did not harm any of the farm animals, but it left fear among local residents.
Jaime Ferrer
Calama UFO Center
Translation by Mario Andrade


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