Two Major Recent UFO Sightings
In Colorado Disclosed
By Deborah Lindemann, CHT
From UFO UpDates - Toronto <>
From John Hayes <>

On 10-12-00, I received a call regarding two major sightings which took place in Estes Park, Colorado September and October of this year. Estes Park is roughly 55 miles northwest of Denver, Colorado in the Rocky Mountain National Park area. The call came from a woman, Marie (pseudonym), who was a member of my monthly abduction support group meetings in Colorado, which was active until my recent move to northern California. Both sightings were witnessed by members of her family.
On the evening of Wednesday, September 6th, 2000, Marie's son (Jim) and daughter-in-law had dropped by their mother's house. Marie lives in the far southeast part of Estes Park, about 4 miles south of highway 34 and Estes Lake. Highway 34 is a main highway running east/west up from Loveland below into Estes Park.
It was the night before Marie and her husband were to leave on a vacation to Michigan and Marie simply wanted to go over a few house sitting instructions before leaving the next day.
It was around 9:00 - 9:30 PM (Mountain Daylight Time), that the sighting occurred. Marie's son and daughter-in-law were leaving. They had all briefly stepped out onto the front porch to say goodbye. They had no sooner done so when Marie related that this "big white light came up from behind the hills directly west of us, or between the hills in front of our house. It was about the size of a full moon". The following is a direct transcript of our conversation which followed:
DL = Deborah Lindemann M =Marie
M: This thing came so fast right towards us, and here is my husband, and my new daughter-in-law and myself, we were all there on the front porch saying "What is that?" It came right up over the top of our heads. We were getting ready to go on vacation and of course...everything was packed: cameras, everything! So, I just stood there and tried to see everything about it I could, because it came right over my head! I kept watching it; and as it went over my head, I attempted to look up into it, and I could see a triangular shape inside this big white light. It had kind of curved edges, I'm assuming I'm looking at the bottom it, and the [triangular] points of it were curved. And, it had kind of squiggly markings on it around the edges.
DL: You could see all that?
M: Yes, it was close!
DL: How close do you believe you were to it? I know that's difficult, especially at night.
M: It is hard, but it was close enough to see this detail on the bottom of it.
DL: How long would you say the sighting lasted?
M: About fifteen to maybe thirty seconds.
DL: And what was the direction that it was moving? From where to where?
M: From West to East.
DL: If you were to measure it's size visually, at arms distance by stretching your forearm out at full, and using your index finger and thumb to determine it's visual size, what size would you say the distance would be between your two fingers? For example when we do this with a full moon, the distance between our two fingers might measure an inch or so in size.
M: About the same size as a full moon. I was looking at the full moon the other day thinking that this was about how large this UFO was. Maybe a little bigger actually. Actually that's the size it was at a distance, but as it came closer to us, it grew even larger. When it was above our heads it was probably about the size of my fist.
DL: Was there any sound related to this?
M: No, totally silent.
DL: I want to go back to your description of it when you began relating some type of squiggly design or writing on it. Can you tell me any more about that?
M: Well, as this white ball of light came over our heads, you could look right into it. It wasn't like looking into the brightness of the sun, where you would have to squint your eyes. You could actually look at it. And I was making every effort to look inside it, to see what was in this ball. And what was in it was this triangle with rounded triangular edges instead of sharp ones. Around the edges of it then were these squiggly lines, I could almost say hieroglyphic.
DL: That's pretty amazing that you could see such detail on this thing which seemed to be moving pretty fast.
M: Well, that's how close it was.
DL: When you looked into the light and saw this triangular shape, was it's shape quite dark, or what shade would you say it was despite the bright light around it?
M: It was dark gray.
DL: When you looked at it's shape within the light, would you say the shape was completely void of light, or would you say the light more or less engulfed around it?
M: The light was all around it. It was like it was within the light. Unless you were really tempting to see what was within the light, I don't think you would notice.
DL: And would you say this UFO was a perfect triangle in shape, with all sides being equal, other than the fact that the edges were rounded?
M: No, two sides were longer, and one side was shorter. It was like the end was shorter.
DL: So it was more like an elongated triangle. All right, now describing the squiggly lines further, or hieroglyphic-like markings, can you describe that any further? How did that show up against that dark gray body?
M: The squiggly's were a bit lighter than the body color and I think that's how it showed up.
DL: Was it only on one side or where?
M: All the way around.
DL: Describe once more how you saw it, how it moved and how it disappeared from your line of sight?
M: It seemed to come at continual speed. Later my friend and I drove to the area where we believe it first came into view, which was about 2 miles away. It was just a little south of the mountain tram that runs in Estes Park. When it first appeared it didn't come from just out of the sky, but seemed to come up from behind the hills that were in front of us. In that direction we have several mountain ranges that sort of ripple in front of each other. This thing appeared to come up from between two sets of mountains. Because when we saw it rise up, there was a larger mountain chain behind it, and a lower set of mountains in front of it. It came at us so fast, that we had no time to think. As it got closer, it just passed directly over our house and over my head. That's why I had such a good view of it.
DL: And after it passed over your heads, what happened then?
M: It just continued on at the speed it was traveling, and none of us even thought to run out back and see if it was still visible.
Second Sighting
Marie's son and daughter-in-law shared a second Estes Park, Colorado sighting. This just involved the two of them, and took place less than a month later on Sunday October 1, 2000. Ironically, the two would never have related or remembered the second sighting, except that Marie had unintentionally triggered their memories. Marie casually mentioned their family's earlier sighting and this suddenly jogged their memories of it all. They were amazed that they had forgotten this. They began to relate the following. They both stated that this sighting was even more frightening than the one they all witnessed together. The following is a direct transcript of what Marie stated they told her.
M: They were both round eyed as my daughter-in-law told this story. "We were both heading home from your house. We were just going by Mary's Lake [one of many Lakes just outside the Rocky Mountain National Park area] and had gone by the lodge and were driving home, and suddenly Jim slammed on the breaks and said, 'Look over there!' "
What they saw was this absolutely huge thing "just hanging in the sky!" He said it looked like "two giant eighteen wheelers, with trailers, end to end. That's how big it was!" It was in the sky just below mountain level. When I asked him the shape, he said "I don't think I can tell you because I think we were looking at the side of it". [note: Estes Park is a valley, and if you're up high on one mountain side of the valley looking across the valley, a UFO could be airborne above the ground, and below the mountains, yet be at eye level to the observer across the valley.] Then they told me, "We looked at each other in disbelief, and when we looked back over it was gone...just that quickly!" The UFO would have been quite a few miles south of highway 34.
DL: Was this at night?
M: Yes. This was also probably 7 - 9:00 PM. They come over quite often to visit and typically leave around that time. I asked my daughter-in-law what they did after the UFO disappeared and she said, "Well, we went on home, but all I could do was hold on to Jim and shake." I asked them whether they told anyone about the sighting and they said, "No, we just forgot all about it." I said, "And you two never thought of it again?" And she stated, "No, not until you just asked us about our earlier sighting". I asked whether they had any missing time, and they said "No, we just went right home and that was it".
DL: Was there any other descriptive detail about this thing, besides just "two eighteen wheelers"?
M: They said it had two blue lights and a red light on it.
DL: But it was the size of two eighteen wheeler with trailers end to end?
M: Yes. It scared them so badly. My son actually said, "I'm going to get guns; I'm going to be ready". This is so strange, because this is my son who I've raised to be a pretty peaceful guy. I was shocked at his militant reaction but then he said, "Oh I've seen a lot of them now". I asked him what he meant and he related, "Well, I didn't tell you, but a few weeks ago I saw another one. It was a regular typical disc. It was over by Lake Estes, but this one didn't scare us like this last sighting".
They both told me that as they were looking at this thing just hanging in the sky, that they instinctively felt "It knew we were there, that we had noticed it". If you knew my son, you'd know how weird this is to hear coming from him.
DL: So, did they relate how it left or disappeared? Did it just shoot away?
M: No, it just winked out, or at least left quickly enough that it was gone when they immediately looked back.
I would be open to any feedback on this sighting or if other's have seen anything similar in the area or elsewhere. You can email me at: or visit my website (Center For Extraordinary Explorations) at:

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