UFOIN - A New Start
For British UFOlogy
From Mike Wootten <>
From Stig Agermose <>
Some of the UK's most experienced investigators today launched a bold initiative.
They have banded together under a common name - UFOIN (UFO Investigators Network) in an attempt to professionalise UFOlogy in Britain.
UFOIN is a very different kind of UFO network. It is not a membership group. It is not seeking to replace existing groups. It will operate without bureaucracy, committees or rulers and free of all politics. Its most basic principle is a commitment to openness in all that it does. Its decisions will be taken by a vote of all team members. Its actions will be open to public scrutiny. Its publications and files will be accessible to all participants for research purposes. Anyone who works with UFOIN will feel part of a team, not apart from team leaders. Indeed every UFOIN participant has equal status.
UFOIN will be run by investigators for investigators and with 100% of its resources devoted to this task. Nothing will be spent pandering to enthusiasts, putting on lectures or printing magazines. UFOIN will exist purely to conduct objective, in depth investigations to well honed scientific principles . It will also conduct new research that will seek to answer basic questions about the UFO mystery.
Here are some of the decisions taken by the founders of UFOIN for immediate implementation.
1: UFOIN is to be a union of UFOlogists with proven desire to investigate objectively, research through scientific principles, promote solutions to cases whenever they are found but to recognise and speak up for unsolved data when discovered.
2: It will seek to work in harmony with each other and all other responsible aspects of UFOlogy .There will be no members, membership fees, committees, rulers, hierarchy nor structure. The team will be a UK network of people with similar principles working towards a common goal.
3: A professionalised team of investigators will be based upon proven expertise. Entry will be open to anyone who believes that they can meet the rigorous standards. This requires the submission of a recent case investigation report to prove skill, competence, objectivity and a personal quest to find answers behind a sighting. It also requires acceptance of the ban on the use of hypnotic regression and signature to the code of practice.
4: UFOIN will be highly selective in its investigation work - focusing on in depth re-appraisals of important old cases and seeking new reports that offer potential to add to our knowledge. To this end the professional expertise of the team will be offered to science and education. UFOIN will emphasise the 90% track record in case solving as professed by serious UFOlogy and will play down the use of emotive terms such as UFO and alien, focusing instead on anomalies, scientific puzzles and using phrases such as IFO and UAP. It will seek to work with both open minded scientists and sceptics and handle UFO data from a rational perspective, steering away from the extreme views and ideologies expressed by parts of the old style UFO community.
5: Participants will benefit from working as part of a professionalised, experienced investigation team whose only goal will be truth, however mundane that may prove to be. Access to a team of advisers, comprising scientists, MOD officials, etc, is already in development. And a research fund will be offered for use by the team. Grants from that fund for R & I work will be speedily decided without cumbersome committees. Regular meetings of the team will foster exchange of experience and UFO information.
6: UFOIN will not produce a magazine. Publication policy will involve a steady stream of special reports under the UFOIN banner. These will comprise research projects, retrospective case investigations and current case histories. They will be compiled and produced to a common format by the investigator / researcher directly involved in each project. All proceeds will enter the central R & I fund - in turn allowing future projects . UFOIN will aim for at least 3 - 4 reports per year. Assistance and contributions from scientists and experts outside the UFO field will be included to help make these progress reports more definitive. Diverse projects are already under development for early publication.
7: One priority report will involve scientists and sceptics assessing the strengths and weaknesses of UFO investigation to provide UFOIN with guidelines on how to develop its objectives to mutual advantage and furtherance of common goals.
8: Another new venture will be an annual research report. Each January UFOIN members will define the topic for that year's report. An initial briefing paper introducing the topic will define the questions that most need answering within that field. The briefing paper will be circulated widely to UFOlogy and beyond to professional agencies that might assist in fulfilling its objectives. A series of research components will be allocated so that all major areas of exploration are followed within the defined topic. The book length report (a definitive study of these questions) will then be published including all research results and contributions before the year-end. The following year a new research topic will be pursued on a similar basis creating a momentum of ongoing work involving the UFOIN team.
9: A high quality, user friendly web site is under professional design. This will include many features of value to investigators and researchers. Electronic copies of all UFOIN reports will be published on the site after sale of hard copy versions. All local UFO groups who publish their own small run magazines or independent journals are invited to participate in a new electronic magazine here. Each month a selection of highlighted material will be compiled (with full credit and subscription details offered as free promotion to local groups). The result will be both an Internet based 'best of British UFOlogy' digest with the major articles, case investigations etc and a net based advertisement for high quality local UFO groups and their studies. The basic web framework is already in existence and will grow rapidly in the next few weeks. During that time regular updates will be posted showing the response of UFOlogists all over the world to this announcement. As part of UFOIN's ideals your ideas, comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms will all be aired. UFOIN will listen to views of fellow UFOlogists.
10: The R & I fund that will facilitate investigations, research and publication will be the only money administered by UFOIN. All proceeds from whatever origin (e.g. publication sales, donations, and special ventures) will be devoted exclusively to this fund. No money will be used on administration, organising lectures, or other none R & I pursuits.
11: A number of ventures are to be reviewed to find rapid ways to create and renew this fund.This will allow it to continually fulfil its purpose without courting inactive UFOlogists for membership fees:
A: Grant funding for an educational arm of UFOIN, that will offer free lectures to schools, libraries and serve as an information agency .
B: Exploration of public services from which 100% of all proceeds will go into the fund
C: Production of a series of objective UFO videos on the realities of UFO research to be created and marketed by UFOIN with 100% of proceeds into the R & I fund.
D: As a 'quick fix' to kick start the fund several members of the UFOIN team (including David Clarke, Andy Roberts and Jenny Randles) are to publish a commercial book that could raise substantial funding . The ethos of this fund, disenchantment with traditional UFOlogy, the need to revolutionise serious investigation and research and aims of the UFOIN project will be used to help market the book.
The twelve people below who have founded UFOIN are convinced that it is essential to progress UFOlogy beyond its current stasis. The above plans are being put into practice now because an urgent need exists to coordinate UFO study in the UK towards a more rational perspective.
As such a new style of UFOlogy for the 21st century has now arrived .
If you feel that you have got what it takes to join the fight to reverse the fortunes of serious UFO study and prove that UFOlogy can be done objectively and scientifically, then what are you waiting for?
UFOIN needs you. And if you share the sentiments above then you need UFOIN.
Snail mail: 1 Hallsteads Close, Dove Holes, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 8BS
Web site:
Signed (in alphabetical order):
Andy Blunn (NARO), Dr David Clarke (IUN), Paul Devereux, Paul Fuller, Rory Lushman (The Labyrinth), Lynda Matthews (LUFOS), Tim Matthews (Beyond), Robert Moore, Jenny Randles (BUFORA), Bob Rickard (Fortean Times), Andy Roberts (IUN), Mike Wootten (SiteOne)