Mt. Adams Hotbed For
Daily UFO Sightings
James A Gilliland <>
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Mt. Adams has become a hotbed for UFO believers. They claim to witness UFOs there night after night.
Off the southwestern flank of Mt. Adams lies a religious retreat called Sattva Sanctuary.
"We usually see them early afternoons towards up to 3 in the morning," one UFO believer, James Gilliland said.
It's home to a group of people who believe that their photos prove that aliens have chosen them as earthly contacts. Gilliland said he began receiving extraterrestrial telepathic messages about eight years ago.
"When it started happening, I actually thought I was losing it and going crazy," Gilliland said.
He said he's been taken up to the ship's twice. He says the aliens are humanoid and come from the Orion and Paladeis group of stars.
Through meditation the group's flicker of enlightenment turned to skyward sightings.
"I saw five ships total or flying objects," Megan said.
"I saw a golden globe against a blue sky," Carolyn Gray said.
"You can see a white energy mist around James, and he calls this a pre-contact energy," UFO investigator Spar Giedeman said.
Recently Giedeman snapped perhaps their most convincing set of photos.
"He says I'm really getting hit hard, why don't you shoot to the left of me, and I did, and you can see this saucer shaped metallic object right here," Giedeman said.
The group also has video tape of their UFOs.
"All of a sudden --boom, he went out and another appeared going back the other way," Gilliland said.
"One of the main reasons they're coming here is because we live according to the universal principals that are necessary for a healthy society and environment, and that's the way they live, and we've met the protocols for the contact," Gilliland said.
"It feels peaceful and really, really loving," Megan said.
"They've helped me with my spiritual growth, so they're like friends," Gray said.
Gilliland says a near drowning opened his mind. But skeptics said one photo in a particular is a hoax, simply a streetlight. They say the video shows nothing more than satellites.
Around the town of Trout Lake Gilliland is known as "Cosmic Jim."
"I've never seen a UFO," Trout Lake resident Brian Smith said. I've talked to the guy all the time, he gets gas from us, he tries to tell us they're out there. I've never seen one."
But the group is not alone. For years, people have witnessed UFOs on the nearby Yakima Indian Reservation. But Gilliland says he doesn't need anyone else to validate what he's seen and experienced.
"There's a lot of skeptics that say we've gone off the deep end," Gilliland said. "We just have overwhelming evidence, and we tell them that basically condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

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