HOAX BUFOSC Foils Cheshire,
UK 'UFO Landing' Fraud
From Tim Matthews <>
UK UFO 'Landing Hoax' - More Information!
By Tim Matthews < 3-9-99
Further developments have taken place. BUFOSC investigators have now spoken with 100 local people including those living nearest to the site of the supposed "landing". Not only had nobody heard or seen anything remotely resembling a UFO but the damaged/flattened area had been there for weeks PRIOR to the supposed events of Sunday night/Monday morning. This means that "Wenham" and "Sutton" probably sought out a flattened area in order to try and tie their false report in with the UFO 'landing and trace' case literature AND from an historical point of view.
It has also emerged that a 'long-lost sister' of the female 'witness' has emerged from the woodwork as well as new information on the location of Room 204 at the Royal George Hotel, Knutsford, from which the two people claimed to have been able to see the "Nine UFOs" descending on the night in question! It is NOT POSSIBLE to see the area in question - or indeed anything much - from the vantage point they had claimed to be in.....
"Wenham" also asked BUFOSC investigators how he and "Sutton" could make quick money from the sighting. Perhaps money was a motive.....? He had, in fact, been arrested on the Sunday at a football match and subsequently released by Police in Manchester after trouble at the game against Chelsea. He told several investigators this interesting little fact. He thought he was very heroic.....
Furthermore the female witness told her boss that she was ill when in fact she was in Cheshire . I phoned her boss again yesterday and she is STILL claiming to be ill despite the fact that she has been out and about in the last few days. The boss commented earlier on this week to Eric Morris (after "Sutton" had begged him to ring the guy and say that she was "traumatized by her close encounter experience") that he would never trust her again......
A man claiming to be her father phoned me tonight and despite her having told me that she was originally from Northampton and had been called "Caroline Bradley" prior to her marriage he denied all knowledge of this!! BUT GET THIS; when he first phoned my number I was out walking the dogs. He told my wife that he was "a colleague" of mine which she instantly knew to be a lie!!
What has the world come to when people are prepared to go to such extraordinary lengths to try and mislead researchers?
Is there something sinister lurking behind this web of intrigue, inconsistency and discrepancy??
One thing is for sure; you can forget your training courses for investigators. All they need to so is to follow the trail and look for the details, as we have in this case from the start, and they will be successful. This most unusual case indicates, above all, that the British UFO Studies Centre is ready, willing and able to investigate cases in minute detail in order to check and verify claims made by witnesses.
I think we deserve 11 out of 10 on this one.
Beware hoaxers!!
Tim Matthews Press Officer British UFO Studies Centre
BUFOSC chairman Eric Morris, along with his group, have foiled a sad and desperate attempt by two "witnesses" to mislead and discredit Eric's and others research.
A woman calling herself Caroline Sutton phoned Eric with an incredulous sighting earlier this week over Knutsford. The woman, along with a partner, claimed to have seen a series of lights and even gave details of a landing site.
Eric, being the excellent investigator that he is took photos and video footage of the area and members of his group joined him and started tracing witnesses.
The woman Caroline or "CHAS" gave an address in Southport which in itself was strange considering that is where Tim Matthews lives (my husband) and we had just had our successful conference only last saturday in the town centre.
Anyway, after some digging, it turns out that Caroline Sutton or "Chas" is actually an author who was published in America last year - turns out to be a book of scientific hoaxes! She also seems to have links with the "Chicago Academy of Science". After Eric phoned to challenge her on these things she put the phone down! Her supposed address is in Southport, her telephone number has an answer phone message which states she is out getting up to "jiggery pokery" and she also owes money to a hotel in Cheshire. Nice lady, eh!
Perhaps she thought Eric was like alot of other investigators out there and would believe anything without evidence. I think she has met more than her match in Tim and Eric. The photos and video footage that Eric took of the "landing site" will now be passed onto the authorities to see if the owners of the land where considerable damage was inflicted, can now press for criminal damage.
What a shame someone does this for a joke. When Tim comes back on -line he will release more information about this shameful charade and we will expose more hoaxers and hoaxes when we can. There seems to be a huge push at the moment to discredit several UFO researchers.
Until next time, watch the skies and watch your backs!