UFO Photographed Over
Oregon Coast 8-10-02

From Name Witheld By Request

There's just tooooo many of these, I get 10 a week... could be balloons, could be emulsion blobs on film, could be a million things and all most likely not real. And this: "At any rate, when I was taking the photo the object was not noticed by me or my family" is always the case.
3:30 - 4:00 pm Oceanside, Oregon. Object photographed near Tillamook.
A family from Monmouth visiting the coast recently was sightseeing at Cape Meares, a beautiful scenic area over looking the ocean. The father had taken a lot of photographs that day with his Kodak digital camera including this photo...
...a panoramic ocean-beach sequence shot from the cliff on the southwest side of the park. When he got home and downloaded his pictures, he was excited to see them because of the wonderful scenery he had captured. But there was a surprise...
The photographer writes...
"There was one photo that appeared flawed(?). I examined it closer, and the first question I asked myself is "what in the world is this?" The longer I have looked at this the more questions I have. I'm sending you an unaltered copy; I'm also including a zoomed photo of the object in the original photo.
I have concluded that the object is real; the lighting and shadows suggest a real object. Also, it appears the light or space around the object is distorted like a gravity field, air compression? At any rate, when I was taking the photo the object was not noticed by me or my family."
UFO Over Bellevue, WA
From Xavier Simmons
I took this picture from a building in Bellevue, WA on October 30, 2000. This object flew around downtown Bellevue for about 10 minutes then headed north up the shore of Lake Washington until it was out of sight. I guessed that it was about 3 feet in diameter.
It looks similar to the UFO pictured over the Oregon coast and I thought readers might find that interesting.


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