Most Dramatic UK UFO
Footage Ever In Scotland?
Daily Record And Sunday Mail Online

An amazing film of dozens of silver orb-like objects shooting across the sky in Stirling has excited UFO watchers all over the UK.
The video caught by a roadworker, who is known only as Brian, has been hailed as "the most significant UFO footage ever recorded in Britain". Brian, 31, shot the five-and-a-half-hours of film near his home in Stirling at the end of last year. He then passed the result to experts at UFO Magazine.
A team from the monthly publication travelled to Stirling just before Christmas, and yesterday, investigator Russel Callaghan said: "We're convinced we've got something extremely unusual. "What we've seen at Stirling is one of the most convincing cases I have ever handled. "Brian is as genuine as the day is long and wasn't out to make a million. He's certainly not a fraud or a conman."
Mr Callaghan, who questioned Brian for more than eight hours, said the find was as spectacular as the UFO images captured over Mexico City in the mid-1990s. He added: "The VHS cassette contained several sequences of what appeared to be UFO activity filmed in broad daylight in Scotland. "Some of the manouevres and detail on the 15-minute tape were stunning and resembled the activity recorded in the skies over Mexico."
On one section of tape, a Scottish voice gasps "crazy, crazy stuff" as a UFO skims through the clouds at an incredible speed.
The team contacted Brian after his mysterious tape arrived at the magazine headquarters in Ilkley, Yorkshire, in December. As soon as experts viewed it, they sent a team to interview him. Brian, who has lived in the town for 10 years, told the experts: "It's like they know when I am filming. They just seem to appear."
Brian, who also handed over the master tape to help prove its authenticity, said he first noticed "a number of curious objects passing overhead" while on his way to work.
He managed to borrow a video camera and caught the objects on film over several more days.
UFO Magazine editor Graham Birdsall said Brian did not own complex editing equipment and was only able to copy the original film on to standard VHS tape by connecting the camera to a recorder.
He added: "He has neither the resources nor inclination to perpetuate any kind of hoax."
For years, the town of Bonnybridge, near Stirling, has been regarded as one the country's most active area for UFO sightings.