Are UFOs Stampeding
Thousands Of Oz Cattle?
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The following press item appeared in our State of Victoria Broadsheet newspaper today. Although there is no UFO connection in the report, "Cattle Mutilation" experts may find it of some interest. The full report follows:
A daily stampede of thousands of cattle on properties on Queensland's Darling Downs is baffling graziers.
Every morning, between about 5 and 6.30, "haunted" cows on half a dozen properties near Chinchilla run to the westernmost end of the properties.
Farmers don't think the cows are fleeing dingoes or emus, nor do they think they are being spooked by army exercises in the area.
Darling Downs graziers Zora and John Poulsen have 1000 head that have been charging westward every morning. So are cows on neighbouring properties, and at Jandowie, 100 kilometres to the south-east and at Manango in the east.
The Poulsens think the cattle could be indicating possible seismic activity.
"They're just absolutely haunted," Mrs Poulsen said.
"It doesn't seem to be any other animals - not the horses, just the cattle. We really don't know what's happening."
Source: The Age 27th Nov 1999, p19 Location: Chinchilla - Lat 26Deg 44' S - Long 150Deg 37' E
Barry Taylor, an Independent Researcher from GRAFTON, New South Wales, and one of Australia's long time top researches reported to other researchers via an e-mail, dated the 26/11/99 18:09:30 AUS EST, making the first contact on the subject. Barry reported that he had "Heard [it] on [the] Australian Broadcasting Corp [ABC], Radio (N.S.W.) Australia, Midday 'Rural Report' - 26th.Nov. 1999"
I will let Barry post his report but he can be contacted below for more data:
e-mail < Personal U.F.O. Home Page URL
PRA may have to send someone up to have a look around. The mystery is most interesting, from our experience if a farmer believes its strange its always worthy of an investigation.


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