Reports Of Glowing Discs, Orbs
And Strange Beings Around Ontario

Note - We cannot confirm these reports but they are worth your consideration. Anyone living in the Ontario area who may have had sightings is encourage to let us know. -ed
I'm a police constable for the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and I am taking a huge risk to deliver this information to you. For the past three months there have been very unsual things happening around the local areas I work in. This is the first time ever that things of this nature have been reported in this area.
All police agencies in this area were ordered not to release or acknowledge the reports being made, orders came in from main HQ. Reports are now being sent in to the military so I was only able to access and copy a few reports without being noticed. I have family in this area and I am very worried that something serious is going on in this area. This email was created for single time use,on a public don't bother replying to this email address.
Reports are below.
June 28,2001 9:30PM
East of Arthur, Ont. Canada.
5 Witnesses
Event Description:
A orange glowing object was seen hovering 100 metres above a small wooded area. The object began to glow brighter and vanished. Five minutes later the object reappeared in the same spot and began moving until it was no longer visible.
June 30,2001 7:00PM
Hwy.9 (From Grand Valley to Palmerston).
Multiple Witnesses (including 2 highway patrol officers)
Event Description:
Motorists travelling to cottages for the long weekend holiday witnessed five glowing orange circular/disc shaped objects flying in formation along Hwy.9. Objects were flying just above the tree level. Objects were described as being large (length of six vechiles).
July 4,2001 2:00PM
North of Drayton, Ont.
4 Witnesses
Event Description:
Three metallic disc shaped objects were witnessed by four farmers working in the field. The objects were flying towards them at low altitude. The discs slowed down and hovered ten metres away from the farmers. The discs hovered for five mintues then continued on their previous course. The discs were described as being 20ft in length. The witnesses also reported hearing a low humming sound.
July 10,2001 7:00PM
Near Damascus (East of Arthur,Ont.)
3 Witnesses
Event Description:
A triangular shaped object was witnessed hovering near the local marsh. The object appeared to be black in colour with three white lights at each corner. The object was described as being the size of a football field.
July 11,2001 6:00PM
Palmerston, Ont.
Multiple Witnesses
Event Description:
A triangular shaped object was seen flying across the town. The object moved slowly above the local high school. It was described as being black with three lights and making no sound.
July 22.2001 11:00AM
South East of Mount Forest, Ont.
1 Witness
Event Description:
A farmer was travelling in his field aboard his tractor when he witnessed metallic objects in his field. Thinking it was garbage that someone had dumped he went closer to remove it. As he got closer he saw ten or more small metallic discs, the size of dinner plates, resting on his field. He described them as being very reflective like mirrors. When he got closer the discs began to hover and fly away in the opposite direction.
Unusual Events/Encounters
July 1,2001 8:00PM
Near Damascus, Ont.
2 Witnesses
Event Description:
A couple were riding their bikes along a wooded area, where the witnessed what they initially thought were a group of bears. As they got closer they noticed it was a group of tall humanoid shaped beings that were covered with brown hair. The beings appeared to be holding unusual devices. There were four beings present, they quickly fled into the wooded area after being spotted.
July 20,2001 9:30PM
South of Fergus, Ont.
4 Witnesses
Event Description:
Police were called in to monitor a "bush party" that was being held in a remote area. The police's duties were to monitor for underage drinking, impaired driving and keeping the peace. Until a unusual event was reported to them. A group of teenagers had wandered off in a wooded area. The teens then witnessed a unusual glow within the forest. Attempting to reach the source the teens ran into five beings. The teens observed from a distance without being spotted. They described the beings as looking like normal humans, except that they had pointed ears. They had short curly dark hair, they were normal height, and they wore white robed clothing. They appeared to be taking soil samples. The teens feared being caught so they left. After returning to the party the teens then reported it to the police monitoring the party. Two constables were taken to the site and only found a four inch circular hole in the ground that was five feet deep.

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