Chilean UFO Leaves
A Giant Triangular Mark
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From Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo <>
'Cronica' Newspaper, Chile

Jose Ignacio Prieto and 4 friends where happily having dinner when they felt some heat. Suddenly, the lights went off. They were in complete darkness, when a strong blue light came through the dining room's windows for a few seconds, leaving them temporarily blinded. After that the lights came back on.
The next day they found a triangular mark in the ground with a base of 35 meters with each side some 20 meters. In one of the angles there is a tower that carries high voltage electricity in the region.
The triangle is on a small hill of 30 degree inclination. The plants inside the triangle were bent at the base, like the mysterious crop circles. The spot can be reached only by horse, there are no vehicles or roads close to this area.
The police from Tucapel went yesterday and verified the mark. 'Cronica' went on to inform of UFOs sighting in this region.
In San Pedro de Atacama, police received reports of strange red lights (UFOs). Anti-narcotic police went to investigate the area looking for a clandestine trafficker airstrip, but to their surprise, found a perfect triangular mark. This triangle has a 50 meters base, and is formed by small rocks, no bigger than 10 centimeters. The rocks forming the triangle appear to be burned. "They were hot to touch." police reported. _____
NOTE: Chile is experiencing a rash of 'Chupacabra' attacks. More than 200 animals; chickens, ducks, doves, dogs, cats, goats, pigs and even cows were attacked in the past weeks by unidentified blood sucking predators.
(Sorry about the rush translation)
Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, Miami UFO Center


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