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Filer's Files #47 11-27-99
LIMESTONE -- William Robert Miller reports seeing a UFO on November 20, 1999, at 12:00 AM. William states, "I know you probably won't believe me because this was scary to me." I was walking when I saw pale blue light with a bright yellow center hovering in the middle of the street about a 1/4 of a mile ahead of me. The light just seemed to 'wiggle' around and came towards me. When it got close, I tried to run but could feel its heat on my back. I ran until I couldn't feel the heat any longer. When I looked up the object was pretty high and now had a red center instead of yellow. It moved around in circular motion for a few minutes then shot up to appear as a star! Now I have this round "burn" mark on the right bottom earlobe that hurts! I took pictures of some red spots of in the mirror. Thanks to W. R. Miller and ISUR. Editor's Note: These are initial reports and we hope to contact William to investigate further.
EDISON -- Linda Aliberti says. Our family was driving home on November 16, 1999, when I saw a few airplanes and a very bright light with a tail, at 7:10 PM. It's appearance was like a 4th of July sparkler behind a light bulb or a comet. The object was traveling north parallel to the earth at a very slow speed -- allot slower than the planes but much higher. My 6 year old asked me if shooting stars fell to the ground, or go up to the sky like the one we were looking at? After traveling about 3 minutes more we saw it again moving slowly north. Thousands of others would also see odd things in the sky that night. Thanks to Linda Aliberti Editor's Note: On November 16th some sort of green fireball like object passed over the USA. Russian geophysicist Ol'khovatov noted, "Based on hundreds of descriptions I found on the Internet it was not a meteoroidal (astronomical) bolide, but a rare type of geophysical event, sometimes called a "geophysical meteor"). Thanks to Andrei Ol'khovatov
HARRISBURG -- I observed a very unusual object on Sunday, November 14, 1999, southwest of the state capital at 5:00 PM. The object was heading southeast about a mile high in clear weather. It was odd because there were no wings or tail visible. It appeared like a small airplane without wings. It was very reflective and made no sound. Thanks to: (John HEJr)
ALLENTOWN - On November 15, at 1:15 PM I was outside my office having a smoke break. I looked to the east, and observed a silver cigar shaped object at high altitude, and was moving very rapidly from south to north. At first I thought it was an airplane, but the object made a U turn in a fraction of a second, and headed back to the south at an even faster speed. It covered the entire sky in 4 or 5 seconds. While I watched it simply disappeared from view. The sky was mostly clear, with a few scattered clouds, and bright sun. I might add that I have aircraft experience, having flown over 130 combat missions, and I have never seen anything like it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
SPRINGFIELD -- Chuck and Cathie Warren provided the following sighting report from a 23 year old Virginia college student and three other witnesses. On November 17, 1999, he pulled into his driveway at 7:15 PM and looked to see if the Leonid's meteors were visible, but instead he saw a Flying Triangle. As he watched he could see it was circling a big area. At its farthest point away it was a just a red light, but when it circled over the house you could see it was an equilateral triangle making a low humming sound. He shot some video of it where the light can be seen circling above looking like a triangle. It kept flying the same circular route for more than 4 hours until 10:45 PM! If it was a plane, why would it be circling around for no obvious reason? The size of it at closest rendezvous was about half a thumbnail at arms length. The Fairfax County Police were phoned and suggested that it was a weather balloon. The four witnesses thought it was a UFO. Thanks to (Chuck Warren) Contrail Connection
WARRENTON - MUFON State Director Ricardo Atristain writes we are investigating an October 14, 1999 sighting. After shopping the witness observed a metallic sphere hovering in the northern sky at 6:00 PM. She then observed a second smaller sphere approach the first from below. The small one entered into the larger sphere and they both seemed to vanish. Driving home, she saw another similar sphere hovering below and to the left of the quarter moon.
SALEM - MUFON is also investigating a September 23, 1999, sighting by a mother and her 15 year old daughter. They were in their car traveling south on Duiguild Road at 3:30 PM. They both observed a strange boomerang shaped object about a mile ahead of them. The object was flying below and in front of a hillside. The boomerang was dark in color and traveled slowly from the southwest to the northeast. The apex of the object was pointed down and it appeared to be flying sideways. The sighting lasted about 30 seconds before it went behind some trees. Thanks to Ricardo Atristain
TERRE HAUTE -- A university student and his friend had a sighting on November 16, 1999, when they saw a large glowing green meteor-like object traveling extremely slow horizontally across the sky at 7:30 PM. Being intrigued by this sighting the two roommates and went to the observatory on top of the Indiana State University Science Building. They were standing there with a bunch of other people at 7:55 PM, when a lady said, "Oh my God! What is that!?" They looked up to see a large dark triangle shaped craft flying silently overhead. The sighting lasted for only 6 seconds. The lady said she saw faint lights on the side of it, and they agreed it wasn't like anything they had ever seen. Thanks to Ben Field and BUFOD.
SANDUSKI -- The UFO Reporting Center reports that on November 17, 1999, their witness saw about 20 silver spheres in formation circle a jumbo jet at 3:00 AM. They were extremely fast and formed into a V shape at one point. They were headed north and the plane they were circling was headed north/northwest. At first, they flew in a group of about twelve circling the airplane. Then they came in groups of four. They appeared to be silver spheres and they were very quick. They had no lights or flashing and made no noise. They were seen at close range, and the jumbo jet seemed to be flying lower than usual. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center
DALLAS - On October 26, 1999, the crews of two commercial aircraft reported a very large triangular shaped craft at 37,000 feet with extremely bright lights near Dallas. In this transcript AC#1 is the first aircraft's pilot who saw it, AC#2 is the second aircraft's pilot. The airline company names have been removed for protection of the witness's privacy. This is a transcript of the radio traffic on 132.450 at 2:00 AM, with Fort Worth FAA Center (FWC). AC#1: Ah, Ft. Worth Center we just got, ah, a series of 3 very bright lights, ah, it appears at our 11 o'clock (unintelligible). We don't know the distance, but it's pretty far out there, maybe 20 miles or so. Do you have a formation of airplanes flying out there? FWC: I'm not showing anything. AC#1: I hate to sound like one of those wacky UFO reportings, but I have never seen anything like it before. It's ah 11 o'clock, for who knows how far, it could be 15-20 miles away, 3 very, very bright lights. It looked like they went west, and the lights appeared, and then disappeared. AC#1: Is there a refueling track out there or something like that, or could there be somebody out there with their lights on during refuel? Or something like that? FWC: We have a refueling track out there, but we don't have anybody in it right now, I already thought about that. I'm showing some interesting primary targets but that's probably just some kind of anomaly. I don't believe there are any aircraft out there. Well, actually at 11-12 o'clock at maybe 10 miles.
AC#1: Roger, ah, I have a witness, the copilot and I both saw it and ah, I don't know what to tell you, it was very odd. FWC: (unintelligible) AC#1: ah we don't see any strobes, or anything, (unintelligible) ah the lights were far enough apart that led me to believe the airplanes were closer than further and, usually after the headlights turn away, ah the landing lights turn away, you can see strobes or something, but we don't see anything out there. FWC: (unintelligible) approximately, ah you believe it looks like a flight of 3 you were seeing? AC#1: it was a flight of 3 and ah, at first glance I would have thought it was a refueling operation but generally they don't happen at this time of the morning and ah, if it was an air refueling operation I know the airplanes are in formation and ah, the lights were far enough apart that it would lead me to believe that even in group formation or even ah, a wider formation, they would be closer to us. FWC: AC#1 Roger, ah, approximately what altitude are they at now? AC#1: I'd say our altitude ah, plus or minus a couple of thousand feet. FWC: Roger, I'll attempt to notify anybody at altitude center. AC#2: with you level at 370. FWC: AC#2 Roger. AC#2: We spotted that flight about 5 mintes ago it looked like it was on the other side, of, north of Dallas about 80 miles or so away from us. FWC: Roger, confirming you also saw it? AC#2: Affirmative! FWC: Well, it appears you have some collaboration now! End of tape. Thanks to (APRG)
LAKE TEXANA -- On November 16, 1999, two men were camping out at about 12:15 AM, just outside of Edna. They had been fishing off and on during the night when over head one heard a whooshing sound like air coming out of a tire. They looked up and saw a small disk shaped object about 18 to 25 feet in diameter glide over. It was large enough to fit one or two men fit inside it. There were no lights. The other man who was dozing saw the craft without lights pass over head and out over the lake in a southwest direction. The camp light lit up the gray and black Frisbee like craft. Shortly after it disappeared, they heard another whooshing noise and a second smaller craft was racing after the first one. This disk was smaller only 10 to 12 feet across. The weather was clear and cold. Thanks to Mike Harman,, and Skywatch
FORT WORTH -- David who is 38, saw three glowing triangular objects appear and dart across the sky at 10:22 PM on November 21, 1999. I saw them descend from the clouds and disappear back into the clouds. The objects traveled so quickly that they spanned the sky in a matter of seconds. The three objects were flying close enough so that their glow seemed as one. Thanks to Morgan Clements Director, World Wide UFO Reporting Center
BOULDER - The witness was walking up Canyon Boulevard on November 7, 1999, headed west into the foothills at 3:00 AM. He became aware of a low humming noise with static electricity type sounds. Suddenly he was engulfed in a bright light from overhead causing his thighs to spasm from the adrenaline jolt. He could see an elongated cylinder above him with its bright white light gradually fading to red. He had been in the 101'st Airborne but this was not like any craft he had ever seen. The witness states, "I could see the object quite clearly because it blocked out the stars." Abruptly the craft flew straight up and vanished. The next day, my fingernails had thickened and I had a nice sunburn on all exposed flesh, even inside my ears. Thanks to MUFON's State Director Michael Curta
PILAPILA -- On November 11, 1999, Alex James and four boys were going home from rugby practice when they saw the oblong object at 7:00 PM. The five boys saw the craft's bright lights approach as the streetlights dimmed. Some neighbors ran inside and locked their doors, but the boys watched in wonder. The UFO hovered above the tall coconut trees and as it passed over they were left speechless and shocked. Alex felt it was like the movie Star Wars, or Babylon Five.'' Alex described the bottom of the UFO as oblong shaped with bright lights around the edges. The top was like a pyramid with some lights around it. There were no colored lights, just bright white lights that made the night into day. The object was huge and took almost 30 minutes to pass over and disappear in the mountains near Vuvu. Thanks to Russ Hamerly :,
PHILADELPHIA - Arthur Godfrey was one of the best known television personalities and pilot in the 1960's. He lived in Virginia and flew his own private plane back and forth to his broadcasting duties with the CBS in New York City. On his coast-to-coast program on June 25, 1965, Godfrey's guest was comedian Orson Bean, and the subject of UFOs came up. Mr. Godfrey said on a night flight he and copilot, Frank Munciello were flying near Philadelphia when a brightly lighted object suddenly appeared off the right wing of their twin-engine Convair. Godfrey, at the controls, rolled his plane sharply to the left to avoid a collision. He contacted the FAA tower at Philadelphia: 'Any traffic near us?' "None," the tower replied. "Well, there's darned well something up here!" Godfrey replied. At that instant the object reversed its course and circled them coming up seconds later behind their left wing. Godfrey again banked sharply away from the UFO and tried to create the distance between them. The object banked right with him. Every time Godfrey made an effort to elude the UFO, it duplicated his moves. "It stayed right there off my left wing," Godfrey told his audience, "no matter what I did!" He also admitted that both veteran pilots were scared and could not shake the UFO, no matter what they tried. It simply stayed right with them until it veered upward and away into the night. Thanks to Ron Hannivig
Astronomers have witnessed for the first time a distant planet passing in front of its star, providing direct and independent confirmation of the existence of extrasolar planets that to date have been inferred only from the wobble of their star. "This is the first independent confirmation of a planet discovered through changes in a star's radial velocity and demonstrates that our indirect evidence for planets really is due to planets," said Geoffrey Marcy, a professor of astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley.
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