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Filer's Files #28 7-11-2

UFO SIGHTINGS INCREASE: Shuttle chased by diamonds over the Atlantic, New Jersey orbs, North Carolina disc, Florida sphere, Ohio sphere, Wisconsin orange lights, Kansas teardrop, Arizona orange lights, Washington light, Canada lights, Argentina UFOs spotted near mutilations, Germany crop circles, Italian Air Force Cases, Ukraine flash, Israel orbs at Wailing Wall, and Korean abduction. MUFON is on the move! Did anyone wake up in Japan with a Victoria Secret's night gown?
ROCHESTER -- Last weekend I attended the 2002 MUFON Conference in New York and had a great time. All the speakers were excellent, but I was particularly excited about MUFON's new leadership, direction of growth and attempts for cooperation with Ufologists world wide. UFO sightings are up and there is a new and dynamic MUFON thanks to the Director John Schuessler. My personnel highlight was having dinner with Betty Hill and talking with so many experts such as Jeff Sainio. She reminded me we are also extraterrestrials traveling through space on our own space ship Earth. Betty Hill states, "I have met astronauts from two planets and I can prove it." She has been inside a UFO, spotted numerous UFOs and photographed them. She worked with Air Force personnel from Pease Air Force Base, met scientists, astronauts, and high ranking politicians from numerous countries who all agreed we are being visited by UFOs from space. She even showed the dress she was wearing during her abduction. There were many excellent speakers at the MUFON Conference, but the 83 year old lady captivated her audience and me with her abduction story. She could convince any jury in the country she had been abducted by aliens.
John Schuessler presented me with a "Certificate of Appreciation" to George Filer, "For helping to satisfy one of MUFON's prime goals, the sharing of incoming UFO information. He has accomplished this through his Filer's Files in the MUFON UFO Journal and on the Internet."
It was agreed that MUFON personnel can send summaries of good cases, to me to be placed in these files and the journal. Director's Tom Sheets in Georgia, Bill Mc Neff in Minnesota, Richard Mcvannel in Michigan already do so. Other state directors such as Bruce Widamen in Missouri and Earle Bennezet Kentucky have agreed to send good cases also. The Files are read throughout the world and translated into several languages and help increase MUFON journal subscriptions.
The SciFi Channel had representatives at the conference who showed a sneak preview of Steven Spielberg's miniseries on UFO abductions, entitled "Taken." I thought the acting was good, it had a good abduction storyline, and the special effects by Doug Trumbull were excellent. SciFi and MUFON will be working together. Bob Long and Jim Bouck should be congratulated for putting on a great conference.
A Philadelphia abductee told David Jacob's she went to sleep with her new Victoria Secret Night Gown and awoke the next morning with a T-shirt believed to be from Takasaki, Japan regarding running. If the person in Japan with the Victoria Secret' night gown can be found we can exchange. The story that happened about five years ago, indicates that our visitors can make mistakes. Furthermore, one craft may travel to different parts of the world picking up and depositing people. Timothy Goode believes there is an alien base under the Pacific Ocean not far from Japan. There are frequent sightings of craft entering and leaving the water. Thanks to David Jacobs and Timothy Goode who gave great presentations. Dave felt we must use the several thousand scientists and medical consultants who have offered to help MUFON. I would suggest we attempt to locate the alien bases using all means available. For example, the shuttle regularly video tapes UFOs moving at speeds of 100,000 mph, much faster than a speeding bullet. Toshie Nakagawa from the Organization of UFO Research Japan and OUR-J magazine has agreed to help with the search.
Dr. Oren Swearingin reports that on Saturday evening, June 8, 2002, at about 5 :35 PM, CDT, as the shuttle was crossing the Atlantic, and going into orbital sunset, heading for the coast of Africa, the camera was looking back at the setting sun, as they frequently do until the Earth was dark. The atmosphere was shining bluish white because of the backlighting from the sun in a graceful arc with the Earth on the left screen and space on the right. When the camera zoomed out, the stars became visible but one of them was strobing! Of course, in space, with no atmosphere, starlight is constant and unflickering so this was a self-luminous object, a UFO! In a few seconds, at the lower right part of the screen, more UFOs appear, moving up toward the left. At first, all that can be seen are four bright lights flying in a perfect four-sided diamond formation! In a few more seconds, you can see two more lights flanking the diamond -- sort of like outriggers! Then, abruptly, the cameraman cuts away--BUT, the image is still on the big monitor at Mission Control, and visible still moving toward the upper left--and THEN, a second formation appears at the bottom of the screen. One light is even brighter than the diamond was! It appears to be two lights but they realized their mistake and they cut the camera completely off, and go to a graphic instead! The entire sequence lasted for a very short time, but it was a very clear picture -- not snowy as they so often are. The sighting was confirmed by other PROVE researchers. Thanks to Dr. Swearingen,
Editor's Note: This and other scenes will be shown in the Air Victory Museum UFO exhibit in Medford, New Jersey. The beautiful Esen Sekerkarar from the Istanbul, Turkey's UFO Museum has agreed to exchange data. She gave a wonderful presentation at the MUFON conference.
FREEHOLD -- The witness was driving back from my boyfriend's house at around 10:45 PM, when she noticed bright lights hovering in the sky. "I thought it had to be a helicopter, since I have never seen any other aircraft hover that way, but as I drew closer I realized it was much too large." I came up to a stop sign and watched as the now evidently enormous aircraft hovered for a while longer before gliding off over the trees. It had many bright lights and looked like spacecraft right out of ET. not all the lights were white but I can't clearly remember the colors of the others, maybe red and green? Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, NUFORC
WINSTON-SALEM -- On June 28, 2002, the family was grilling outside on the deck at 7:00 PM, as a thunderstorm moved towards them. The witness reports, "As I looked up to look at the clouds I looked directly at a black disk shaped object in the sky." At first, the object seemed to follow the direction of the clouds, but after a couple of minutes it began to move ahead of the clouds. It continued this for a couple of minutes and then started to move upward and back towards the clouds. It then seemed to move upward more and disappeared. We were able to look at the object through binoculars and say the it appeared to be disk shaped and at one point my nephew saw it tilted on it's side. The object slowly disappeared in the clouds after about ten minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC
DEERFIELD BEACH -- The witness was going to his car when he happened to look up and noticed a sphere of light moving above the clouds in a circular pattern on June 24, 2001. My cell phone read 12:10 AM. What struck me as irregular is that the object illuminated the clouds below it as you would expect a flood light to do. But, a floodlight does this from the ground up. This was occurring from above the clouds down to the ground. There was no floodlight from the ground up that could be illuminating the clouds in what at first was a circular motion. I watched the object move repeatedly in a circular pattern for about five minutes. I was mesmerized that this object was not any object that I've ever seen. The sphere moved in a circular motion, changed its path and began zigzagging. I had to keep my eyes carefully on the object because it was moving in and out from the cloud cover at about 12,000 feet altitude for another ten minutes. There was an opening with no cloud cover and the object would move into and out of the clouds illuminating the area around itself and the clouds.
The object then changed its flight speed and slowed down and then would accelerate and again slow down. It was a white sphere bigger than the moon illuminating the area around itself with a tremendous amount of white light. It continued to move erratically changing altitude and descending. It then stopped for thirty seconds, the light went out and then the sphere lit up with pure bright white light like a flash bulb. The light brightened for fifteen seconds creating fantastic acceleration and departed, but I could still see the dark shape of the outline of a sphere exactly in the same place and standing still in the sky. After five seconds, it zipped up in a southerly direction. It just flew away in a second at 12:30 AM. Thanks to NUFORC
WARREN -- Blair writes, "I'd like to report two UFOs I saw, and since I saw your reports on Rense I thought maybe you would care. The first UFO I saw was on July 4, 2002, at about 10:15 PM at Mosquito Lake. It was a white orb like object and over the course of ten minutes it went from the brightness of the moon to nothing. It was interesting though because I was watching fireworks at the time and every couple seconds I'd glance back to see if it was still there. I was also noticing some other people in the crowd starting to look. I mentioned the sighting to a friend and he also had seen something weird ten miles from my location. Maybe the UFO was watching the fireworks?
CHAMPION -- The second UFO I saw was on July 5th, at 10:30 PM that was a square shaped craft or parallelogram. It's right front light seemed to be the brightest and the other three corner lights were of equal brightness as it flew directly over three witnesses at about 3,500 feet. It was very large and made no sound. Thanks to Blair
MADISON -- UFOWisconsin reports that on July 2, 2002, at 10:30 PM, the witness caught a brief glimpse of three bright yellow / orange lights in a perfect triangle streak south across the clear sky almost straight overhead. The witness says, "It took, less than two seconds for these lights to move the entire length of the sky. I dismissed that it was a shooting star because there were three lights moving in perfect triangular formation. Ten minutes later, I saw the exact same formation of triangular lights streak across the sky at the same speed." and direction. Thanks to UFOWisconsin
WICHITA -- Two of us were laying in the pool watching a large cumulus cloud at 9:00 PM and noticed a UFO, flying due north at 100-200 mph. The shape was an inverted cone about four feet in diameter approx. 400' altitude, with no sound. It flew straight north at 100 to 200 mph and was gone in approximately one minute. It was probably 3 feet in diameter on the top and 5 feet in diameter at the bottom. When it flew over it was circular from the bottom. It flew over the Wichita airport, but did not make any noise and it wasn't a bird, balloon or plane. I have a science education, and have worked for two aerospace firms. My girl friend and I are both familiar with birds and air traffic. Thanks to NUFORC
PHOENIX -- The witness reports this sighting was very similar to the famous 1997 sighting over Phoenix that he also saw. The Scottsdale resident says, "It was in the exact same area as the last one." I have a view of most of Phoenix and I was driving home at 9:45 PM, on June 27, 2002, and noticed three very large orange lights ten times the brightness and size of a commercial aircraft above some cell phone towers. I thought that a mountain was on fire. When I got home I told my girlfriend about the fire and we went and looked and the fire was gone. A minute later two "fires" started back up followed by a third. They were on for a couple of minutes and then quickly flickered out. Another minute later the three lights (obviously not a fire anymore) appeared much higher. We got binoculars out and verified there was no mountain where these lights were. We observed this flickering and moving for another 15-20 minutes. They moved behind Camelback Mountain and hovered there for at least five minutes. Using binoculars, we could see a shadow, rotating that was 10 to 15 times the size of a 747 behind each light. We got in the car and drove to a higher vantage point and observed that air traffic over Phoenix came to a standstill. Sky Harbor Int'l Airport is one of the busiest in the country and for fifteen minutes we observed no planes and no bright lights which is very strange. Then all of the sudden the sky filled with planes with weird lights, a triangle shape, and moved extremely fast without sound. They appeared to be patrolling and chasing the bright lights. A bright light appeared directly overhead and then disappeared as a possible stealth fighter appeared behind it. Thanks to Peter Davenport.
GLENDALE -- On July 1, 2002, there was only one, and it sort of came out of nowhere. It was about ten, maybe twenty miles from where I was. I was in a car wash station with my wife and niece waiting for our car to come out then when I looked at the mountain view, I saw this flying thing, shining from the sun which appeared to look like a disc. It was somewhat round as the sun's reflection had a gradient to it. It floated west as fast as a helicopter although I didn't see any propellers or wings or fins to identify it as a plane or chopper. It was certainly metallic, maybe silver and it later disappeared into the canopy of trees. I pointed it out to my wife and she gasped and saw it, my niece also saw it and couldn't believe what it was. <>NUFORC
New flattened looking Saturn white peaches are being sold on the West Coast with shapes reminiscent of flying saucers with a Gray Alien on the sides of the boxes that wears an evil smile. You can order your own UFO (Unique Fruit Orb) NUFORC peaches from ITO Packing Co., Inc. Reedley, CA. See
MISSISSAUGA -- On June 25, 2002, the witness reports, "I was down by Lake Ontario with my wife at 8:30 PM, when we saw an extremely bright amber light ten degrees above horizon. It turned on and off rapidly, then stayed on with another light making twist and turning moves, sort of twisting and flickering. Our view point when we saw these lights was such that the city of Toronto was on the left of them. I would put them six miles off the coast and at a height of about 2500 to 3500 feet. The CN tower is a perfect reference for us as it is about 1800 feet high. They moved and flashed off and on for ten minutes. Some lights were in a triangle formation around the main light as they came on. On a count of twelve all four turned off at once. Fifteen seconds later, there was a white and green flash to the right of the main light. The process repeated in a random manner for over an hour. The visibility is over 15 miles as we could see the city and also the planes landing at the Island airport. When we got home we told the kids, they immediately went to look using a telescope and binoculars. "They are telling me that planes are passing to the left and to the right, but the lights when they turn on, are still in their same location." They turn off for five minutes and then pop back on. Through the binoculars a vague lozenge shape is discernible.
Editor Notes: People in the Rochester area on the Southern banks of Lake Ontario are also seeing the lights that appear to dive into and come out of the lake indicating a possible base.
CARHUE -- Several residents" of Argentina's Buenos Aires province, "claimed to have seen strange lights related to the presence of UFOs. Manuel Alesso and Raul Blengio, two rural cattlemen owning property in the Paraje Cilley area saw lights between 7:30 and 8:00 PM, I was touring the fields of Arroyo Venado when I saw two lights to the northeast,' said Alesso. He added that he stopped his pickup truck and flashed his headlights at the lights. 'The lights began to shine even brighter and seemed to descend, which is why I went over to where Raul Blengio was planting and told him to look. The lights were white, round, and gave off a sort of haze,' adding that 'behind the light there was another, less shiny one.'" "Raul Blengio stated that the lights moved slowly. A third witness accompanying them also saw the lights. 'I'm certain they have something to do with the cattle mutilations,' he added."
PATAGONES -- On Saturday, July 6, 2002, " A new unknown and luminous object appeared over the Comarca, but this time the strange object which changed colors, was seen by 25 local residents occupying the 268 homes that make up the village of Carmen de Patagones. Faced with the strange light, the villagers alerted each other and slowly emerged from their homes and were stunned by the clarity with which the alleged UFO could be seen. The witnesses watched a UFO over their village for thirty minutes. An airliner passed overhead the UFO, which vanished into the horizon following a zigzag pattern about 9:30 PM."
RÍO CUARTO -- Researchers at the Universidad Nacional De Rio Cuarto reiterated that the calf found mutilated yesterday in Berrotarán presented "clean incisions" in its hide, thus discarding any attacks by predators. They admitted "in principle, the conclusions applied by SENASA cannot be applied," referring to the University of Tandil's report which fingered the red-muzzled mouse (oxymycterus rufus) as the principal culprit in the cattle mutilations. Jaime Polop, a specialist in Rodent Ecology for 24 years with the National University of Rio Cuarto, stated that the presence of this type of mouse is "minimal" in the southern provinces and expressed doubts regarding the possibility that this animal is the key to unlocking the nationwide mystery. He declared that while the red-muzzle mouse is omnivorous and feeds on vegetable and animal organic matter, it is "very rare" that it should consume carrion and the information from the University of Tandil is the first we've received regarding this type of behavior by oxymycterus." He said, "The oxymycterus has chisel-shaped teeth, and it is impossible for that type of dentition to produce clean cuts on animal hides. It's bite is similar to any mouse chewing, which would never be mistaken for a surgical implement." He also noted that the muzzled mouse "is not a predator, normally, when a predator such as a fox begins [by eating] the entrails, it continues to feed from the same open wound. To find lesions on the mouth, abdomen, and anus, and to see this pattern repeating itself, draws my attention considerably," added Polop.
SAN PEDRO -- Meanwhile, another mutilated bovine, missing eyes and genitals--characteristics similar to other finds in other provinces--was discovered late yesterday in the town of San Pedro, Department of Santa Rosa, 150 km from the provincial seat. Thanks to Scott Corrales and Gloria Coluchi Translation (C) 2002. Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Editor's Note: "It would take large numbers of super mice to kill and mutilate 170 large animals with laser precision." I personally reject the University of Tandil and SENASA theory. I suggest they test the ground directly around the cattle mutilations for meteorite dust and crystallization. These would indicate the presence of a UFOs.
STONEHENGE -- Peter Robbins revealed that a remarkable new crop circle was found at Normanton Down long barrows, Wiltshire near Stonehenge on July 4th. Thanks to Peter Robbins Editor, Peter gave an excellent speech reviewing his book "Left at Eastgate," that everyone should read. Aliens made contact with US and British personnel in England. See
LÜBECK -- FarShores reports, Two police officials believed at first that it was an aircraft crashing. Polizeihauptmeister Achim Kähler (44) and his colleague Dirk Schöning (39) were on night patrol in Luebeck, when they saw a bright light racing across the sky. What was strange about it was that the fiery object flew on and at such speed that it could not be caught by the chasing police auto. Was it a light aircraft, or a UFO? A restaurant worker in Canal Street, "I saw red fire," said Salvatore Cairoli. The object flew towards Travemuende, before it turned off to the right and disappeared. The operations center immediately made inquiries with the air traffic control. Thanks to Hamburger Morgenpost and FarShores.
Up to now there are more crop circles discovered in Germany than in the phenomenon's motherland England. With the latest discoveries, Germany counts now at least 23 formations so far. To find out more about all these formations please visit:
ITALIAN UFO NEWSFLASH #361 -- As in every year, the General Security Unit of the Italian Air Force General Staff has responded to our request by releasing the usual list of reports of unidentified flying objects (oggetti volanti non identificati, OVNI) sighted during the course of 2001, as collected by the military. As is routine by now, the list is disappointing as far as the numbers are concerned at the only government body responsible for the gathering of UFO data. There were twelve sightings recorded last year, with three in June and two in August; May and October; and one in March and November), compared with a total of over 760 reports logged at the civilian Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU). Only one includes a member of the military as a witness. See:
The August issue of the popular science monthly "Quark" is on newsstands with the results of an opinion poll by the CIRM Institute regarding what Italians think about extraterrestrial life and UFOs. The polling firm interviewed 1,136 Italians, 80% of whom maintains that other life forms exist in the Universe, and 74% who say that science allows for it; of these, 44% holds that possible extraterrestrials would nonetheless live in galaxies different from our own, and 60% maintains that these would be rather or very different from us, while 28% retains that they could be intelligent beings, with whom 38% believes that we could live peacefully and 37% believes that we could not. And where do UFOs figure here? They also asked whether UFOs have a foundation in truth: 55% of those interviewed responded "yes," and 38% answered "no."
A NEW BOOK BY ALFREDO LISSONI MIR Publications have just issued Alfredo Lissoni's: "UFO: i dossier del Vaticano" ("UFOs: The Vatican Files"). The book covers UFO, pre-UFO and para-UFO apparitions and phenomena reported in the Christian tradition from the Middle Ages. Thanks to Gian Grassino; Maurizio Verga, Giancarlo D'Alessandro, Paolo Fiorino, and Gildo Personè.
DNIPROPETROVSK -- On July 5, 2002, the pilot of an El Al Israel Airlines flying a Tupolev 154 flight from Tel Aviv to Moscow reported seeing a surface-to-air missile explosion as he flew over Ukraine on Thursday, Israel's transport minister said on Friday. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said Ukraine had not conducted any missile launches since accidentally downing a Russian airliner on a flight last October from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk in Siberia, killing 78 passengers and crew. Israeli Transport Minister Ephraim Sneh said the Israeli plane was never in danger and voiced doubt it had come under attack. Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, called the suggestion that the incident involved a Ukrainian missile "absurd." Sneh said he had spoken at length with the El Al pilot, whom he described as an experienced combat veteran of the Israeli air force. "There is no doubt that he saw a missile that exploded in the air," Sneh told Israeli Army Radio, "Circumstances suggest it was not launched at the El Al plane." An Israeli source told NBC News that the pilot and passengers could clearly see a missile and flash. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the area is one of Ukraine's largest military grounds, where surface to air missiles are known to be fired. Reports of the purported missile launch followed an attack at an El Al counter at Los Angeles airport in which an Egyptian gunman killed two people before security guards shot him dead. The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.
EDITORS NOTE: The story is similar to Flight 800 where hundreds reported seeing a flash of an apparent missile launch.
JERUSALEM -- Charlette LeFevre writes, "Orbs seen on camera to the right of the Wailing Wall on July 6, 2002, seem to have visual features almost like a ghost." I believe these are not sunspots because the first and last frames are 20 minutes apart and the lights are the same. Note the difference in shadows which would also have effected the location of a sunspot which is sharp and distinct. Note also the nearby light pole lights are not even on as it is morning. The orbs are next to the women's area in front of the building." Thanks to Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group see
KUNSAN AIR BASE -- The witness writes, in January 1979, I was sleeping in the U.S. Air Force off base housing compound called Silvertown. My wife and I were in bed and there was no light in the one roomed apartment. I saw a large dark figure standing in the door wearing a dark gray hooded cloak or cape. It started approaching me gliding across the floor. I tried to call for my wife and back away from it but I couldn't move or make a sound. It moved towards me 3 or 4 feet, but I can't recall it ever actually reaching me. My struggle to move seemed to go on for several minutes with my heart pounding in terror. Suddenly, I managed to make a whisper/squeak of a noise, when I tried again my voice returned. Finally, I was calling my wife's name. I remember waking up on the floor. I could now move and dragged myself to our bed to touch my wife and everything was back to normal, if you can call it that. The stranger was gone but the room was darker and it was harder to see. I was still on the floor and my wife was sleeping soundly on the bed.
While stationed at RAF Lakenheath in England between 1982-83, I left the shop one night to go to another building. I was in a direct line of sight to the door that I was heading for and suddenly, I ran into a heating fuel containment wall some 8 to 10 feet off the original path I was on. I don't know how I missed the door, but it did left scratches on my shins. Later, when I left the shop to catch the bus home at 12:50 AM for a one minute walk to the bus stop. It took thirty minutes. One morning I awoke to find myself inside my closet.
One day after I had begun working for the University of Arkansas, I experienced an incident where I seemed to gain time. I checked the time when I entered Highway 412 and began the 20 minute drive to Siloam. As I entered the City limits, I checked the time again and found that I had made the trip in 10 minutes. I have the standard "Scoop" mark on my left leg that I've heard and read about. It's been there as long as I can remember. And in 1999, I noticed that there was a scoop mark on the top of my left hand. In the sixth grade, I had large scabs in my nostrils, that my grandmother removed with hair pins. Thanks to Peter Davenport <>NUFORC
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